Summer Event Results!

Jul 5, posted by:

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First of all, a massive thanks to everyone who participated in the event, we hope you all had a fun and engaging time. We realise that the event came at a busy time through some pe...

Donation Bonus Rewards - June 2021

Jun 28, posted by:

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We are reintroducing bonus rewards for donating from today (28th June 2021) until 1st August 2021.

During these dates, the following changes to donation rewards will be in place.

  • Donate £10 for a car and get a s...

Temporary Server Redirection

Jun 15, posted by:

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EDIT: The server is now back on its original IP, thanks for your patience.

Just a quick announcement.

OVH has adjusted some things behind the scene that we don't have access to, due to this...

Summer Event Milestones #2 & Jail trial #2

Jun 14, posted by:

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Hello again!

Time for the second round of data to give you all a good idea on where your organisations stand within the competition!


Summer Event Milestones #1

Jun 7, posted by:

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I hope you're all having an exciting time competing against each other in the event. In this topic I will be providing a score breakdown of the competition...