SAES By-Election Results

Aug 21, posted by:
alt text Hallo again, just a quick one for those of you that are keen to know the end result for the elections! Over the past 3 days, we hosted a by-election for the 2 seats that were equally contested. These were:
  • SF North/Bayside
  • North Venturas

The results are as follows: <...

SAES Election Results - Q2 2019

Aug 17, posted by:
alt text Hello all, Over the last number of days, with the assistance of Kain, NanoBob and now Brophy somehow, we've run another successful election cycle on SAES. We have sifted through the results and put together this post as its easier to read than just the table (which we will link below, in case you still...

Government Update - Dissolution of Government

Aug 5, posted by:
alt text

Hey everyone, As you may be aware, when myself and the non-RP government leadership team took on the mantle of facilitating a functioning government on SAES and faci...

Update to Donation Rewards

Jul 30, posted by:
Hey all, There's been some internal discussion recently around what quality of life changes we can make for donators when it comes to the Donator spawn (and new donator crown) in game. Until today you would have had to donate £5 or more and subsequently be added to the spawn for 30 days. From today on, that is no longer the case. Any donator who has donated £30 or more in their entire history on t...

Community Task - Mappers vs Bank!

Jul 29, posted by:
Hi Folks, We have a task for decent mappers out there. Although we are not in a desperate need to replace the bank mapping for BR's, I would like to add some variation to them. This is where you guys come in, if you are a mapper of decent quality and are interested in creating an environment for BRs, then get designing and posting your screenshots/maps here or on discord in the #bankdesign channel...