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~[Back story]~(cyan,cyan)

~[SAST]~(cyan).This squad , Have long story . SAST was founded in 1775 by Mark and Zak . Started from 5 members the 2 leaders and 3 members, their mission is just helping all "San Andreas Squads" by the long time and hard-working . 1886 The first car was made , so the support team bought 3 cars for more helping until the first jet plane. The first jet plane was invested in 1930 , so they bought 2 of them . The squad are growing up at least they have 15 members are cepable of driving flying and helping. 2014 , a big tornado hit Los santos , like 70% of the civillians are dead (they incloud the Support Team members and leaders) . Paul the son of Mark and Angelo the so of Zak decided to revive the squad so they startd from the first point . ..

~[SASA main role]~(cyan,cyan,cyan)

~[O]~(cyan)ur main role is helping all police squads with equipments they need in every situation , we have The best equipments , also we have hight trained-members.


  • [COMM] Leader/Commander => LvL 5 (This is the Leader/Commander he had the abillity to take any decitions for this company.)

  • [OM] Officiel Manager => LvL 4 (The right hand of the Commander . He can take decition and replace the Commander if he is offline)

  • [FM] Flight Manager => LvL 3 (In this rank you can manage only flights.)

~[Support Team Ranks]~(cyan,cyan,cyan)

  • [SM] Students Manager => LvL3 (This is the student manager the person who can accept and decline the application and he can do in-game test for you.)

  • [STL] Support Team Leader => LvL 3 (The leader of Support team he is the person who take decitions about Support team)

  • [GAU] Gun and Ammo Unit => LvL 3 (This unit have the abillity of selling guns and ammo for police)

  • [MU] Medic Unit => LvL 3 (This unit help injured police and revive them)

  • [STP] Support Team Pilot => LvL3

  • [ST ATC] Support Team AirTraficController => LvL3

  • [S GAU] Senior GAU => LvL2

  • [S MU] Senior MU => LvL2

  • [SS] Senior Student => LvL1

  • [GAU S] GAU Student => LvL0

  • [MU S] MU student => LvL0

Application format

The Application is the first thing before joining us . At this part we will ask you about your experience and knowledge of avitation and the server . If you get ~[PENDING]~(#ff7003,#ff7003,#ff7003) on your application that mean you are qualified to do in-game test , then you are welcome to our family.

  • The most importent rule: Answer with your own information. Copy the Application format then past it in a reply .


~[Information PART:]~(lime,lime,lime,lime)

  • Ingame name:

  • Ingame username:

  • Real name:

  • Age:

  • Nationality:

  • Language skills:

  • English skills: /10

  • How long you have been playing:

  • Your weaknesses:

  • Your strengths:

  • Preferred Position (ST pilot/ST atc/medic/gun&ammo):

  • Teamspeak installed(not recomanded):

  • Discord installed(recomanded):

  • Reason for application:

  • Any punishments on the server:

~[Questionary PART:]~(lime,lime,lime,lime,lime)

  • What do you know about aviation:

  • Explain our Role:

  • Your skills at flying: /10

  • Your skills at driving: /10

  • Explain 5 Rules of SAST(at least 15 characters in each role):

  • Explain SAST in a paragraph:

  • Extra Information about you :

~[Third PART:]~(lime,lime,lime,lime,lime)

  • If you are wanted and a normal cop come what you should do ? :

  • If someone DM you what should you do ? :

  • If someone want to do RP what should you do ? :

  • If your teammate spawn as Criminal is that a rule braker ? :

~[SAST rules]~(cyan,cyan)

*Read server rules (F1).
*Never neglegt any call from Squads.
*Be nice at squad chat (cc) and the global chat.
*LISTEN! to the officiel manager and the leader , and do what they want.
*Never let your brother die or get damaged (for medic).
*Don't help any gang or any criminal.
*Don't abuse animations or binds.
*Respect admins.
*No DM.
*No JB or BR

~[Your Application Status]~(cyan,cyan)
~[Under Review]~(silver,gray,gray) : That means we are discussing about your application.
~[Accepted]~(lime) : Congratulations!!, now you are a part of our family.
~[Pending]~(orange) : Now you are qualified to do "in-game test".
~[Denied]~(red) : That means your application don't fit the necessary requirements or not skilled enough to join our squad.

~[Squad info]~(cyan,cyan)
Squad Level : 0
Squad Name : SanAndreas~SupportTeam
Squad Value : 1 million
Squad Motto : "We give up Until they give up"
Current base location : pilot spawn / police spawn
Color Code : #00FFFF
Foundere : mounir
SupportTeam Leader : @Mounir @amine.s
HQ : @amine-M
Vice Leader : @Zeus @RoMmBa




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