Election Results - April 2020!

Apr 5, posted by:

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Hello all,

Over the last week we've run another successful election cycle on SAES.

We have sifted through the results and put together this post as its easier...

Homeland Security: State Emergency

Apr 3, posted by:

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Good evening citizens of San Andreas.

After analysing recent statistics surrounding attacks on banking assets within San Andreas, the Department of Homeland Security has deemed it necessary to announce a state emergency due to the s...

Government Update - April Elections!

Mar 23, posted by:

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Hey everyone,

As you may be aware, when myself and the non-RP government leadership team (now Group Management) took on the mantl...

Donation Rewards

Mar 15, posted by:

Seeing as more and more people are going to be stuck indoors, we are reducing the cost of rewards for donating from today (15th March) until the 30th of April 2020.

The following changes to donations are now in place.

  • Donate £10 for a car and get a standard wrap free (instead of a total of £15)
  • Standard wraps are £2.50 (instead of £5)
  • Custom w...

New Gang Management

Feb 20, posted by:

It's long overdue that I passed the crown and and made 2 new noobs as GM.

Congratulations @Licano and @DROT !

Try not to make these 2 quit after 2 weeks and give them time to get up to ...