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Recruitment Results, Promotions and more!

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Good Evening!

Tonight marks the end of this summers Community Staff/SAHA recruitment.

First off, we would like to thank everyone who expressed any interest in the advertised roles.

Whilst we'd love to accept lots more of you, unfortunately we can only choose a select few. If you were overlooked this time around, don't be disheartened and remember that there is always next time as we constantly require new staff to help us out as people move up in roles or move on with their lives.

Speaking of new roles, lets take the chance to say a massive congratulations to our new SAES probies which are there to fill the the small hole left in clan member activity as few have moved on.

Congratulations to @MrSolrac @Yoko @Durby @Versace @Velo. Soon enough you'll be able to bother them all for your donation requests!

Onto the recruitment results, lets welcome the following new Community Staff members to fill the void left by the above promotions.

Congratulations to @hessan210 @Strong @Curny @PaiN500 @Hotfire @niceez

And lets welcome the following individuals into the SAHA team:

Congratulations to @Sou @Bisollini @Anas_ @xBlue @Yannick

In addition to the recruitment results this evening, we also had a good number of events ingame!

Our first event was a bring the tractor to The White House. After a huge amount of conflict, the tractor eventually arrived at the destination after an hour!
Congratulations to @Aprix for winning. Enjoy you 20m and 10 donation points!

Our second event was a kill @Brophy event through his protection and 50,000 hp!
Congratulations to @Juby for taking away 15 donation points!

Our third side event was guess the recruitment results via the form advertised ingame.
Congratulations to @Anas_ for taking away 10 mil. He guessed a total of 8/9 individuals correctly. Sadly nobody guessed 9/9!

We'll be looking to do a few more of these events on a more regular basis so keep an eye out for those!

Have a good one!
~SAES Team

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