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SAES:RPG v1.5 Patch Notes


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An update focused on getting development rolling again. We focused on community suggestions as well as issues reported on our bugtracker.

This update has been brought to you by SAES Dev Team, contributors & all the awesome people who regularly report bugs and contribute to suggestions!
We hope you enjoy these additions, as much time and effort has been invested into making and testing them, but as thorough (or not) we may be, bugs always can slip through and that is why we encourage using our bug tracker to report them so they can be fixed in due time.



  • Cops are able to toggle lethal/beanbag rounds for shotgun now, default key is left-alt, able to be re-bound using command "beanbag"

  • Kidnapping event, featuring Cops vs. Crims - feature developed by @Geri, detailed info below

  • Private vehicle storage now supports multiple same model vehicles (unlimited for now, but may be limited in future if deemed necessary)

  • Players are able to sell their private vehicles to others now using our Click Control System, a.k.a. right-click (AltGr)

  • New vehicle mod BMW E30 by popular request, replacing Hotring Racer 1

  • Basic dynamic weather that automatically cycles through weather and blends in during 1-2 ingame hours

  • New lookup tool for Staff

  • New stat tracking system (old stats have been transferred don't worry), in addition, they are now outputted in F8 console due to better visibility

  • Re-added prison spotlights that were used in the old prison(s)

  • ICE got their base and shaders

  • 3 New Banks have been added with bank robberies. Bone County, Tierra Robada and Red County with a new interior.

  • BR Payment has been halved due to twice amount of banks


  • Local Chat takes nametag colour now instead of team's - to better distinguish people talking

  • Taser can no longer pop vehicle tyres

  • We track more statistics now

  • Sell markers cannot overlap one another anymore

  • Private message format has been changed for better visualization, plus incoming private messages will trigger window flashing f.ex. when your game is minimized

  • Vehicle upgrades now save right when you leave the modshop without having to park it first

  • Lightened up the top-bar borders

  • Cuban Cars notification tweaked to tell them whether the picked up vehicle is private owned or not

  • Ingame time now cycles through day/night faster (each represent 3 hours in real time)

  • Fire extinguisher's damage to players has been disabled

  • Adjusted casino bet amounts and increased the upper limit to 100k

  • Some vehicle prices adjusted

  • Vehicle 'stored' status is now coloured according to its current storage state


  • Housing Tax/Income System has been fixed, as well as automatic inactivity check

  • Shooting blown up vehicles no longer gives you stars

  • Fix for resetting freeze when starting new life with /sell

  • Getting arrested while entering interior can no longer teleport you outside the jail, making you invincible for the time being

  • Sabre damaged model decals have been fixed

  • Truckers' flat trailer has been fixed and retextured

  • Mr. Whoopee has received multiple variants, hot dog, donut, pizza as well as some fixes

  • The Palomino Creek bridge glitch which made your vehicles fly and whatnot is fixed (Lord and saviour @Tut-Greco )

  • The 'top-bar' no longer stacks if the SAES HUD is turned off, it will continue to cycle through messages invisible

  • Hierarchy fix for Jester kindly provided by Coast4Coast

  • Various other minor fixes for vehicle models

  • Updated police /scanner to a working dispatcher livestream

  • Fixed binds triggering when activating police voice commands

  • Group panel showing spawn restrictions in the name

  • Fixed 'Respawn at last spawn' saving an unsuccessful spawn attempt (i.e. not having permissions) & it now also includes property if one was selected

  • Various shader, gates & base fixes

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks some of which have been live before this patch depending on their severity.

New Features Explained


~[ Vehicle Selling ]~

Using the Click Control system you can set an asking price for your private vehicle. In order for someone to buy it, they have to enter the vehicle's driver seat and using the same Click Control system. There is also additional info about the vehicle on sale that can be shown by holding left alt key.
Cancelling the sale is possible through the same system. A vehicle that is on sale functions as completely normal vehicle, once it's despawned it will no longer be on sale.
alt text

~[ Kidnapping Event ]~

Every once in a while a VIP target will be spawned somewhere on the map and announcement will be made to both teams and a short time given for them to prepare before VIP's position becomes visible. Once VIP's position is visible the race begins, anyone can take hold of the VIP and other members of the team must protect the carrier. In case carrier dies/quits/gets arrested or tased, the VIP is dropped and able to be picked up again. First one to successfully bring VIP to a drop off point ends the mission and everyone around them gets rewarded. If, during the race, VIP gets killed, the mission is aborted and nobody gets the money. (Disabled for now)
alt text
alt text

alt text


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