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    News and announcements regarding our community and server
    We are reintroducing bonus rewards for donating from 1st June 00:00 to 31st August 23:59.
    During these dates, the following changes to donation rewards will be in place.
    Double donation points: (2 points for every 1 donated). In-game cash reward is $250,000 per £1 donated (instead of $100,000 per £1). Keep an eye out for summer games and events running this month for your chance to win some prizes.
    If you wish to find out how to donate, please see: https://saesrpg.uk/donating/
    If you wish to donate for someone else, please see this guide:

    A big thanks to everyone who applied, after internal voting and discussion, the CS leadership team have selected the following applicants to join our team at this time.
    Congrats and the best of luck to the following:
    Community Staff joining our team.
    @Crash, @mellow, @kikas and @Phrost
    SAHA staff joining our team.
    @Alexis, @Dinaz, @Lincoln, @koko, @Stay and @Weppo
    We would also like to thank those who applied and unfortunately were denied at this stage, receiving a "no" at this stage, doesn't necessarily mean a "no" in the future, so make sure you apply again during our next recruitment drive.

    The recruitment process is now closed, we would like to thank all those who have applied to join our team.
    We will start collating all the data on each individual applicant and processing applications in the next few weeks.
    In the meantime, I have a few announcements.
    @Jay has been promoted to SAES HQ and is no longer a Semi HQ meme.
    @Linkan and @niceez have passed their probationary period and are now full members of SAES.

    SAES UI Design Competition
    We at SAES are looking to any creative minds in our community to create a design for a new UI we will be implementing to our MTA server.
    You are free to use any graphic design/photo editing software that you choose, we are only requesting the design and not the panel itself.
    The reward for the winning design will be $40,000,000 ingame cash to be spent on all the cigars and hookers that you desire (you could also afford one front bumper from the Nanoshop).
    Contact info
    If you are interested in taking part, or need some more information about what exactly is needed then contact our resident basement dweller @Scorpyo on Discord.

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