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Desert Eagles Recruitment Results


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After reviewing the recruitment tests results within DEHQ, it's now time to announce the lucky ones who were successful! The following people have been chosen to be added in the lines of Desert Eagles:

  • @Troones

  • @JohnnyEnglish

  • @LandShark

  • @Curvy

  • @Kok

Congratulations to the ones who successfully made it in Desert Eagles. Some of you came pretty close to making it in, but unfortunately the spots are limited. Don't let this discourage you, keep up the good work within DE trainings and your efforts won't go unnoticed. We would advise anyone who is interested in joining DE to keep trying and stay tuned for more news to follow.

If your name is in the list above, please wait for further instructions from DEHQ, and make sure you have already joined our discord.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the live recruitment, and better luck next time!

Desert Eagles HQ
General of the Army @Patrol
General of the Army @Terry
Chief of Staff @Absent
Air Marshal @Hassoni
Brigadier @niceez

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