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^[ ~[Recruitment:]~(white) ~[Open]~(green)]

^[alt text]

alt text

~[Who are we:]~(black)

We are a gang specialized in selling and distributing all kinds off illeagal things (drugs,weapons...) and all that with our planes piloted by our professionnel Eagles, also we help People to smuggle in secret way since we know the sky very well and we can transport everything from the sewing needles to the nuclear weapons.
^[alt text]
in 1797, there was a very rich man called Micheal that he didn't know what to do with his money. One day while driving though some mountains he saw a guy landing on the floor with a parachute and shouting. He thought that he is a crazy man because he never heard of skydiving. He went to the guy and asked him if he was trying to suicide or something like that,with the big smile the skydiver told him that it's a new sport called skydiving.

Mr.Micheal was very interested and humble to learn this sport , so he asked Mr.Steven they skydiver to teach him. After some few months Mr.Micheal became a professional skydiver , both became close friends or more like brothers.

Unfortunately , in 1799 Mr.Steven became sick from a dangerous illness . Mr.Micheal stood with his friend and tried to help him by paying the expensive medics but Mr.Steven ended up by dying.

It wasn't easy for Mr.Micheal to go on well this situation because he was his new and only close friend , so as a tribute to him the rich man decided to create a group called Skydiving Organization and known as SDO.

In 1805, Sky-Diving Organization had a bankrupt as they spent their money on useless things. Therefore they didn't do any activities for a long period and focused on paying their debts and taxes. Until one day, a guy approached Mr.Micheal and asked him a favour, he asked him to jump in a squad's base with a parachute and steal a blue file that contains private informations for the guy. At the beginning, Mr.Micheal didn't accept the request but when the guy gave him a lot of money he accepted. The mission was done successfully and Mr.Micheal was very pleased. He liked how the SDO dealt with the mission and started doing more missions with them as he liked it so much. Those were called 'Sky-Diving Organization Hidden Side' and they are based on stealing stuffs from base or houses and get their money.

After 50 years the group switched to the criminal side Due the wealth they made from the illegal activities,.Few years later they announced their new gang "Sky Shadows" which specialzed in transporting everything through the sky, and now they are known as "The Sky's Eagles"

alt text
Gang name: Sky Shadows

Gang Level: 0

Group tag: [S~S]

Motto: "You can't see us until it's too late.''

Color Code: #B6973C

Date of Creation: 7/22/2022

Gang Balance: 100.000.000$ +

Founder: Trevor

Vice leader: Zinyak

Head Quarter Team: Zinayk, Trevor & Skes

Recruitement Manager: HQ, Leader and Vice Leader

Discord Server: https://discordapp.com/invite/J4hsvfK

alt text
Our Base in Red County
[s=]alt text

^[alt text]
1-Respect saes rules

2-Respect orders of HQ team ,Leader and Vice Leader

3-Respect other players in the group

4-you always must have your parachute

5-You are allowed to speak only English in every chat related to our organization.

6-Do not spam any chat.

7-You must have a good attitude to everyone because you represent us. if you act like a retard you will probably be kicked.

8- Be respectful to everyone.


Have a nice game and dont forget"if at first you dont succeed SKYDIVING is not for you."

^[alt text]
^[~[]~(lime)- Fully active members.]
^[~[]~(yellow)- Semi active members.]
^[~[]~(red)- Inactive members.]

^[alt text]

^[~[]~(lime) @Trevor]
^[~[]~(lime) @Zinyak ]

^[alt text]

^[~[]~(lime) @Skes ]

^[alt text]

^[~[]~(Lime) @RedStar ]
^[~[]~(lime) @Nordo ]

^[alt text]

^[ ~[]~(lime) @Gandalf ]
^[ ~[]~(lime) @H12 ]

^[ ~[]~(lime) @Za3roura ]
^[ ~[]~(lime) @monta ]
^[ ~[]~(lime) @Bango ]

^[alt text]

The fellas that have good relation with the gang and they are ready for help, They're always welcome to join the gang.

^[ @Gengar ]

^[ @Harmy ]

^[ @MatizZ ]

^[ @Zwolle ]

^[ @SWEMAN ]

^[ @Sicario ]

^[ ]


^[ ]

^[The Black Eagles]

^[A team who have an experience in piloting, they take care of every big mission the gang do, they are always leading it. ]



^[The White Eagles]

^[a team who have an experience hosting the activities and sorting the problems inside the gang]


^[alt text]
[s=]Personal Information:-
Real name:
In-Game name:
Account name:
What is your gender?:
English knowledge (1-10):
How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG ? :
How active are you on SAES:RPG ? :
Describe yourself with one word:
Tell us about you're self :

S~S Knowledge: -
What do you know about S~S ?

Have you applied to join S~S before ? :

Do you have any friends in S~S ? :

What's our Moto?:

What's SDO's Moto?:

Did you read and understand our rules:

Flying skills (0/10)?:

RP skills (0/10)?:

Cracking skills(0/10)?:

Shooting skills(0/10)?:

What you gonna do in S~S if you got accepted ? :

Server Memberships: -

What are your currently server groups?:

Have you been kicked/banned before from SAES:RPG (If yes, details please):

Have you read and understood the rules in F1?:

Descrive with your own words SAES:RPG? :[/s]

The application will be answered by HQ Team from the group, when the group made a decision about you, you will answered with:

~[ACCEPTED:]~(lime) that's means that you have enough experience and you are skilled guy, so you can be part of us and you are welcome to Sky Shadows.
~[PENDING:]~(yellow) when you are Pending that means that you need to hang around until the members vote from you.
~[DENIED:]~(red) when you are Denied that means HQ team don't think that you can be part of SDO and you need to learn more and get more experience,if you still interesting to join us feel free to apply after certain period the team decide it, good luck next time!
~[UNDER-REVIEW:]~(blue) When your application is under review, that means the HQ team is still reviewing your application and it will takes time to decide if we accept you or deny.
~[BLACKLISTED:]~(black) That means that you are harmful and we won't you in our gang anymore, if you have enough respect for yourself go away.

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