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    News and announcements regarding our community and server
    Hi All,
    This announcement is for the racers amongst you!
    A new and improved illegal racing script has just been added to the server.
    This script functionality was originally for experienced members of raceTECH but will now be usable by the entire player base.
    Features of the old script which we felt were lacking or needed improving upon...
    Customization. The old script required you to choose a start point and a finish point, whilst it generated everything in between on its own. This resulted in some strange tracks that could end up being blocked by bases or mapping. Fluidity. If you wanted to add a new track, you would have to wait a long time for it to be created, reviewed and pushed to the server to find out that the track might not even really be what you were hoping for. Bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs. We all know how buggy it was. Over time it was patched and made a little better, but it was never perfect. Washed out, boring UI which blended into the background. Improvements with the new script. Full creative freedom. Create your own starting point, checkpoints and finish point. This is restricted to experienced members of raceTECH. The ability to upload and remove tracks in an instant. No more waiting for tracks to be added or removed if mapping or bases get in the way. Import and export tracks with the push of a button, the same way as our construction or LWS panels work. Updated leaderboards so you can view top times for a track before and after a race. Completely overhauled UI to fit with the style of the server. A HUGE thanks to @jonas13362 @Scorpyo and @Jay for making this happen.
    Also a big thanks to the raceTECH members who were involved in the testing process.

    Hi All,

    I've just been informed that Desert Eagles will be holding a new recruitment drive on the 3rd of June at 19:00 (British Summer Time / Server Time)
    Please find information regarding the recruitment drive below.
    Passing the recruitment gives you a right to join Assault, Airborne and Naval unit.
    Admin messages will be made during and a few minutes before the recruitment to give you further instructions.
    We expect everyone to come to the gates of DE base before the recruitment starts
    The details of the tests you must go through will not be disclosed until the recruitment.
    You may prepare for our traditional tests including parachuting, racing and Team Death Match.
    You should come to the recruitment spawned as a civilian with no weapons.
    Good luck to all candidates and see you there!
    DEHQ Top Brass Team:
    General of the Army: Rosen
    General: Absent
    DEHQ Team
    Air Marshal: xPooKs
    Admiral: Strong
    Brigadier: Sou

    As some of you perceptive people have probably seen, server activity has dropped quite dramatically, and the number of available admins available to help you with your requests or run events has also dropped off, so I've been cleaning up shop to ensure that positions aren't occupied by lesser active individuals.
    As you are also aware, we've started work on our GTA5 server and preparing to have a closed alpha test. However, this does not mean we will be abandoning the MTA server.
    I personally will be dusting off my Lua development shoes and helping out @Scorpyo with implementing some of the ideas or changes from the suggestion forum: https://saesrpg.uk/forums/forum/315-questions-suggestions/
    Therefore, it's time to fill some of these positions with active and enthusiastic applicants who wish to help out others and run events for the community.
    We will be opening both our CS and SAHA recruitment, however, as usual, we may offer applicants different positions based on availability at the time.
    Applicants should show a willingness to be active (your play sessions will be checked for length and total time over the past 3 months) and to help out on the server and the discord server.
    Applications to join the team can be made using the form here: https://saesrpg.uk/recruitment/staff/
    The closing date for applications will be 17th June 2023.
    May we take this opportunity to wish all of you interested the very best of luck and we look forward to reading some of your apps!
    Those who are found to be abusing the form for trolling or just using the opportunity to be toxic will be removed from the community.

    As you may or may not have known, we are looking at getting the next iteration of our community up and running on gta5.
    We will be looking at gathering people for alpha testing to check how sync is looking, looking for anything we've missed and to check server stability at bigger player counts soon.
    This will be using the RAGE multiplayer mod from https://rage.mp
    You don't need to apply to get alpha access, we will be giving it out active members on our mta server who average 3 hours of playtime a day. (90 hours a month) prior to the date of test.
    You'll just need to make sure you are signed up on the new website at:
    And that you've joined our gta5 discord at:

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