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Introducing SAES 1.6 (part 2)

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^[alt text]

Welcome to the changelog of the second part of this year's major 1.6 update.
This update brings with it some very exciting changes and new additions to the server!

Before going through these changes, we would like to give a big thanks to @Scorpyo , @Steven and @Tut for their huge efforts in order to design, develop and test this huge release!
Also to @JojoDb for writing the changelog topic, and @Velo for mapping the GR interior!

^[ alt text]

^[Have you been waiting to take payback on that one gang or squad? Looking for that hard earned money that belongs to you and not your rivals? Now's the time!]

^[alt text]

Organisation robbery (formerly known as gang robbery) is a highly anticipated feature we are reintroducing to the server!
There has been a full rewrite of this feature to provide you with an amazing experience!


  • Each organisation will have the same mapping placed at their respective base location upon requesting a safe

  • Requirements to start a robbery

    • A minimum of 5 members of the attacking organisation have to be online

    • A minimum of 3 members of the defending organisation have to be online

    • A minimum of $4,000,000 has to be in the safe

    • There will be a cooldown of 6 hours between robberies

    • Each organisation is able to commit 2 robberies per day

    • You will be able to rob every organisation including squads

[s=Gameplay features that are disabled in a safe interior/around an exterior safe]

  • Arresting

  • Grenades

  • Pepper spray

  • Tazers

  • Marker killing

[s=Gates][s=Gate 1]Minimum code: 0
Maximum code: 1,000,000
Time remaining once cracked: 15 minutes
Opening motion time: 5 seconds
[s=Images]alt text
alt text[/s][/s]

[s=Gate 2]Minimum code: 500,000
Maximum code: 2,500,000
Time remaining once cracked: 10 minutes
Opening motion time: 7 seconds
[s=Images]alt text
alt text[/s][/s]

[s=Gate 3/4]Minimum code: 1,000,000
Maximum code: 5,000,000
Time remaining once cracked: 5 minutes
Opening motion time: 10 seconds
[s=Images]alt text
alt text[/s][/s]

[s=Gate 5]Minimum code: 5,000,000
Maximum code: 10,000,000
Time remaining once cracked: 3 minutes + time relative to the distance between the base of the attacking and defending organisations
Opening motion time: 15 seconds
[s=Images]alt text[/s][/s][/s]

[s=Safes]Minimum code: 1,000,000
Maximum code: 3,000,000
[s=Images]alt text
alt text[/s][/s]


  • Two entrances to the safe interior

    • Publicly accessible entrance

    • Private entrance

      • Located after gate 1, only accessible by the defending organisation

      • Locked behind 2 gates which can only be opened by the defending organisation

  • A robbery is initiated by cracking gate 1

  • After cracking gate 2, you will find yourself in a hallway with Gate 3/4

    • Both gates will lead to a safe

    • Only one of these safes will have money inside of it.. will you spend time cracking both gates or will you play your odds and only crack one?

  • After cracking the safe with money in it, gate 1 will automatically close

    • Your only way out is cracking gate 5

    • After cracking gate 5, leave the safe's interior through the marker

  • After cracking gate 5, you have 3 minutes + time relative to the distance between the base of the attacking and defending organisations (shorter distance = less time)

  • As attacker, after leaving the defenders' safe interior, deliver the money bag to your safe interior

    • Attackers need to enter their own interior through their private entrance

    • Delivery marker is located behind gate 1 of the attacker's safe interior

  • When carrying the money bag, being killed/disconnected/arrested will cause you to drop the money bag.

    • Once the money bag is dropped, only the attacking organisation can pick the bag back up

    • Defenders cannot pick up the money bag, their mission is to defend it and prevent attackers from picking it back up after it's been dropped until time runs out


  1. No spawn-killing. Do not camp an organization's spawn. Position your defenses elsewhere if necessary

  2. Arresting in organization robberies is forbidden

  3. Participants may only use their organization's spawn in the robbery, using any other spawn is forbidden

  4. Removing the organization's money immediately before or during a robbery is not allowed

  5. Only the members of the attacking and defending organisations are allowed to participate in a robbery. Helpers, allies and others are prohibited from participating

  6. Using properties to spawn is disallowed during an organization robbery. You may only use your organization's or a hospital's spawn.

This information can also be found in following Organisation Robbery topics:

  • Information: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/33843/information-organisation-robbery

  • Rules: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/33844/organisation-robbery-rules

^[ Store Robbery rework ]

  • The existing store robbery script has been rewritten from scratch.

  • Three new robbery types have been added: Mall, Gas Station and the highly requested House Robbery

  • The same robbery location will not be picked until the script has rotated through every possible location (currently there are 31 locations available)

  • Different robbery types have different progress multipliers and payment amounts for both sides (police/criminals)

Police MultiplierCriminal MultiplierPolice PaymentCriminal Initial PaymentCriminal Warehouse Payment
Store Robbery0.350.25$17,500$18,000$20,000
Mall Robbery0.30.2$20,000$22,000$20,000
Gas Station Robbery0.250.15$22,000$25,000$20,000
House robbery0.60.3$12,500$15,000$17,500

  • Some screenshots of the new activities and locations!
    [s=Gas Station Robbery]
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    [s=Mall Robbery]
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    [s=House Robbery]
    alt text

^[ Bank Robbery changes ]

Not one.. not two.. but three new bank locations have been added!


Whetstone bank


Blueberry bank


Bayside bank

^[ Casino Robbery requirement changes ]

  • 100 "Safes cracked" stat required to crack #32776 (credits to @Tombaa for his 5 line contribution)

  • Minimum criminals required inside the casino reduced from 30 to 20

  • Minimum cops online reduced from 15 to 8

^[ Quality of Life updates ]

  • Base loading optimizations for smoother loading with less freezes (unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will not experience any more frame drops)

  • Added the ability to glue vehicles to the back of a Raindance/Andromeda #388

  • Custom plane passengers

    • Script rewrite

    • Added the ability to eject custom passengers #33184 #162

    • Players will now get a prompt asking them to press space once they enter the plane's marker, they will not get warped inside automatically anymore #11213

    • Added AT-400 to allowed vehicles list #24547

  • Players will no longer be able to edit the drive type of a vehicle they do not own #32556

  • Added vehicles tab to gang panel #31950

    • Ability to see all gang vehicles and their corresponding information

    • Ability to respawn unoccupied vehicles

    • Ability to locate vehicles

  • Added arrest assists system #31952

    • If the criminal was tased by one police officer and arrested by another, both will get 50% of the original payment

    • "Arrest Assists" stat has been added

  • Improved ignore system

    • Script rewrite

    • Adjusted the ignore command to match every possible chat #435 #444

    • Ignored players are now saved and automatically loaded when you join the game. You will no longer have to use the command every time you log in #31959

  • Medic

    • Added new stats "Medic Profit" and "Total Healing Given" #31906

    • Healing income will be shared within all medics inside a vehicle entered by a damaged player #29059

  • Reset FPS/Ping warnings if 5 minutes go by without any warning #29386

  • Ability to put custom ammo count in Ammunation shops #20114 #254

  • Added HUD icons for drugs currently active #19663

    • Every drug has a different image

    • Images will slowly start to fade showing approximately how much time is left for the drug to reset

    • This also applies to vending machine boosts
      Drugs HUD

  • Disabled the ability to take a VIP inside interiors

    • You will not be able to enter markers while holding the VIP #359781

  • Fuel trucker

    • Script rewrite

    • Fixed a bug where you could get money taken away from you while refilling stations #15701 #285

    • Added "Fuel Trucker Profit" stat #432

    • A top bar message will appear when either of the refineries are empty #286

    • Payment per liter has been increased from $10 to $12 #226

  • Minimum fuel when respawning a vehicle has been increased from 5 to 10 #244

  • Housing

    • Vehicle collisions are removed for 5 seconds after spawning a vehicle from a disk #18966 #326

    • Housing GUI will now be closed when you have been tased #245

  • Added the ability to call an impounder using M > Services or /impounder #15597

  • Wanted level is now reset to the level you had before spawning as a special group (DE/HLS/Government)

  • Increased maximum objects for the public Worker spawn from 50 to 70 #226

  • Engine will automatically be turned on when you accelerate after turning it off #330

  • Improved K panel navigation #362

    • Cursor can now be toggled using your Middle Mouse button

    • Scroll through wanted players with Arrow Up/Down

    • Claim wanted criminals using Arrow Right

    • Show posted officers using Arrow Left

  • Added the ability to offer vehicle repairs through AltGr, this also allows one-seated vehicles to be repaired #230

  • Re-added /switchweapon with cooldowns. #29061 Abuse of this function will result in an appropriate punishment. If we see this command being abused frequently, we could possibly remove this command again

  • Using the F1 > "I'm stuck" functionality will also give you hospital protection upon spawning #445

  • Possibility to buy weapons from an Arms Dealer by double clicking them

  • LV Cross (LVX) car park

    • Added an underground car park in the Red Dragon building

    • All vehicles in LV Cross will be moved to this car park

    • Vehicles inside the garage will only load if you are entering/nearby, resulting in less frame drops around that area

      alt text

^[ Bug fixes ]

  • Cops will not keep shooting after tasing someone from a vehicle #212

  • Tased players will not stand up after being tased twice consecutively #267

  • Removed the possibility to shoot after selling, glueing and unselling on top of a vehicle

  • Gaining full control over a vehicle after using drive-by mode going into a Pay 'n Spray has been made impossible #360

  • Claimed criminal blips will now properly get removed upon bribing/arresting a wanted criminal

  • You will not get teleported anymore after instantly respawning upon dying in a marker

  • Bank robberies

    • PBR/BR will not interfere with each other upon bank reset #315

    • SF/LV bank reset should no longer get you stuck through the ground #353

  • Players will not be able to spectate other players by entering someone's Shamal #343

  • Trams will not disappear anymore after entering them as passenger #354

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Logged in because I got an email that one of my suggestions I made 3 years ago was added,

glad to see people are still working hard to get updates into the game. Might actually install the game again and hop onto the server to see all the changes.

Keep up the work !

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In other situations I would have dropped an ironic comment and critizised (always positively) the mappings.

This time though, my most sincere congratulations for all the job done which clearly shows there was a lot of effort put into improving the server.

I would also like to take the chance to congratulate @MarksMan for fighting for the rights of those whose account was banned for abusing the tram.

Long life to HR defenders, welcome back to GR crybabies and overall GOOD JOB SAES> KAIN VERY GOOD MANAGEMENT.

I think we can finally say did you know scorpyo and other saes developers are the reason this server is so great?

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Please 2.0 plzzzzz

Post Script

Thank you so much and God bless you

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