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2010-The Beggining
I think you already know polenta one of the most dangerous gangsters in saes he was born in 1995 when his criminal life begins as a child he is abused by classmates being offended by his low stature and skinny body but that does not last long.
in 2010 again a group of boys start hitting the pollen but he pulls a knife and stabs them right between the ribs after which the police launch a national raid but he is unable to be found to bear his consequences.
2013-Criminal Life
polenta is exactly 18 years old when he joins the blood brothers which at the time was a very stable and grouped motorcycle gang there he finds many friends with whom they make a lot of robberies and murders but the sad moment comes and he gets away from them and a lot of people think he gave up crime but that is not true at all
2015-Motorcycle Life
polenta meets his old friend named franklin and the two with the help of other people create a motorcycle band Hrmc in which polenta is the left cancer of the president they really developed the group but because of the stupidity of polenta because he is a young man and does not think well the gang was opened and closed
2018-Head Hunters MC
polenta gets very angry and decides that he has to command and decide what kind of thing is going to happen around town then he creates the HHMC gang there he becomes popular in many cities with drug distribution and custom killings he lies 2 years in jail but avoids the 3rd when he started commanding the band again, the pressure of the Rebels MC came, because they were the most dangerous band around the villages and we made war with them, we tried with all our might, but we did not keep and we were forced to leave our vests and retreat
2019-2020-Impudents On The Map
the moment came when polenta returned to saes after his visit to his mother country, Bulgaria, in which he was part of a gang named Impudents, which mostly dealt with the murder of businessmen around the country, but they did not manage to earn much income with it so when polenta joins them they rank him as a drug reptile of their family polenta becomes very wanted and in Bulgaria so he returns to saes with the thought of making the same band but stronger and dangerous so he does it and at the moment they are engaged in the sale of others oh and the bespoke killings of popular and wealthy personalities and his gang is one of the deadliest in saes
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Drug Traffickers
we are one of the biggest drug production and distribution gangs we have many laboratories in which we prepare our drugs at the cheapest prices because we are on the principle that the cheaper the more profit there will be

we deal with the murder of local dealers by public figures or mobsters with a lot of money

Car Thieves
if there is a car truck motor or other vehicle that you cannot unlock then we are the people for you there is no car that our hands cannot unlock
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Date founded: 15.12.2019

Gang Panel: Impudents

Our Motto: N/A

Tags: [IS] for helpers [IS-H]

Media Archive: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/13756/impudents-media-archive

Our Discord: Coming soon

Gang color: #006600

Total Members: 4

Gang Level: 0

Current gang money: 5.000.000+
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1- don't break server rules
2- don't DM
3- respect everyone in the server
4- adminjail will get you a warning and ban will cause an instant kick
5- respect your L and VL and HQ
6- always put the tags remove it only when you are not spawned as a criminal
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Our Base:
alt text
Our Drug Factory:
alt text
Our Warehouse:
alt text
alt texthttps://saesrpg.uk/topic/13756/impudents-media-archive
alt text
Leader [L] 5 lvl

Vice Leader [VL] 4 lvl ( Left hand of the leader )

Head Quarter [HQ] 4 lvl ( Recruitmant team )

Manager [M] 3 lvl ( HQs assistant )

Respected [R] 2 lvl ( Respected members)

Drug Dealer [DD] 1 lvl ( Selling drugs)

Probation [P] 0 lvl ( New Member)
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Tell us about your SAES career:

Define Impudents:

Why do you want to join us ?

Previous gangs/squads/groups:

Current gangs/squads/groups:

Write a story from 50 words for our RP:

Tell us about your life (minimum 20 words)

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