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In Japan Olaf's Father was leading The Yakuza, It was known as gokudo too.This gang was one of the most transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan.The yakuza was notorious for their strict codes of conduct and very organized nature.

A War broke out between Yakuza and some other gangs in Japan, It was a big war caused the death of many people and ended with the death of the old Yakuza Leader who was OLAF's Father.

Olaf moved to San Anderas avoiding other gangs who was trying to kill him since he was Yakuza Successor.And he can be a new source of danger for them.He was new in San Andears,He treated badly by some members from some gangs there. One day In a big fight Olaf stabbed one guy.After that incident Olaf entered jail, and he passed 20 years on it on charges of premeditated murder.


After appearing for several judicial hearings. The judiciary has taken the decision to reduce his sentence to 15 years because of his good behaviour.This what they were thinking. But Olaf is his 15 years in jail was planning for his next step in crime side. He made many friends in jail.Working together, they decided to revive The Yakuza again.


It all started there: "In Jail".After his release, Olaf Continued in the way of his father's attempt to revive The Yakuza again.
Olaf has done his best.The yakuza membership was in a remarkable development, the number of the organization members increased , the gang became huge and included very skillful individuals not only that but also olaf possessed numerous intimate relationships through which he managed to control San Andreas. Olaf turned out from a despised person to a man that every one is afraid of. After a long period of dominating , olafs enemies become as more as his father Gokudo, the problems with other gangs was in a progressing swell until a gang war broke out that caused olafs fall after a deceptive plot with the police and his imprisonment.

The leader fell but not the yakuza , Olafs fellows were out there furious to revenge their leader and ready to ruin everything.A new generation is born leaded by elotham .

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The YakuZa, we are a group of bandits who perform ambushs operations around all San Andreas. Our main goal from these ambushes operations divided into:

  • Carjacking: It's one of the most important roles ,Yakuza members are known with their big expertise in unlocking cars at full tilt after being trained from an early age and the gang has many specialists in this jurisdiction who are able to bring the most luxurious cars.

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  • Dismantling and selling cars: As we have plenty of stolen cars stored , we have a private and undercover factory which we dissociate the cars parts and then it be sold so that the police can not discredit us , also the pieces can be stored and used by ourselves in case of accident or to improve and increase the speed , rigidity and the quality of our cars.

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  • Tattoo Design: The most practiced ritual in the community remains the tattoo ritual better known as irezumi in Japan. Its implementation is very painful because it is still done in a traditional way; the ink is inserted under the skin with non-electric tools, bundles of needles attached to a bamboo handle or more recently stainless steel (handcrafted). The process is expensive and painful, and some tattoos on the whole body may require months or years of work . More than 68% of yakuza members would be tattooed for free and we tattoo rich people and other gang members for cash.

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  • Kidnapping and intimidation: Kidnapping someone or an exact target to get a ransom or just trying to know some secret informations about his organization after torturing him, also assigning to him to deliver a message to his leader if we felt the risk to intimidate him so that he not even dare to attack us.

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  • Assassination and homicide: Often after being offered a decent amount of money , we make these dirty operations which are the assassination of businessmen , politicians and ministers and killing the kidnapped person in case of non-recognition of some informations and manipulation as well as doubtful and our competitors whose are considered one of our victims.

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Gang Level~0

Full name: The Yakuza
Gang panel: The~YakuzA
Gang Motto: Life And Death Are The Same
Gang Tags: YakuzA>Name[Rank] / YakuzA*>Name (For probation members)
Official Topic : Click Here
Media Archive : Click Here
Color code: #998855
RGB Color: R:153,G:136,B:85
Gang Alliances: N/A
Gang Value: 200.000.000$
Gang founder: OLAF & Elotham
Leader & Vice Leader: Disaster & Avanger
Recruitment Status: ~[OPEN]~(lime)

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~[Agreements: ]~(#998855) N/A

~[Gang Alliances: ]~(#998855) N/A

~[Gang Enemies: ]~(#998855)N/A

alt text
1. Follow all the server rules (F1).
2. Always obey the admins of the server.
3. Respect and listen to the High ranked members Any fail following the orders may will cause a warn or a kick.
4. If Leader or vL is not online, your HQ is your leader.
5. Stick speaking English on mainchat/cc.
6. Dont never DM or revenge someone.Simply "SS" that and report.
7. You need to know every rule about Store robs, Bank robs and Turfing...etc ( Even we are not official yet and we still can't do br's and turfs but make sure that you know rules because you may help others onetime.)
8. Every rulebreaking inside gang must be reported to HQ.
9. Don't ask for promotion.You will get it when we be sure that you deserve it.And any ask for a rank up, this may lead in a demotion.
10. Watch your words! You are promoting us while using our tags. Our reputation is in your hands.
11. Be mature, act mature, and behave nicely with the community players and even during roleplays.
12. Spamming LocalChat / Mainchat / Teamchat will lead to a warning.
13. If you going AFK,It's simple just put the AFK tag on your name so people know that you are AFK.
14. A lack of understanding any rule is not an excuse to break it, contact an HQ to get answers for whichever inquiries you've.
15. Leaving the gang without informing any HQ+ will result on a blacklist.
16. If you are going inactive for a longer time please contact gang leader or vice leader about that or else you'll be kicked for being inactive.
17. Even if you have 42 wanted stars and a police is NOT chasing you, Dont never touch him.
18. Don't kill afk cops, because they aren't a threat to you.

alt text
alt text
Level 5

~[The Leader (syndicate head) [L]:]~(#998855)

Disaster (Leader)

Level 4

~[Vice Leader[VL]:]~(#998855)


~[HeadQuarter (lieuteant) [HQ]:]~(#998855)
OLAF(1st generation founder)
Elotham (2nd generation founder)

Level 3

~[Chief of staff (advisor) [-CoS-]:]~(#998855)


Level 2

~[Specialist Staff [-SS-]: ]~(#998855)


~[Law Advisor [-LA-]: ]~(#998855)


Level 1

~[Solider [-S-]: ]~(#998855)

~[Secretary[-S-]: ]~(#998855)

Level 0


Total Members: 16
Inactive Members: 0

Honorary Members: Skann / Expert / Strong

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

Here is our media archive link: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/10909/the-yakuza-media-archive

~[The~YakuzA First Generation:]~(#998855)
alt text

~[The~YakuzA Second Generation:]~(#998855)

alt text

alt text
~[Total Number of Events:]~(#998855) 43
~[Total Event Awards : ]~(#998855) 55.500.000$

alt text

~[Total Number of Roleplays:]~(#998855) 37

alt text

~[Total Number of Activities:]~(#998855) 56

alt text

alt text

alt text
If you wish to apply, please fill out the application below, Please be patient, your answer will be given in the shortest time possible. Any ask to be answered will reduce your chances of being accepted. It's just a matter of time until you get an answer.

~[But, before going to apply read this important requirements:]~(red)

  • You need to be sure that you understood every single rules of gang and server.

  • Write your own application dont copy anything from other application and never leave anything blank.

  • Being experienced to have the enough knowledge of the game and to have the ability of roleplaying with other organizations.

  • Keep your application as neat and tidy as possible.

  • Try to Hang with us for 3 days at least to increase your chances of join

Application format:

* Nickname: 
* Username:
* Age:
* Nationality:
* How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG? :
* Do you ever been banned/Admin Jailed ?(If yes, details please):
* Have you left or were you kicked from previous gangs/squads/companies?why (Tell The reason) :
* Summarize with your own worlds what is Yakuza roleplay:
* Did anybody recommend you to apply for us?:
* why you wanna join us? :
* what can we expect from you? :
* Any additional information we may need to know?:

[Testing Procedure]

  • Except passing the application part, all applicants are required to receive and pass these in-game tests no matter how bad or good was his application.

  • You just need to pass it to ensure to make sure you didn't copied anybody's application or if that was you who did it, or just someone helped you on it. Moreover we wanna see if you you can apply this knowledge ingame too or not.

PART.[I] Interview Test:
This test is the most important part in the testing procedures. First ,you will be asked some questions from application which must be answered in a short time since we want to make sure you didn't copy anyone's application.Then, you will be asked few other questions about YakuzA and few basic questions about general community rules to check if you read our main topic properly or not and to avoid recruiting any rule breakers.

PART.[II]: RolePlay Test:
This test will proof your real english skills level which is a very important thing to get the ability of role playing with others. From this test too, we will be more sure that really was you who wrote the application or someone else helped you on it.

PART.[III]: Shooting Test:
First you will be taken to location ( for example ghost town) where you will play a duel versus your tester or just against anyone of yakuza members.The point from this test is just to ensure your skills are matching with our style or not.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/YFvsQzd

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