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^[alt text]

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^[Everything has started with the birth of Wilson brothers, Matthew and Ryan. They were born in Turkey and moved to the United Kingdom as immigrants. Their dream was all about serving for honesty and royalty. They have graduated from their schools with degrees and they had a promising career through their university phase. ]

After residing in the United Kingdom for over 5 years, they have gained the right to become a citizen of the United Kingdom. They pleased their interests in becoming a part of the Union Jack and made their way to the court. After a few months, their intentions were accepted by the court of the United Kingdom of becoming a citizen and thus they were called to the court to join the Oath Ceremony. They have become citizens of the United Kingdom.

^[After they have graduated from their universities they have been called by most of the known companies among the United Kingdom but their purpose was all about serving for the worthiness. Both of them decided to serve the greater good of the country and become qualified Police Officers.]

^[After serving two years in the Police Enforcement, they have noticed the corruption, favouritism and many other actions what shouldn't be done. They tried their best to fix the going but they had many reports from their higher rankings to not touch anything because some things were supposed to go like as they please. They couldn't bear it any more but their intentions were to keep the safety and the honesty within the country. After these events, they resigned from their positions.]

With the support of one of their old mates, they thought of doing something different. They decided to create a force with skilled agents and those who pick the honesty the first. Royals was finally created by them.

alt text

^[The Royals is a specialized secret agent group who gather intel and work closely with the national government to prevent or diminish terrorist activity. We are called upon to gather information and diminish high-level threats, although we may insist on pursuing any person or organization that may cause harm or corruption in San Andreas.]

alt text
Intelligence is one of the key factors of the purposes of The Royals, they are specialized and trained in this subject of an under-gone 2 years of training. Collecting information is also the key factor in creating connections with criminal activities within the states. They have various kinds of possible ways of reaching the necessary information.

Further information in regards to the Intelligence Unit of The Royals is classified.

alt text
The agents of The Royals are well trained in many aspects no matter what it takes to get the given mission done. In regards to this case, they have various kinds of tactics to under-go Undercover to keep track of the suspect/organization/etc. they are tracking.

Further information in regards to the Undercover Unit of The Royals is classified.

alt text

Founder: Richard
Squad level: 2 (Official)
Squad motto: Dieu et mon droit!
Date of creation: 06/04/2020
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/4QQhPD7
Media archive: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/17184/the-royals-media-archive
Official website: https://theroyals.aricipro.com/uncategorized/the-royals/
Promotional Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sppItrNj0O0&feature=youtu.be

alt text

^[Get to know the Top Brass of The Royals]
^[The main purpose and mission of Top Brass of The Royals is to give out the necessary decisions upon getting opinions of the Agents of Royals]

alt text

Director <D> (Level 6)

The one who keeps the general coordination of the squad at all circumstances. This rank has access to the entrance to the Top Brass.

Vice Director <vD> (Level 5)

The one who helps the coordination on-going alongside the Director. This rank has access to the entrance to the Top Brass.

Chief of Staff <CoS> (Level 4)

The one who keeps the record of the happenings within the squad and who has a word in the Top Brass. This rank has access to the entrance to the Top Brass.

Chief of Operations <CO> (Level 4)

This rank is meant for the agent who is responsible for Royals every step. The Chief of Operations orchestrates the Royals in the field. This rank has access to the entrance to the Top Brass.

Chief of the Advisory Board <CAB> (Level 4)

The head of the Advisory Board, one of the main discs in the well-oiled operations machine called Royals. This rank has access to the entrance to the Top Brass.

Member of the Advisory Board <MAB> (Level 3)
The Advisory Board of the Royals stands as a strategical advisory body, providing insight and information for the Royals operations. Members of the Advisory board can vary from young field-proven Royals to the Old Experienced Desk Agents, but nevertheless they hold a key position in making Royals what they are.

Liaison (Level 3)

Clan members who take part in the management in Royals.

Supervisor <S> (Level 3)

Agents who are in charge of the training and coordination within the other units, they frequently give the necessary information to the Top Brass.

Assistant Supervisor <AS> (Level 2)
Agents who support Supervisors and learn about special matters. They grant the necessary information to Supervisors.

Specialist <SPC> (Level 2)

Agents those who have proven themselves to be worthy within the squad and now are responsible for the scout matters. They grant information to the Top Brass of agents who are interested in taking part in the squad.

Special Agent <SA> (Level 1)
Agents who proven themselves in a special operation. They are the decorated agents of The Royals.

Agent <A> (Level 1)

Agents who have taken parts in any kind of tactical operation. They will have to choose either ''Intelligence Unit'' or ''Undercover Unit'' in order to resume their career within the squad.

Probationary Agent <PA> (Level 0)

Agents those who have recently been recruited and under training.

alt text
alt text

The Royals is a squad which aims to seek the best at all circumstances. Our first priority is to see agents who are skilled and keen on their job of serving their country. If you really think that you are worthy agent to be given a chance to join the team, fill the format that is stated below and submit. You will be under the vision of the Scout Team during your period of patrolling and involvement in activities of The Royals. If you show that you are a worthy agent to even be given a shot, you surely will make your way into the office of The Royals and be able to wear the honourable badge of The Royals. After getting positive feedback on your application stage, you'll be taken under a really tough testing procedure, you are expected to perform well during these tests, failing will directly lead your application getting denied.

Those who want to apply must;

  • Have a significant amount of experience both on the server and police side.

  • Be mature and responsible enough to take the role and represent the squad.

  • Must have a clear punishment log or minimum amount.

  • Must have an average English and communication skills.

**Name & nickname:**
**English proficiency (State your level, f.e: B1):**
**Punishment history (Detailed):**
**Past organizations history (Detailed):**
**Reason of your application to The Royals (Minimum two lines):**
**Summarize the role of The Royals with your own sentences (Minimum two lines):**
**Why should we pick you over others?:**
**What unit would you like to join? Either Undercover or Intelligence Unit (State your reason of preference):**
**Oath: I, (nick), swear that this application has been written by myself and was taken from the first page, I am aware of the consequences if I don't follow the stated rules in F1 and Rules section of Royal. I (nick), promise to serve for the honour of Great Britain and her majesty.**

alt text

^[All rights reserved.]

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Applying to multiple organizations at once isn't an acceptable behaviour, neither did we. Also removing your post after getting denied is pathetic, you may not re-apply in the future.
alt text

~[Denied]~(red) for the record.

The Royals - Top Brass

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We have discussed about you and we have come to the conclusion to reject your application at the time being. You can try your chance again in two weeks.

~[Denied]~(red) for the record.

A quick reminder for future applicants: Application format has slightly been updated, make sure to pick the form from the first page.

The Royals - Top Brass

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Name & nickname: Guard
Nationality: Iranian
English proficiency (state your level, f.e: B1) B1
Punishment history (Detailed): <PM From: [B~B]Honer> you have only 1 adminjail given in 2018
Reason of your application to The Royals (Minimum two lines): I am looking for a squad to join to have a chance to roleplay with players. To be honest, it bothers me to play without roleplaying with anyone. In the other side, I don't have any squad and I've few chance to meet players in order to roleplay, so by joining The Royals, I believe I'll have a greater chance to roleplay with others and roleplaying is the thing that entertains me. I believe by joining The Royals, I can get more friends. The friends that help me to improve myself by learning the things that I don't know or haven't experienced yet. I can earn millions by working as a simple trainee but I can earn billions by getting the friends that'll improve me so I consider it as one of the important reasons.
Summarize the role and the history of The Royals with your own sentences (Minimum two lines): It started with Wilson brothers, Matthew and Ryan. They moved from Turkey to United Kingdom. Soon, they graduated from university. After 5 years they became citizens of the United Kingdom. After a while, they entered the court. When they graduated from the university, many spots were recommended for them but their goal was to serve for the worthiness. But they decided to become Police Officers. After 2 years they noticed the corruption and reported this to the high-ranked officers. But they were completely ignored. So they just resigned from the department. After 4 years, the brothers came together and planned to make an organization that is out of the corruption. They chose some skilled agents and their finally created their organization which is called The Royals.
Oath: I, Guard, swear that this application has been written by myself and I am aware of the consequences if I don't follow the stated rules in F1. I Guard, promise to serve for the honour of Great Britain and her majesty.

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