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~[leave the gun take the cannolis]~(magenta)

[b]I just woke up to another shitty day .Every day is the same in prison. I started walking in the corridors and other niggers were talking about some fresh meat. I wanted to go check outside, to see if I could recognise anyone. Another bus arrived to the prison and we started to watch who was coming out of this bus. This time the bus was completely full unlike the previous one .Suddenly we noticed some familiar faces. They were from Compton and we were part of the same gang before the cops disbanded all of the gangs in the city. I did not have chance to talk to them. I would have to wait for tomorrow. The next day I started to talk with them, some of them wanted to join me with my plan. Some of them did not think it was a great idea, so they did not want to take part. We were together with old friends again but this time it was different. We set up a plan to escape from the prison. It wasn't easy but nothing could stop us, especially as now we are reunited with our old friends. After paying a bribe to the prison guards we got some pickaxes to use for creating a tunnel to use for the escape. At the end of the month everything seemed to be ready. We had the tunnel digged up and the distance was, well it was pretty good for a few people. We eventually reached the sewers and now we had a way out of this place. We was informed by a bird in the prison that we had two cleaning vans waiting outside for us. They have just picked up some dirty clothing and sheets from the prison to keep its disguise. We had no time to spare, so we all immediately went through the tunnel as fast as we could. We reached the sewer and we saw a ladder from one of the entry points to the sewer. We climbed the ladder and the two vans were ready. They rushed us into the vans so we did not have to stay there too long as we may have been spotted.

We wanted to go back to Compton but we knew this was not possible. The police are hot on gangs at the moment and especially us, they know who we are and it would be too risky. We just left prison, we do not plan on going back. We instead made the important decision on travelling to San Andreas, Los Santos to be exact. We will ensure that what we had in Compton will be implemented here in Los Santos. Our family will once again rise and we will eradicate those who do not agree with what we do.

Few months later I met with a business man, I heard there was a farm for sale at an auction but it was too far away from the city. What we did notice though was how quiet and empty the area was, this was perfect for us, especially if we wanted to get back into the drug business. After a long conversation with this business man we decided to purchase the farm and put it to good use. Our only issue now is, where are we going to get our seeds from? The business man had a few contacts in Cuba. We decided to head to Cuba for a short time to meet his contact. After some tactical negotiation we purchase over 4000 seeds for growing weed. This was a big investment but we know it will be worthwhile. We planted our seeds and hired some poor homeless people to do our dirty work. After 3 months the plants were ready for disturbing. We went back on the streets, we eliminated the known drug dealers and left messages for the customers. If you want weed you buy it from NWA. We took over all drug trade in Los Santos after a few months and well, the money began to flow in. It was shocking for us all.

Now all we got to do is keep the other gangs out of the way and protect our trade as that is our only income. Once we have enough to purchase advanced weapons and vehicles, well than who knows what we will do.[/b]

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[b][b]Main RP Role :

  • We transport supplements and amino acids to those who care for their bodies and those who want to be confident against the cops.

  • We sell Whey Protein , Mass Fusion and Serious mass instead of drugs. to those who understand.

  • We train to become better and better. We also train other criminals to be able of facing the cops when they're in a tight corner.

  • We use steroids ( Kind of Hormones boosters ) to help us grow fast , which is forbidden in San Andreas.

Other RP Roles :

  • We are in a big need of weapons , that's why we always buy lots of weapons crates.

  • We rob banks using our intelligence system of the hacking computers.

  • We rob people who don't need money for anything.

  • We kill exact persons , such as who thinks he beats our muscles.

  • We hack into computers and various organization networks in order to gather intelligence to boost the chances of success in our activities. [/b][/b]

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[b][b][b]The Mafia Name: The Mafia (the~mafia in /group).

The Mafia Cash:5.000.000$

The Mafia HQ Team: Kim & Lance

The Mafia Code Color:#DE09BA

The Mafia Tags:TM|Name, 217| for (helpers)

The Mafia Skin id: 124,93

The Mafia Motto:leave the gun take the cannolis

The Mafia Level: 0

The Mafia Members Count: 2[/b][/b][/b]

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[b][b][b][b]Coming soon, here where all The Mafia members events ,roleplays ,promo videos and the activity screenshots will be posted.[/b][/b][/b][/b]

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The Mafia Application:

Real Name:

I-G Name:

Age & Birthday:

English (/10):



Driving Skills (/10):

English Level (/10):

Why do you want join:

Why we should accept you:

Anything Else? (optional):[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]

alt text

Accepted This means that you have passed the first part of the test, but it does not yet mean we are going to accept you straight away. First you have to contact a HQ + Ingame for your actual test.

alt text

Pending This means we are not sure about you, hang with our family members, join in on events/bankrobs/storerobs or any other activities we do. And we are going to think wether you are accepted, or denied.

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Denied This means your application was not good enough, either you have been blacklisted, or you have been denied before, or it just wasn't good enough. You can re-apply for the ViceLords after 2 weeks only. Otherwise you will be blacklisted again.[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]

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