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KSK - Kommando Spezialkrfte

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^["Facit omnia voluntas" - KSK]

^[High professional trained special forces working for the safety of the San Andreas Citizens. Usage of the newest technologies and defense techniques made in Germany. We are happy to provide more secure environment for Citizens and Tourists in whole San Andreas.]
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From 1973 until the KSK's formation in 1996, the West German (and later German) government assigned all counter-terrorist and special operations activities to the GSG 9, a highly trained police force created shortly after the hostage-taking that transpired during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Prior to 1973, the army's Fernspher (Long-Distance Reconnaissance), the navy's Kampfschwimmer (Combat Swimmers/"Frogmen"), and (until 1989) the Special Weapons Escort CompaniesSonderwaffenbegleitkompanien were the only military units comparable to anything that other nations may have seen as dedicated special forces units.

One politically reason for the establishment of the KSK was that in 1994, during the genocide in Rwanda, German citizens had to be evacuated by Belgian para-commandos. That this task was carried out by special operations forces of the former colonial power Belgium had been agreed in advance by the NATO partners. The Federal Government of Germany also refused to intervene on its own, as in its view neither the GSG 9 nor the Bundeswehr "Bravo Companies" were trained to operate in a guerrilla situations and there was also a lack of the necessary transport capability. Several Belgian soldiers died during this operation. Due to the political pressure, the need to have its own forces ready for special operations within NATO became obvious.

Following the KSK's activation on 1 April 1997, all but one of the Fernsphkompanie have been either disbanded or merged into the newly constituted unit.

Like all German military units, KSK deployments require authorization from the German Bundestag (Federal Assembly). The unit has engaged in numerous anti-terror campaigns both in Europe and abroad; known engagements include operations inside Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and most recently in Afghanistan.

During the War in Afghanistan, although nominally under OEF command, the KSK worked under ISAF command since 2005, carrying out numerous operations in the vicinity of the German deployment in Kabul, including a successful raid on an al-Qaeda safehouse for suicide bombers in October 2006. KSK operators have commented in the German media about the restrictions placed on them by their national caveats and stated a preference for working directly for the Americans as part of OEF-A as they had done as part of Task Force K-Bar.

In 2021, after a request by the Government of the San Andreas, the German Government has decided to send all of the KSK forces to San Andreas in order to assist the police departments and special forces in decreasing the percentage of successful criminal activities like bank robberies, store robberies and VIP kidnappings.

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Established: Wednesday the 16th of June, 2021.
Motto: "Facit omnia voluntas"
Value: $200.000.000+
Color: ~[Hawkes Blue]~(#C4D9FF) (R:196 G:217 B:255 - #C4D9FF)
Headquarters: Temple, Los Santos
Member count: classified.

^[alt text]

Our main goal is to keep the citizen safe and encounter the terrorism and criminality in the whole San Andreas, with the focus on most wanted, very dangerous gangs, mafias and other criminal groups.


  • Exclusive Training.

  • Investigating organized crime.

  • Raiding of criminal bases/headquarters.

  • Collaboration in missions.

  • Espionage.

  • State wide security.

  • Personal Bodyguard and Escorting.

  • Security Consulting.

  • Defense Services.

  • Bounty Hunting.

^[alt text]

^[Director <D> - Level (10)]

^[Executive Staff <ExS> - Level (9)]

^[Head Instructor <HI> - Level (8)]

^[Divisional Command <DC> - Level (8)]

^[Instructor <I> - Level (7)**]

^[Secondary Instructor <SI> - Level (6)]

^[Lead Operator <LO> - Level (5)]

^[Senior Operator <SO> - Level (4)]

^[Adjunct Instructor <AI> - Level (4)]

^[Probationary Instructor <I> - Level (3)]

^[Operator <O> - Level (2)]

^[Contractor <Con> - Level (1)]

^[Recruit <R> - Level (0)]

^[alt text]

^[Headquarters of KSK]
^[alt text]

^[alt text]

Kommando Spezialkrafte recruits highly qualified and highly skilled personnel, including professionals from private sectors as well as former law enforcement and military employees. We search for people of the utmost caliber, accountability, integrity and professionalism.

  • Experience with military. police, or security positions.

  • Experienced with physical combat. Applicant must also be in a physical shape to withstand rigorous training.

  • Basic Firearms Training

  • Able to manage and adapt to the environments given at hand.

  • Sharp mind, the ability to intake information and a willingness to learn.

  • Must not be currently affiliated with any sort of gangs, or be a felon.

  • Must be confidential with information given and willing to sign a NDA Contract.

^[alt text]

You start your journey as an applicant. Once your application gets accepted and pass all the proper background screenings and your interview, you will be handed a contract in which you must agree to sign and abide all of its content.

Once you are fully hired, you will take on the role of a recruit. This is where all of your training will take place before you take a final examination to see if you are ready to be qualified as a full contractor.

You are interested into joining and starting the journey with us? Head over to our discord and read #how_to_join.

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