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Re: San Andreas Five-0

What's your nickname?:TheRudeBoy
What's your account name?:TheRudeBoy
What's your nationality?:Turkish
What's your country of residence?:stanbul
What's your age?:16
What languages are you capable of speaking fluently?:English-Turkish-Arabic
When did you start playing on SAES?:3 days ago
What gangs/squads have you been a part of before?:no
What groups are you currently a part of?:no
What groups have you been a part of before?:no
Link to your archive forums profile:https://saesrpg.uk/user/therudeboy
Why do you want to join Five-0?:because watched hawaii five-0
What would be your plans if you join Five-0?:be the best cop
What are your strengths?:m best for ride motobike
What are your weaknesses?: not best in the mmo rpg games best the fps games
Anything to add (optional): love the fire guns

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