Election Results - September 2021

Sep 30, posted by:

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Hello all,

Over the last week we've run another successful election cycle on SAES.

We have sifted through the results and put together this post as its easier to read than just the table.
We will also link below, in case you still wanted to look at them

Without further ado, please find your September 2021 Election Results below. For a picture of all the results of all the regions please clic...

National Elections - September 2021

Sep 17, posted by:

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Hey everyone,

As you may be aware, when the Group Management team took on the mantle of facilitating a functioning government on SAES and facilitating elections for that government we announced that there would be a new election cycle every 4 months.

This has unfortunately not happened for the last number of months, due to a lack of active parties willing to pariticpate.

However we now have ...

Bank Robbery Stats - August Edition!

Sep 4, posted by:

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Dear Citizens,

As another month has come to an end we must yet again reflect on the crime rate in San Andreas, specifically in the area of Bank Robberies.

Over the course of August there were a total of 125 incidents at Banks across San Andreas.

The Intelligence Unit of Homeland Security has been hard at work identifying the major players in these incidents and have discovered that the most ...

September Giveaway!

Sep 4, posted by:

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Everyone is invited!

In October we will be holding a raffle where EVERYONE with over 48 hours played in September will be entered. You will also get an additional entry for every second (literally) you played during the month.

This means the more you play the more entries you get. You do not need to be actively playing to be counted, just logged into your account and alive on the server. We ...

Recruitment and SAES Promotions!

Aug 16, posted by:


Hi all,

I would like to congratulate @Steven, @Element and @JohnnyEnglish who have been selected to become full-time members of the SAES team.

Due to inactivity, we have unfortunately removed @SNome from the CS team at this time.

With these changes in mind, we are looking to bring fresh blood into the CS/SAHA team.

If you're interested in being part of our staff teams and have the time to de...