Government is back!

Dec 13, posted by:
So... as some of the people who have been online today may have noticed, Government is coming back. Me, on behalf of SAES team would like you players to fill my discord / PM with those suggestions you have for the new system. Also, I'll be looking for people who could be interested in taking part of the provisional Government, so feel free to show your interest in the same way. I sincerely hope yo...

SAES - Christmas and updates!

Dec 9, posted by:
Greetings dear Community! alt text Some of you have been very naughty and might end up getting nothing for Christmas. However, we have come around and made some nice changes to the server.
  • You can now turn off the GTA IV Ra...

SAES Vice City - Beta #3 - Thanks!

Dec 1, posted by:
I would like to thank everyone who donated and participated in this third test. We can confirm the 'game-breaking' issue we found on the second test is now gone and we can continue to finish off the gamemode. With the way things are going, it looks like we will have one final test (a test run of the final gamemode) and then we will go live. I don't have any dates for the next test, it will be pure...

SAES Vice City - Beta #3 - Tonight (01/12/18)

Dec 1, posted by:
Hi Guys, We have identified the issue with the SAES core files which were hindering the next last week. Now that it is fixed, we are arranging a new test for tonight, with the start time between 7.30 - 8.00 GMT If you are in the beta group on discord, please see the #vces-beta channel at that time for details

CS/SAHA Recruitment Open!

Nov 28, posted by:
alt text It's that time of the year again! With the winter holidays fast approaching, some of you vigilant guys may have noticed we've been cleaning up rosters in places and promoting a few people here and there. Now it's time to outreach to you guys to fill the last step. We're ...

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