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^[Spetsnaz: Only stars are above us! ( !).]



In 2001, Viktor Vorobev [Rewind] was a Green Beret patrolling the border areas between Kosovo and Serbia. His counterparts were Russian troops, many of which were airborne. Their mission was to disrupt the movements of Albanian UCPMB rebels in the area. For six months, he and his Russian allies worked side-by-side, in the forests and mountains around Kosovo.

Then one day, his coworkers put on what they called a "Spetsnaz Show" and Vorobev [Rewind] realized who his tactical buddies really were.

To be clear, the "Spetsnaz" aren't any single part of the Russian military apparatus. They are any special operations unit of the Russian military, including the Russian Navy, Airborne troops, and FSB (formerly KGB). Most often, when westerners refer to the Spetsnaz, they're referring to the special operations section of the GRU, Russia's military intelligence service.

Vorobev's experience with the Russians was his first and it was the first time American Special Forces and Russian special operators worked together. The height of their mission in Kosovo was rolling on a rebel base that had killed one of the Russians' soldiers. The team captured a young rebel while on a patrol and extracted the location of the rebels' base of operations.

Vorobev describes his time in Kosovo with his ODA in his book, One Green Beret: Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, and beyond: 15 Extraordinary years in the life - 1996-2011. He describes the joint US-Russian Special Forces outfit arriving in an area called Velja Glava, where the rebel camp was supposed to be. After dispatching the sentries, the joint team dismounted from their armored vehicles and moved through the forest to assault the camp. The Russians deftly traversed through the vegetation while Vorobev laid the forest bare with a Mk 19 grenadelauncher.

The Russians captured the Albanian rebels that were still able to be captured, and the UCPMB camp was taken out of action permanently. When it came to the performance of the Spetsnaz in combat, Vorobev says they were keen on tactics and had great intuition and instinct. They could shoot well, took care of their weapons and equipment, and were in great shape, and were very well disciplined.

In short, he says he had a lot of respect for these "badasses in spirit."

General Info

Color: Navy Teal Turqoise (R:3 G:47 B:60 - #032F3C)
Established: Tuesday the 7th of September, 2021
Headquarters: (Classified)
Member count: (Classified)
Motto: "Only Stars Are Above US!"
Value: (Classified)

Our Duty

Spetsnaz is created and formed by pro's to significantly reduce the rising crime and terror in San Andreas.

We will be engaged in the following tasks:

Patrolling and stopping the most wanted criminals of San Andreas.
Actively train members to stop the biggest bank robs of San Andreas.
Reducing the amount of stores being robbed by increasing response time.
Securing LS prison to stop criminals from breaking in and out.
Assisting other squads when special units are needed.

Chain of Command

Below, we present our chain of command.

Private [PVT]


Private First Class [PFC]


Junior Sergeant [JSG]


Sergeant [SGT]


Junior Lieutenant [JLT]


Lieutenant [LT]


Lieutenant Colonel [LTC]


Colonel [COL]


Major General [MG]


Marshal of the Russian Feds [MAJ]


Code of Law


Follow the server rules given at F1. Admin word is final.
Military is built upon order, always follow orders you get from superiors.
Active participation in roleplays and activities is required.
When playing as Spetsnaz, always wear your tag [SpZ*]Username.
Asking for promotion is prohibited, and may lead to demotion.
Respect your fellow members, follow your orders and don't interrupt superiors while speaking.
Leaking personal information about fellow members will lead to resignation.

Join us


  1. You have played SAES:RPG for a minimum of 50 hours.

  2. You can express yourself well in the English language.

  3. You have a ping of between 40ms-60ms maximum. Lower is better

  4. You are a dedicated cop, and are willing to at least spend 80% of your ingame time as cop.

  5. By joining the squad, you are agreeing to actively participate in squad acitivities.

Application form ~ 10-15 minutes


Phase 1: Who are you

  1. Username:

  2. Display Name:

  3. Real Name

  4. Age:

  5. Gender:

  6. Nationality:

  7. Rate your English:

  8. Hours Ingame:

  9. Previous Gangs/Squads:

Phase 2: Rate your skills

Rate the following skills from 1 to 10, and explain why.

  1. Driving:

  2. Flying:

  3. Movement:

  4. Responsiveness:

  5. Shooting:

Phase 3: Knowledge & Terminology

Answer the following questions:

  1. Are you allowed to kill a criminal with 0 stars that is luring outside a store rob?

  2. Are you allowed to shoot a wanted criminal's car without the use of binds?

Define the following terms:

  1. Roleplay:

  2. Deathmatch:

  3. Marker Arrest:

  4. Hospital Arrest:

  5. Bank robbery:

  6. Store robbery:

Phase 4: Confession

Answer with yes or no, if yes, explain what happened:

  1. Have you been banned before?

  2. Have you been kicked out of a gang/squad/group before?

Phase 5: Motivation

Answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to join us particularly?

  2. What can you add to the team?

  3. Will you do everything you can to make this group succeed?[/s]

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