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[PCD] Police Complaints Department


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Police Complaints Department


PCD stands for Police Complaints Department and is under direct jurisdiction of SAPD and its HQ. Personnel within PCD are referred to as Detectives.

PCD Function:

Role of PCD is to receive and investigate complaints submitted by members of general community concerning SAPD and its subordinate departments as well as PC group entry programme. To collect information concerning PC, its current and potential personnel, to process and analyze aforementioned information and ultimately present the case to SAPD/PC HQ should they come to a conclusion that an action is necessary.


Role of PCD Detective is to detect. They are expected to frequently scan all available information related to SAPD and its subordinate departments as well as PC group entry programme. Should they find something they believe is an error, the case must be presented to PCD as whole to enter the discussion phase. Following the discussion, PCD may direct the fully elaborated case to SAPD/PC HQ, if the PCD believes an action needs to be taken and may present a solution they find fitting. SAPD HQ retains the sole right to final decision.

PCD and its Detectives may NOT:

  1. Demand information from people who are not willing to provide any.

  2. Issue orders to SAPD personnel and personnel of its subordinate departments.

  3. Threaten or lead the person in any way to believe that refusing the detectives requests may have negative effects.

  4. Keep their findings to themselves during an ongoing investigation for whichever reason.

  5. Make decisions and issue punishments based on information found.

  6. Invite to, or remove persons from PC group.

  7. Test persons for PC entry.

  8. Act preventively.

~[All cases deemed valid by PCD must ultimately be presented to SAPD HQ which retains the right to final decision. PCD may advise course of action when presenting the case to SAPD HQ after thorough internal investigation, but may not under any circumstances decide and issue punishments.]~(red)

How to join PCD?: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/13241/pcd-police-complaints-department-how-to-apply


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