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Aurora's Application


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Section A: Information
Nickname: Aurora

Account name: jamesmpf

Age: 21

Primary Language: Italian

Current S/G/C and rank: San Andrea's Federal Police <Federal Officer>

Other RP groups you're in: Black Eagle Security <Deputy Director>

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words) The San Andrea's Medics is a team of highly knowledge and educated emergency personnel who specialize in a variety of areas, including: AirEvac (Air Transport), emergency response, basic and advanced treatment of various injuries and medical issues, triage control, etc...Their main priority is to provide to notch medical service and increased role-play within the emergency services field.

Why was SAM founded? Due to a high lack of medical supplies being transported efficiently, the low response time of medical staff to scenes, poor logistical management and unusable vehicles; SAM was created and founded to stop the corruption and poor medical issues as listed.

What is the SAM motto? Always there when you need us most.

Who founded SAM? Doctor (Dr.) Joe Valachi

Section B: Theory
A major earthquake has occurred in metropolitan Los Santos and there are many casualties. You're based in Blueberry and must respond to a barrage of emergency distress calls as a result of the earthquake. Describe your method of response to this situation and be sure to include how you would interact with your fellow medics and which equipment & vehicles you would use.

X: When I receive the call in Blueberry, I would record information on; Location, rough estimate on the number of victims, scene stability, and victim triage. After all information is recorded, I'd dispatch at least two AirEvac, four ambulances, and at least four fire engines to different locations of Los Santos. Within this, I'd have the local and state police departments secure all the areas before anyone arrives to ensure proper working conditions. Once the staff are at the scene I'd have the AirEvac scout the area and make sure ambulances can get to the victims. Ambulances would then start to move towards the victim areas and prepare a safe-zone that is out of the aftershock and earthquake zone to ensure proper treatment can allocate. Fire Departments would begin to asses and secure those trapped in vehicles or at heights. Due to it being an earthquake, and high area for falls and broken bones, I'd have the medical staff ensure that all patients have a proper BPM and clear airways before treatment starts. Once the BPM and airways are secured the medical staff would check for broken bones, and if any secure the area with a temporary splint, C-Collar (if on the neck/spine), and lay them on a backboard/stretcher so that they remain flat within five minutes of treatment. If there are no broken bones, but instead a sprained area, I'd have it (injured area) wrapped in a bandages to ensure the area is within healing position. Moving on; If the head is in any way injured I'd have a C-Collar placed to secure the neck, and then proper bandaging and cleaning of the wounded area. If the head is fractured, I'd have them rushed to the closest hospital for surgery. In the case of a vehicle accident; I'd have the Fire Department secure the vehicles and the victim(s) so that medical can treat them properly. Once all patients are secured I would have them transported to the hospital due to a high possibility of trauma in each of the victims.

Multiple officers have been shot while responding to an armed bank robbery. You have been called to assist in the rescue operation. Describe how you would respond.

X: When I receive the call; I'd attempt to record information on; Number of victims, scene stability, and victim triage (how serious the wounds are). As for response; I'd send out at least three ambulances to the bank location and wait until the officers on scene state it's clear to enter. I'd also have at least one AirEvac on standby for those who have serious enough injuries. Once on scene, all medical staff would enter with officers to protect them while the medical staff enters with a trauma bag, backboard/stretcher, C-Collar, and medical kits. Once entered all staff would begin a triage, heading to the most sever wounds first to secure them. For each wound, I'd have the staff apply pressure to the wounded area and cleanse it with an antibiotic. Next; I'd have the wound wrapped tightly in a bandage and gauze, to secure the bleeding to a minimum scale. Once this is done, we'd secure the body for transport to the closest hospital as surgery is required, as in some cases the bullet is still within the body causing more internal damage. All victims will be transported to the hospital, no matter if the bullet only penetrated the epidermis of the skin or if the bullet went all the way through hitting no bones or vital organs or nerves.

Multiple people have been stabbed and burned by several terrorists at a train station and you 're the first medic to arrive on scene. The wounds are of varying severity. What would you do? I.e. How would you treat the wounds?

X: When I receive the call; I'd record information on; Number of victims, scene stability, and victim triage (How bad are the injuries). Once this is recorded and I'm on scene I'd call for more assistance, then going to any officer on scene to ensure the scene is secured enough for me to start treatment and transport of the victims. Once clearance is granted; I'd notice the high amount of victims and go to the burn victims, setting up buckets of ice water and bottled water to give them so that they can clean their burned areas while I go to the stabbed victims. Once I'm with the stabbed victims I'd secure the wounds by cleaning the area with a wet cloth, and then wrapping a tight bandage and gauze around the area while secure the area in proper transport such as; Splints for legs and arms, backboards and C-Collars, temporary casts, etc. I'd also ensure that the breathing and BPM are stable before they are moved and prepared for immediate transport as the item used to piece the skin could have been infected, causing internal issues. Once the victims are secured I'd move to the burned victims and start cleaning the area with cold water or antibiotic gel, depending on how bad the burn is; And then loosely wrap the area in gauze with antibiotic spray or gel, preparing them for transport IF the burn is 2nd degree or higher. If the burn is 1st degree, I don't need to worry about transporting them unless they have other injuries.

Section C : Aptitudes

How would you respond to criticism by a superior?; I feel as criticism is a good thing and I can use it to better myself in the future.

Why exactly are you applying today?; I have always loved emergency role-play, whether in law enforcement or fire and medical. I'm applying for SAM so that I may increase my medical role-play knowledge and provide a high service to the server.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths: Driving, role-play, and activity ||| Weaknesses; Anger issues and flying

Why should we accept you to our team?; I feel as I could assist the team with my activity and knowledge of locations so that I can respond quickly to any sort of call. Even though I have failed in the past, I feel as I'm prepared for a new start and a new change in the field.

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