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Darude (PyroLife)'s Application

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Dear S.A.M.,

I want to apply for a job in the SAM. I am working in SAES for a while as paramedic. And i want to start my playing in the SAM community.

I love to help the people who needs medical care. And do my best to be as neutral as possible to everyone.
For this two years i play in SAES, i prefer to spawn as police, paramedic, Fireman, taxi or mechanic. Because i like to help,serve and work with the people.

I do my best to avoid any accidents with the ambulance. Safety is a priority when you are speeding on public traffic. I don't want to make more victims by a violent driving attitude.

Until now i already revived 42 players.
I am not applied in a gang. And not have the intentions to.

In real life i also have intrest in EMT or fire department. A part of my family is working voluntary as fireman. So i have some real life knowledge and intrest of it.

Some Pictures of my solo game-play as Paramedic. Here

Thank you for the opportunity!

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2 years in a server and still don't know how to apply for an organization?

In order to apply please make sure you read and fully understood those 2 topics below. If you have a question, People are always willing to help on our DISCORD Server



apply once you feel you are fully ready.
Good Luck.

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