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    News and announcements regarding our community and server
    Hi All,
    Over the weekend, I purchased a brand-new dedicated server with upgraded specifications from our current host.
    The new server has a better CPU, RAM and storage is actually SSD (Yes... our current dedicated server is so old it's still on HDDs).
    I've also taken the initiative to move the server back to France as most of our players do not originate from the UK, therefore the majority of you should get better pings.
    Unfortunately, this comes with a few negatives.
    I will need to take the MTA server down to complete the move, this should take about an hour at most. As we have moved the server to another country, we will have to use a brand new IP address. I will be keeping people apprised of the move, dates and times of when things are happening, and giving up-to-date statuses on Discord via the announcement channel, so please keep an eye on it.
    I would like to thank all past and present donors who keep our community running and making things like this possible as we approach our 20th birthday!

    Hi All,
    We have two community events coming up as two gangs celebrate their birthdays within the next few days
    Black-Bullets will be celebrating their 12th birthday today on the server at 19:30 (server time) and Comando De Capital will be celebrating their 2nd birthday on the server on the 26th Sept at 19:00 (server time).

    More details can be found here: 

    CLO and DE are excited to announce our upcoming community event happening this Saturday, September 2nd, at 19:30 (server time). This event is all about camaraderie and collaboration, as we bring you a thrilling CLO/DE war that promises to be action-packed and engaging.
    Event Details:
    Date: Saturday, September 2nd Time: 19:30 (server time)
    Event Concept:
    Join us for an epic showdown as the CLO and DE factions clash in an unforgettable battle! But this isn't just any war – it's a chance for the entire community to get involved. Here's the scoop: Crims will rally behind the CLO, while the cops will unite in support of DE. And keep an eye out for active criminals who have pledged their allegiance to DE through MCC – they'll be lending a hand too!
    What to Expect:
    Prepare for a multi-dimensional combat experience that covers the skies, seas, and ground. However, as much as we're excited about the action, we also believe in fair play and respectful engagement.
    Event Rules:
    No spawn-killing allowed. No spawn camping – let's keep it clean. No arresting. No ship bombing. Remember the spirit of the event – help either CLO or DE, avoid random chaos.
    Event Guidelines:
    While there aren't any prizes or specific goals in mind, this event is all about fostering interactions between CLO/DE and the wider community. Helpers, feel free to use your squad or gang spawns. Just remember that arresting is off the table this time.
    A Few Things to Note:
    Ship bombing is strictly prohibited – let's keep the maritime activities fun and fair. We've worked hard to ensure this event will be a highlight on the server, boosting activity and creating memories. Your presence and engagement matter as we build bridges between groups and players. We'll see you on Saturday, September 2nd, at 19:30! Let's make this event a roaring success within the community.

    A Donations section has been added on SAES:RPG Web, this should give you a better overview of your current donation vehicles, wraps and donation points used.
    We plan on expanding this page with more information in the future to provide an even better overview of your donation rewards!

    This page will also allow SAES staff members and up to view donations for a certain user, giving them more tools to help the community with!

    Hi All,
    I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has applied to join the team. The applications were of a decent calibre this year and it was tough to pick a select few to join our team.
    That being said, please do not be discouraged if I've rejected your application, there will always be next time!
    The team as a whole have been through the list of applications and we've decided on the following:
    Joining the current CS team:
    @Brazz @Linkan @Legend Joining the current SAHA team:
    @mellow @Colo @chaplin @baphomet @PinkyyyTinkyyy Please join me in congratulating them, and please let them bed into their roles before swamping with demands and help! 

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