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  • Donation Rules

    Why donate to SAES:RPG?

    SAES:RPG relies on donations to keep our dedicated server going, paying for any software subscriptions/renewals and our domain names running.
    It is this dedicated server which hosts every service we provide, such as the websites, teamspeak, mta servers etc

    Your donation basically lets us 'keep the lights on' and keep your favourite server going!

    Your generous donations have allowed for our community to thrive for over 19 years! So we would like to thank every donator, past, present and future for keeping us going!

    Donating Rules

    By donating you must either older than 18 years or you have your parents permission to donate to us.

    Please remember, you are donating to keep our server running and you are not paying for a service, items or goods. These donations are not refundable.

    We do not give rewards to people who donate less than £1.00GBP per donation.

    People who revoke or callback donations after donating are not only hurting the community but will also be banned until you repay the donation + the PayPal callback fee.

    What rewards do I get for donating?

    The latest up to date information can be found here:


    Still want to donate?

    So you have read the above and still want to donate? Great! You can do this via PayPal .


    You can donate via PayPal by clicking the icon below, this will automatically create a donation topic and post a notification on discord to our staff, which will allow them to give you your rewards without verification. (Please use the link below, or your donation will not be automated!)


    Want to donate with PayPal but without a Paypal Account?

    Go ahead and use the direct transfer method, if you have a Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discovery card.

    Use the link above and click on "Pay with card" at the bottom of the donation window and you should be able to donate without having to create a PayPal account.

    Once you have donated, please check that an automated topic has been created for you in the Donation Forum, if not, please create one yourself using the following format HERE with the transaction ID that gets sent in your receipt email from PayPal, and tag @Brophy  in your topic for him to confirm your payment.

    Please note: You do not need to tag Brophy if your donation topic was automatically created!

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