Christmas Donation Bonus

Dec 1, posted by:

We are aware that the money you get when doing (100k per £1) is a bit weak when it comes to the money and economy that's floating about on the server.

During this month (December), donation rewards have returned to normal however the money you get per £1 has increased to 1 million, for example: £10 will get you 10 million ingame.

We will see how this affec...

Recent rule violations

Nov 16, posted by:

Hello all,

In light of recent events, we find it necessary to make some clarifications regarding rule number #16.

  • Offering to purchase products or services on SAES (eg. Money, Group Access, Properties etc.) using any real-life currency or substitute for currency (Gift Cards etc.) is strictly forbidden. Players found making or accepting these offers will be bann...

Donation Rewards

Oct 11, posted by:

We are reintroducing bonus rewards for donating from tomorrow (12th October 2020) until the 1st December 2020.

During these dates, the following changes to donation rewards will be in place.

  • Donate £10 for a car and get a standard wrap free (instead of a total of £15)
  • Standard wraps are £2.50 (instead of £5)
  • Custom wraps are £5 (instead of £10...

Dedicated Server Move - 30th Sept 2020

Sep 29, posted by:

Hi all,

From 8:30 am tomorrow (30th Sept 2020) all SAES services will go down as we migrate our services to a new dedicated server with better specifications (within the same data centre).

We are unable to give an estimated time of completion as this task may take all day, however, we will prioritise the MTA server and the website to be first ones to move ...

New Promotions

Aug 25, posted by:

Hello everyone, I would like to welcome some new additions to the clan!

Congratulations to the latest abuse victims, Honer112 and ILLUSION, feel free to contact them in-game f...