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Military Intelligence Section 6 - Level 1 Application


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alt metni

alt metni
MI6 was founded by Sir Ranger back in 2010. The constant rise in criminal activities started to make SA streets quite dangerous. SAPD started to lack power to cope with gangs around San Andreas. Major reason for that was corrupt cops inside the academy. So even before conducting an operation the operation blueprints were leaked outside which resulted in gangs being notified. In 2010 The Ministry of Defence saw the need for an intelligence agency and decided to create it. Sir Ranger, whom was an espionage expert inside the SAPD, was given this task. Since that day MI6 carried out and assisted many operations against human trafficking, corruption, drug trafficking and terrorism for long years in San Andreas which made it one of the best squads on the server. However agency and it's operations got shutdown last year due to inner problems. Now it's back again.
alt metni
The organization's mission is simple, MI6 keeps an eye on the gangs and organizations taking action in San Andreas, collecting information about them to prevent their illegal activities. MI6 collects intelligence both overseas and in the country. This process is done in a secret way, after the intelligence is collected, it gets forwarded to either security forces or MI6's task force in order to get the required action to be taken.
alt metni
Always follow the rules in F1 panel.

Rule 1: Do not arrest below 10 stars.

Rule 2: Always try to RP before arresting anyone, you should use the binds.

Rule 3: You may only kill if you are in a bad situation and you cannot arrest the criminal.

Rule 4: Always obey the orders and respect the higher levels. Failing to do so will result in a punishment, we have a strict chain of command in this squad.

Rule 5: We are a team so move and act like a team, always protect and defend your teammates against others in every way.

Rule 6: You are not supposed to arrest at hospital unless you are being DMed.

Rule 7: You are not supposed to patrol with stars, always ask a teammate or other cops to offer you a bribe

Rule 8: Any information about this squad is classified, do not share it with others.

Rule 9: Do not patrol as prison warden.

Rule 10: Do not help a jailbreak or any other illegal activity as a cop.

Rule 11: Always speak english in squad chat (cc)

Rule 12: Never leave a man behind.

Rule 13: Do not raid gang bases on your own, have a few teammates with you at least.

alt metni

Vice Leader

Head Quarters

sHead Quarters



~[Rank Structure:]~(green)

~[Top brass]~(#188078)

Leader (level 8 ) [L]

The official director of the Military Intelligence Section 6 he oversees the entire agency and has the help of the Top Brass to manage and deal with all the squad issues.

Vice-Leader (level 7) [VL]

The Leader's right hand, he is able to handle anything related to the Squad management in case the L is not available.

~[Head Quarters:]~(#188078)
Executive Chief of Intelligence (level 6) [ECI]/[HQ]

In charge of dealing with the management and organization of the squad he is capable of answering applies, testing members, warning rule breakers and if needed kicking them.

~[sHead Quarters:]~(#188078)

Sub Executive Chief of Intelligence (level 5) [sHQ]

Responsible for helping the Top Brass and HQs manage the squad, they are allowed to answer applications, test members in-game and warn rule breaking members.

~[Task Force:]~(#188078)

Quick Reaction Force(QRF) (level 3) [QRF]

The purpose of the QRF is to react quickly to robberies and base raids.

Operator (level 2) [O]

Operators are the basic patrol units of the Task Force whom carry out the missions given by the DC.

~[Intel Unit:]~(#188078)

00 Division (level 4)


Field Agent (level 3) [FA]

Field agent's task is doing the physical part of the intel gathering process.

Analysts (level 2) [A]

Analyst collects information about the gangs and organizations.

Undercover Officer (level 1) [UO]

An undercover officer is officially a full MI-6 member, achieving this rank means you have successfully passed your probation.

Probation (level 0) MI-6*|

The newest members in MI-6, everyone who joins MI-6 gets this rank and then is promoted after a 1-2 weeks probation time if they meet the requirements ( depending on the tests performances).

alt metni

Squad Tag: MI-6|Name
Squadpanel name: Military_Intelligence_Section6
Squad Level: 0
Squad Found On: 2010
Squad Balance: 30.000.000$
Total Members: 14
Color Code: #00ffff

alt metni
Recruitment Status: ~[OPEN]~(lime)

**Real name:** 


**In game name:**



**Languages spoken:**

**Country of residence **

**English proficiency:**

**Hours played:**

**Do you use discord?:**

**Current groups:**

**Previous gangs/squads:**

**Why did you leave or kicked from the previous gang/squad?:**

**Briefly describe your personality:**

**Briefly introduce yourself:**


**Have you been banned before ?:**


**Describe roleplay:**

**Describe espionage:**

**List five important server rules:**

**Can you take orders and respect the chain of command?:**

Discord: https://discord.gg/g4zVmZQZMH
Media Archive: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/32816/military-intelligence-section-6-media-archive

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