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    News and announcements regarding our community and server
    You may now apply to join your gangs/groups/squads via this form:
    If you do not see your organisation listed there, its probably because you don't have an "Applications" forum setup on your organisation.
    If you do not have this forum in your organisation, please raise an issue here: https://saesrpg.uk/issues/web/
    When raising an issue, please link your old forum category and your new forum organisation, once we have moved your content, your organisation will automatically be on the list.
    Until people are a member of your organisation, they will be unable to reply to topics within it, so if you require people to have "activities" posted as part of your application process, you will need to have them do one of the following:
    Use discord. Allow them into the organisation to post on their topic. Use the media forum (but you wont be able to moderate and will need to ask an admin to move the topic if you allow them to join).

    Following up on MTA's ban amnesty (https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/139214-ban-amnesty-everyone-got-unbanned/), SAES HQ has decided to also grant amnesty to players that have previously been banned for breaking our server's rules.
    At the start of this new year, we would like to give everyone previously banned player a chance to have another opportunity to abide by our rules and enjoy the server the way it's intended.
    This ban amnesty is not a wildcard to return to our server and break rules again, as we will still keep the ban records in our punishment logs.
    This means that if we notice players who have returned from a ban immediately start breaking our rules again or start misbehaving once again, we will moderate your actions accordingly.
    If you have genuine intentions of returning to our server in good faith, you are more than welcome to take this opportunity.
    Before returning to our server, be sure to refresh your mind by reading our server rules at in the Rules & Guidelines subforum (https://saesrpg.uk/forums/forum/246-community-rules-guidelines-help/).
    Should you find yourself still banned after this amnesty, you can create a ticket using the #support-tickets channel on our Discord (https://discord.com/channels/229936715383439361/758395783631863839) so we can look into this situation.

    Congratulations to @Ferreira who has won Blueberry Bank in the December raffle.
    Please contact a member of SAES or SAHA in-game to be given your reward.
    You have 7 days to claim your prize before another winner is picked.
    We will be collating all the other stats from December over the weekend and handing out various prizes next week.

    As the other poll has now closed and people want to go with clubs, I wanted to ask some additional questions.
    You can create the following with clubs:
    Member forum where club members can view and participate in topics. Public forum where club members can view and participate but public can only "view" topics there. It doesn't appear that we can allow public members to post within a closed club at this time.
    We are unable to create HQ only forums in clubs at this time either, but I'm not sure this much of a problem as you all have your own discord servers where you can keep HQ only data.
    I am exploring options that will give us greater control over clubs and possibly give us the features we need, but as they are all paid options, I will need to make sure we get the right one before purchasing.
    So I have two suggestions how we could deal with it going forward:
    USE CLUBS - We would create a form similar to https://saesrpg.uk/ban-appeal/ where you would select the club you are applying for from a dropdown list which would post within the chosen clubs for club moderators and leaders to deal with, this still gives you access to a private and public facing forum within your club and will allow self moderating without the involvement of admins.
      USE FORUMS - Use groups for HQ/moderators to moderate your current sections and use passwords for normal members to access your private forum categories (similar to how it was on archive.saesrpg.uk, you would still wait for admins to set these groups up and add people to them and change passwords when people leave/quit to stop them accessing your private data.) Please vote and leave your questions/suggestions here: 

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