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SAPD/PC Recruitment & Regulations Update - 2019


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SAPA-SAPD Regulations (~[OUTDATED]~(red)):

  • As of November 2019, recruitment of PC Testers as well as management of existent PC testers will from now be handled by SAPD HQ exclusively. SAPA membership is no longer a requirement. All SAPA-SAPD info in the spoiler below is no longer applicable.


  • SAPA maintains sovereign management and decision rights over daily procedures including but not limited to: manner of testing, choice of instructors, time required before becoming eligible for PC testing, design and issue of internal ranking structures, choice of trainings and other matters related to daily experience of a SAPA cadet and the academy operating as whole.

  • SAPA designed tests which are classed as mandatory for becoming eligible for taking PC test must first be approved by SAPD/PC HQ. Current tests (Entry, DD, HD, PC) are all by default considered valid, this concerns tests that might be made in the future.

  • SAPA PC Testers must first be approved by SAPD/PC HQ before assuming position of PC Tester within SAPA. This is the only function within SAPA that PC HQ has a say in, all other functions are granted and fulfilled as decided by internal SAPA management and are not directly related to PC.

  • SAPA maintains the rights to answering SAPA applications according to their own standards and may accept or deny applicants based on their own regulations. SAPA may not deny/blacklist/ban or reject applications in any way that would permanently make the applicant unable to gain access to SAPA and PC. Applicants should not be be made to wait for period longer than thirty (30) days prior to being allowed to post an application again.

  • Should an applicant receive denied status two (2) times in their SAPA application and feel that the negative answer was for some reason invalid, unfair or else; they may request PCD examination of their application. In case that errors are indeed found by PCD department, they will be forwarded to and resolved by SAPD HQ.

  • SAPA and PC tests must be followed to the letter; any anomalies, mistakes, improvisations or errors spotted to have been occurring during systematic acquiral of PC diploma both during SAPA educational tests and PC entry tests will render the tested player unable to obtain the PC diploma until aforementioned violations are corrected to proper standards. Tester/instructor which was responsible for issuing inadequate sessions will be held accountable.

  • SAPD/PC HQ maintains rights to testing and inviting players to PC based on their own observation and regulations, regardless of whether or not the player took part of SAPA programme and overall success/failure during that period. This is however uncommon and will happen rarely, if ever.

  • Persons affiliated to gangs or criminal organizations are not permitted entrance to either SAPA or PC and will not be considered until leaving aforementioned gangs/organizations.


PC Rules Update and Clarification (~[VALID]~(lime)):

  • PC members are able to use PC spawn in order to quickly respond to nearby bank robbery. This includes both players that are or are not currently member of a squad. Squad members are now allowed to spawn Trainee/Trooper in order to reach BR faster, whether they be PC or not. Misbehaving while spawned as non-pc Police member may still lead to getting kicked from PC.

  • Any cases of violation of PC rules by PC members must be passed directly to PCD personnel and not handled by present staff/admin, unless simultaneously in violation of server rules, interrupting gameplay and/or granting advantage to one player over others; in which case the situation should be related to PCD after staff/admin imposed sanctions on the player in question.

  • PC members are allowed to execute role of K-9 dog handler while not using default PC spawns, including but not limited to: Squad, State Trooper, SAI, HLS etc. They are however not allowed to do so with any spawn not classed as police team spawn (e.g. criminal, civilian).

  • PC dog class spawned players must not travel, act or engage criminals on their own and must be instructed by their handler according to the situation. In case that the handler is killed in action, the dog must remain in same position until the handler arrives to collect it; unless actively partaking in ongoing combat based on commands previously issued by the handler, or acting in self defense. Dogs can only be transported using the back seat of four door vehicles, they may not travel on top of cars/bikes or lay in trunks.

  • Prison Wardens serve the sole purpose of guarding the prison and may not gain major distance between themselves and the prison area unless actively chasing a fleeing suspect. Upon return to common duties not related to prison, wardens must select another spawn at the nearest disk. They are not allowed to partake in operations that are not tied to security of inner prison and its surrounding areas. Wardens may remain within the prison for unlimited time.

On Behalf of SAPD HQ,

Signed By: Deputy Chief of Police @Hesha

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