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NSWC - Naval Special Warfare Command

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To be fair, I do not understand why people keep creating squads that are branches of army in real life, that doesn't make any sense at all in SAES, also your whole backstory is copy-paste from wikipedia, Also backstory and history are same thing, you have lots of things to improve on this topic.

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@Alperreis , This is a topic for my squad ,Dude, you are right to express your opinion, but you could tell me privately, I do not see the meaning of writing in the topic , to make a simple reputation or to ruin a nice topic, first of all The history of this squad is something very beautiful, and it has to be shown to everyone that it is a real life team that does a great job . and they are a nice SQUAD ,And History is done by me and I took some ideas to tell you what I am doing.Already, think about what you are writing, and if you want to say something, say in private

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Personal Info
Account name:p90cheater
You have discord ? :Yes

Tell us about yourself:My name is Domen im 14 years old from Slovenia I have an older brother we both player soccer. In my free time I like to play SAES.

In-Game Experience

How long you play SAES/RPG:a few moths
How long you play MTA:3 years
How long you play every day:4-6 hours

English skills (1-10):6
RP skills (1-10) :6

Do you have Procop Diploma:No
Previous Gang/Squad/Company:ICE,BBMC,OC,BloodZ
Why did you leave:I left ICE beacuse some of them didnt know how to speak english very well and I couldn't comunicate with them.I left BBMC beacuse it was dying.I left OC to help BloodZ but i liked the gang. I left BloodZ beacuse of Xwolf.
Have ever been banned before:No never
Reason for ban:I heavnt been banned


**Your strengths:**I can arrest criminals easy and im also good at driving and shooting.
Your Weaknesses: I cant RP that good
Explain why we should accept you:You should accept me beacuse I am a skilled,active and loyal member.
**Who Recommended you to apply in NSWC:**No one


**Did you read the F1 rules :**Yes ofc

Are you allowed to arrest/kill in Hospital:No

**Are you allowed to arrest/kill in events? :**No

Are you allowed to camp in jail ? :Yes

Explain what is marker arrest: Marker arrest is when youa rrest someone who is stuck in a wall.

Explain what is deathmatch : Deathmatch is when you damage/kill a player for no reason

Explain what is parking arrest: Park arrest is when you drive over someone and you arrest him.

Explain N.S.W.C .rules 8: Dont arrest any members of this gang or any other memebrs from official squads.

Explain N.S.W.C. rules 13: DO not arrest player under 10 stars. You need to bribe them

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