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    News and announcements regarding our community and server
    On the 23rd of November, SAES became 20 years old, therefore to celebrate this, I will be holding a night of in-game events tonight with numerous prizes to be won.
    As we do every year, with 30 days left until Christmas, we are activating the following doantion bonuses:
    For today only! (00:00 until 23:59) the following donation changes are in place:
    * Triple donation points (3 points for every £1 donated)
    * Ingame cash reward is $500,000 per £1 donated (instead of $100,000 per £1)
    From tomorrow (00:00 - 26th November 2023) until 23:59 on the 31st of December 2023, the following changes to donations are in place.
    * Double donation points: (2 points for every 1 donated)
    * Ingame cash reward is $300,000 per £1 donated (instead of $100,000 per £1)
    Keep an eye out for other festive games and events running this month for your chance to win some prizes!
    If you wish to find out how to donate, please see: https://saesrpg.uk/donate
    We would also like to thank everyone who has supported us, past and present and supporting the community for the past 20 years!

    As SAES commemorates two decades of gaming on Multi Theft Auto, now is the opportune moment to join the celebration. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer eager to explore the vibrant world of MTA, SAES welcomes you.
    When SAES started (then as VCES), we began as a gang on a modest 32-player server (which was the server limit back in 2003). We hosted weekly gang wars with other gangs/servers and organized various MTA-wide competitions/events. However, we never envisioned that our humble gang would evolve into a gaming community, let alone one that has operated for so long!
    For all the players, past and present, who have helped shape the community, we sincerely thank you! Your contributions, be it through gameplay, creativity, or camaraderie, have been the foundation of SAES's enduring legacy. An extra special thanks goes to all those who have generously donated over the years. Your support has allowed our community to thrive, providing players with a place to call home, where friendships are forged, and rivalries are born.
    As we reflect on these two decades, it's great to see how members have not only grown within the virtual world of SAES but have also grown up in our community. We've witnessed friendships blossom, skills sharpen (apart from mine 😂), and lives intertwine. To our dedicated members, both past and present, you are the heartbeat of SAES, and we're grateful to have shared this incredible journey with you.
    I will be hosting a birthday event night on November 25, 2023, at 19:00 GMT/Server Time, featuring events with in-game prizes and rewards for all those who wish to join. We hope you can make it!
    Here's to another 20 years of virtual adventures, friendships, and memories!

    A small number of you are unable to join the server and are getting timed out. (mainly from Turkey).
    OVH have been contacted and they've stated that no blocks are in place on their end.
    If you were blocked by the server or our host (OVH), then you wouldn't be able to access our website, which is on the same server, just a different IP.
    Our configuration is unchanged apart from the new IP address.
    As you can see from last night's statistics, it's only affecting a small number of you.

    It's possible the new IP we have been assigned (we don't get a say with what IP we are assigned) has previously been used as part of a botnet from OVH and that may be why your ISP has it blocked.
    You will need to contact your ISP (internet service provider) and ask them if they can remove this for you.
    We've had an IP engineer look at this with a Turkish player who is suffering from this issue, the connection is being dropped by the ISP and he has confirmed that it's no block on our or OVH's part.
    If you are affected by this and cannot wait for an answer from your ISP, then we can only advise the use of a VPN to join the server at this time.

    Hi All,

    The server has moved to its new server and is on the new details:
    IP: (mta.saesrpg.uk)
    Port: 4999

    The server may not be showing on the masterlist at the moment, so you can either connect using the details above or you can connect to the old server's IP and port, and you will be forwarded to the new server.

    Our MTA server will go down tomorrow (10th October 2023) at 8:30am UK/Server time as we migrate it to the new server.
    It will be down for about an hour, but may take a few, if we run into any difficulties.
    The IP address to the server will change, however, we will put a redirect in place on the old IP to forward people to the new IP.
    The new IP will be given out once the move is complete.

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