Christmas Donation Bonus

Dec 1, posted by:

As per requests from a number of you guys on the birthday event, we are again putting donation bonuses in place for Christmas.

From today (00:00 - 1st December 2021) until 23:59 on the 31st of December 2021, the following changes to donations are in place.

  • Double donation points: (2 points for every £1 donated)
  • Ingame cash reward is $300,000 per £1 donated (instead of $100,000 per £1)

Keep an ey...

SAES 18th Birthday

Nov 23, posted by:

Tomorrow will be the clan's 18th birthday, to celebrate this, we will be hosting a few in-game events and giving away prizes from 19:00 (server time) on Saturday 27th Nov.

I would like to take this time to say thanks to all the members of our community, past and present for taking a little clan-based server and building it into a community that's lastest longer than we could have imagined.


Squad/Gang - Member Activity Report 2019 - 2021

Nov 7, posted by:

alt text

November 2019 - November 2021

For those who wish to know more about how their own organisation did over the past two years or for those who are merely interested in learning about the activity state of organisations on SAES, here's a detailed list of squads and gangs who have been awarded the "most active gang/squad" status as well as records made related to amounts of active members.


Election Results - September 2021

Sep 30, posted by:

alt text
Hello all,

Over the last week we've run another successful election cycle on SAES.

We have sifted through the results and put together this post as its easier to read than just the table.
We will also link below, in case you still wanted to look at them

Without further ado, please find your September 2021 Election Results below. For a picture of all the results of all the regions please clic...

National Elections - September 2021

Sep 17, posted by:

alt text

Hey everyone,

As you may be aware, when the Group Management team took on the mantle of facilitating a functioning government on SAES and facilitating elections for that government we announced that there would be a new election cycle every 4 months.

This has unfortunately not happened for the last number of months, due to a lack of active parties willing to pariticpate.

However we now have ...