Ingame Event - Thursday 21st Jan - 19:00 GMT

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I will be hosting another event this Thursday (21st Jan) at 19:00 GMT / Server time.

This event has been sponsored by @Getskillz again to celebrate his gangs (@Generation-X ) first year anniversary being on the server and consists of £350 worth of equivalent don...

New CS & SAHA recruits

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alt text

Just a big congratulations to the following people:

Community Staff:

@MrGamer / ...

Ingame Event - Sat 16th Jan - 19:00 GMT

Jan 16, posted by:

Hi Guys,

I will be hosting a series of in-game events in which £130GBP worth of donation rewards are up for grabs!

Top prize will be 1 x £50 donation reward and various other equivalent rewards for other events.

All you need to do is be in the server at 19:00 GMT (UK / server time) on Saturday 16th Jan.

The events we have planne...

2x Monthly Giveaways!

Jan 15, posted by:

Hey all,

Remaking this topic as forum errors are not allowing me to edit the previous one.

Just letting everyone know that there will be recurring giveaways every month for two sets of people.

Discord Nitro Boosters

Per the announcement on discord yesterday, we will be giving away top tier SAHA properties and/or...