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Hell Raisers MC - Level 1


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It was a rainy day.. Franklin was driving his freeway home as fast as possible.. he was all cold, wet, hardly breathing.. the wind in his face didn't help him out too much neither. But where was he? You ask. He was all covered in blood, because he just murdered a whole gang, along with his best mate Michael. The reason they murdered the gang was because they murdered Michael's father 13 years ago. Michael's father was one of the most wanted bikers in the whole wide world. If you killed him and delivered him to the cops you would earn so much money you'd never have to work again, that's how much wanted he was. As Franklin and Michael were returning home they saw a homeless man walking in the wind, they wanted to help him out, and so they did. They finally arrived home, they sat down covered in blankets with a cup of coffee. Franklin and Michael started asking the man questions, after a couple of minutes he told them he was a slave of the gang they killed, they realised he will be homeless because they killed the gang that feeded him and gave him a place to live even tho he was a slave. Franklin and Michael decided that he could stay at their house for a while, and they also needed a new gang member, so it was a perfect opportunity. They showed him how to drive the freeway, how to properly shoot a gun and all these things. The man was so thankfful he stayed in the gang even after he had the money to leave.

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^[Hell Raisers Motorcycle Club has plenty of roles, one and most important role is that they're bikers, they organise roadtrips around San Andreas.]

Arms Dealing: Hell Raisers MC sell one of the best quality of weapons around San Andreas, they have their undercover shop where they make the weapons and also sell them.

Mechanics: Hell Raisers MC are beside all of the other roles Mechanics too, they can fix everything, they are familiar with every part of a motorbike, they're not too good with cars tho, but not too bad afterall.

Human Trafficking: Hell Raisers MC usually don't get enough money by just being mechanics and having an undercover arms dealing shop, they also have a garage where they keep their slaves and also sell them.

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-Respect the server rules.
-Be respectful to higher ranks.
-Never leave a brother behind.
-Sacrifice yourself for a brother.
-Do not spam the clanchat.
-Do not insult other gang members.
-Do not act bossy.
-Do not ask for a promotion.

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Club Panel: HellRaisersMC

Club Founder: @Franks

Club President: @Franks

Club Vice President: @reket

Club Head Quarters: @Franks & @reket & @Polentaa & @Gurdman

Club Color: ~[#473131]~(#473131)

Club Foundation: 2th of July 2017

Club Creation: 24th of December 2018

Club Level: -1-

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President is the one that leads the whole gang he makes all of the decisions and his word is the most important, other members should respect him because he is in charge of them. He is responsible for every single thing too.

Vice President

Vice President is like President's right hand, he helps the president rule the gang and other things. He is in charge when President is not available or not around. His word is almost important as President's one.

Assistant of Vice President

Assistant of Vice President's role is similar to Vice President's role, except that Assistant of Vice President is Vice President's right hand. He helps the Vice President with his daily tasks, most of the time when he is in charge.

Head Quarter

Head Quarter's word is also very important, he looks after lower ranks. He is the one that is doing Vice President and President's tasks sometimes, like testing people, giving answers and much other things.


Veteran is the one that has put much effort in getting gang better, he is basically the one that has been in the gang for really long time and he should be respected.

Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for safety and security inside of the club, he is the one that protects the gang and defends it in the hardest times. He is responsible for the rules and much other things in the gang.


Secretary is the one that is responsible to post everything in media archive. He must notify the members of meetings, roadtrips and other activities.

Road Captain

Road Captain is responsible for all of the club plans. Like roadtrips,bankrobs and other plans. During the roadtrips he is allowed to lead the road if higher ranks allow him to.


Treasurer is in charge of collecting money and responsible for other finance things in the club, he is the person collecting club's fees and paying all of the bills.


Member is the one who has just gained the trust of all members in the gang, he has just passed the Prospect time.


Prospect is the one who still trys to get respect in the gang, he should try his best gaining other member's respect by hanging with them and making roleplays and events.


The person that is V.I.P. is not inside the gang, he helps the gang from outside with cash,roleplays and other stuff.


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~ President ~ |Prez

HRMC|Franklin|Prez ( @Franklin )


~ Vice President ~ |Vice

HRMC|reket|Vice ( @reket )

~ Assistant of Vice President ~ |AVP

HRMC|Gurdman|Vice ( @Gurdman )

~ Head Quarter ~ |HQ

HRMC|Polenta|HQ ( @Polentaa )


~ Veteran ~ |VET


~ Sergeant at Arms ~ |SAA


~ Secretary ~ |SEC



~ Road Captain ~ |RC


~ Treasurer ~ |T

HRMC|Crippin|T ( @Crippin )

HRMC|Facecontrol|T ( @Facecontrol )

HRMC|Jiirak|T ( @Jiirak )


~ Member ~ |M

HRMC|Sajjad|M ( @sajjad )

HRMC|HardBass|M ( @HardBass )

HRMC|xTension|M ( @xTension )


~ Prospect ~ |P

HRMC|Incorrect|P ( @Incorrect )

HRMC|GangSta|P ( @Crystal )

HRMC|Toni|P ( @Toni2686 )

HRMC|Marlboro|P ( @Marlboro )


~ VIP ~ |VIP

HRMC|Twixx|VIP ( @Twixx )

HRMC|Czesney|VIP ( @Czesney )

HRMC|Patrick|VIP ( @Pato )

HRMC|Jamal|VIP ( @xJamal_ )

HRMC|Hesha|VIP ( @Hesha )

HRMC|Resistant|VIP ( @Resistant )

HRMC|MrThomas|VIP ( @MrThomas )

HRMC|Alone|VIP ( @AlanWalker )

alt text

~[Alliances:]~(green) N/A

~[Contacts:]~(orange) ~[CripZ]~(teal)

~[Enemies:]~(red) ~[Rebels MC]~(maroon) & ~[Sons of Chaos]~(olive) & ~[BloodZ]~(red)

alt text

Our base:

alt text

Our undercover arms shop

alt text

Slave Market

alt text

alt text


alt text

alt text

-- In order to join our gang --

-You must be active.

-You must have decent English skills.

Application Format

Ingame name:

Real name:




Languages spoken:

Previous G/S/C (Why did you leave/get kicked):

Explain what is our role in your own words:

What does MC stand for:

What does an 1%er MC mean:

Who is the founder of HRMC:

Why would you like to join HRMC:

Why should we accept you:

Did anyone recommend you to make an application for HRMC:

Post a picture of an motorcycle bike aka chopper down below:

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@Felix said in Hell Raisers Motorcycle Club:

Good luck gentlemen! Feel free to contact me if you need any help to improve or need knowledge about MC culture in general to invest in your roleplay^

Thank you for the positive feedback! We will contact you if needed, thanks again.

@Mrwan said in Hell Raisers Motorcycle Club:

Good to see HRMC back, Good luck.

Thank you.

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@Neggroist said in Hell Raisers Motorcycle Club:

Good Luck!

@Will said in Hell Raisers Motorcycle Club:

Good luck

Thank you!

@Tapi said in Hell Raisers Motorcycle Club:

Holy molyy, very nice banners and stuff, I hope for you the best. Good luck fellas, and make sure to stop by Cluckin' Bells to get some number 9 maybe.

Thank you so much I really appreciate it. We will make sure to do that if you have some extra dip.

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