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Change to Gang Robberiers (GR)



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GRs are a currently an unused and unpolished activity with a lot of faults. Would you prefer to see them changed in a way described below?

Following was based on specific complaints brought up by gang HQs and the players in general over time. The intention behind the suggested change is to eliminate all the unpleasant experiences and attempt to recycle GR into an usable activity.


  • GRs are performed inside a newly created generic interior identical for all gangs, no unfair safe placements like on the outside.

  • GR interior marker is placed at each gang's base.

  • Gang vs gang only, no helpers.

  • Requires a minimal amount of online members both for attacking and defending gangs.

  • Attackers have the advantage of defending the area from the inside while cracking.

  • Defenders have the advantage in form of an ability to constantly spawn at their base and return to the interior faster.

  • Severe decrease to the amount of rules, made possible by implementation of the new system.


  • No arrest in GR interiors, including kill arrest.

  • No explosions.

  • Limit on how many times an organisation's safe be robbed per day.

  • Cooldown period for safe of each gang.

  • Br-like timer that fails the robbery after a period of time.

  • Br-like trigger of the robbery activity.

  • Doors & safe cracking pads.

  • Gang member count of defending & attacking gang excluding AFK marked members.

Possible additions:

  • Attack and defense website stats.

  • Inclusion of squads, they'd be able to rob and get robbed.

  • Stock market based on GR attack/defense rates.


GRs will remain an optional activity. If you do not want to participate in these, you would not be given a gang safe and would not be able to rob other gangs either.

Finally, let us know in the comments if you'd actually be interested in taking part of a GR that functions using the described system. There's no point working on something that nobody will be interested in. Anything to suggest? Let us know, changes can still be made.

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