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Why i love SAES developers <3


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I love the way they use their brains. it's incredible.
Tut: Hmm Lets make a G class with 16" rims and e30 with 22" Rims
Devs team: Daamn thats so dope nigga.
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Leaked screens from next update.
Coming soon:
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~[With much LOVE Mr.Swid! <3 ]~
Keep it up guys!!! Haters gonna hate :duck:

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@SWID you're actually incorrect. on MTA you can't adjust/rescale size of wheels, their size remains that of the default vehicle. Landstalker for instance has very small wheels while Huntley has decent size wheels, but community didn't want us to use Huntley.
TL;DR we can't rescale wheels, not even through modding.

get your facts right
ps. you might be able to do it on MTA:eir but we're on MTA:blue which has different limitations and so on

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G class is 4 door. you can't (modding-wise) turn a hardcoded 2-door vehicle into a 4-door vehicle. you need to script it which isn't ideal considering devs has other plans.
BMW is 2 door while vincent is 4 door, the rear door effects can be removed modding-wise but we're using hotring due to its handling (way better than vincent) and its sound. still open for suggestions though.

@SWID said in Why i love SAES developers <3:

on MTA you can adjust/rescale size of wheels but this is another story

partially true. yes you can resize it by applying various shaders, but its collision won't be scaled. if your collision size is different from the wheel model it'll end glitching through the ground.

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