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TST - The Strike Team 5.0

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~[Current level: 1]~(red)
Our Discord Channel:
~[Total Members: 13]~(lime)
~[Total Procops: 3]~(navy)


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It was 2012, when 2 officers were patrolling around Los Santos. It has been an easy night with less to do. But suddenly they heard people screaming, they reported it to the LSPD and went for a look. They saw a robbery by the feared gang Arms Assassins, the 2 officers(Danny and SniperX) called for back up but there wasn't any at this time. They were standing alone against 10 high wanted criminals. After some discussions they finally got their plan ready and raided the base, they took out 1,2,3,4....all men! They saved the civilians from LS! Back at the station the officers decided to start a new squad, based on the descicions they made in that night, it is called the Strike Team.
November 2015, TST, a squad feared by many gangs, has come to an end, why? Dannys best friend, SniperX retired.. Danny took the squad over but it wasn't the same as with SniperX. So he decided to retire too, together with the squad, who has been shut down. For ever? Maybe, but we will never know.

June 2016, SniperX and Danny never spoke again since the retirement of them both and the closing of TST, but somehow they found each other on the beach of LS, they started chatting and asked what they were doing now, they both lived in LV and were kind of bored, they have seen the criminal activities in the city has grown since they closed TST. Danny asked SniperX if he would join him for dinner and they both went to a restaurant near LV bank when they heard sirens, it was a bankrob, they couldnt do anything as they werent officers anymore but they looked at each other and they thought the same.. TST is back!

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The Strike Team's main role is raiding bases & store robberies.Also The Strike Team taking care of all criminal activities around SA.Giving assistance all officers when required and protecting banks for any criminal activity.
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Go in, get it done and get out.
It is based on our RP role, we are raiding a base of a gang (go in) Arrest or clear the base (get it done) and go to the next base (get out)

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To maintain our image and reputation and uphold/reflect the standards we've worked so long for to achieve as squad, all TST members need to follow these rules and act accordingly & professionally. Failure to follow the rules may result in punishment actions or disciplinary/warnings.

1: You'll always have to offer wanted criminals to RP, no matter how wanted they are (but you can use different binds to take it a bit easier, 0-15 stars use RP bind and above that you can use the [ARREST] bind, but even with ARREST bind if they surrender within 5 seconds you need to RP with them! (make sure to also read MOTD chapter ''Situations/PROTOCOLS'' with more details on this..). If you want only action, TST isn't your place to be, and also never just drive away once it becomes clear they want to RP and not run, or face disclipinary.

2: Always remain respectful, both to TST members and others. If someone insults you or angers you, don't return the favor and insult them back/start a fight. Never be rude or disrespectful
even when someone else is pushing you to the border, remain calm and keep our image clean by staying polite yourself! Also if you have a problem with someone that can be sorted in a peaceful manner, PM them instead of discussing it in mainchat, and take the initiative to bring the discussion to PM's. If they don't want that, you should better ignore them in mainchat.

3: Don't break server rules, not even 1 time. If someone DMed you, don't DM them back but report instead. Because someone else broke a rule doesn't justify you also doing so.
If you get adminjailed or worse, you'll face a consequence ranging from official warning(s) to (instant) removal as TST members should be above the maturity level of rulebreakers.

4: Don't gang/squadhop, approach and inform HQ before quitting and (also) never just leave without notifying HQ. (it can result in blacklisting you and us informing allied squads of your ganghop/sudden quit behaviour)

5: Don't arrest in events and try to avoid turfs. 5B: Always remember you stand for RP and quality, not to arrest asmuch you can or statwhoring. Don't be short-tempered and arrest if someone in an RP does something small that makes you upset. Don't arrest for the heck of it, by that means. We aren't rambo-ing trainees, but TST.

6: Don't use aircraft without purpose, on your own (except if you have a reason), example reasons can be baseraiding with others, getting somewhere where other TST members expect you to be at quickly, or another accompanied use than just you for no specific reason you need it for. It's more like, don't fly for the heck of it.

7: Don't enter gang bases without being in a organized Base raid at that moment. The only exception is that if you're chasing someone and he hides in the base, only then you may try entering on your own to still get him. Second exception: you're out to arrest a specific player, track him down with 'K' panel and by coincidence he's in a base. Enter the base just for him and don't go for anyone else, and leave the base afterwards. Don't use aircraft/heli in the last scenario, it's not a raid, but try to exploit base entry security leaks and gain access on foot or lure him out.

8: Never go on patrol/leave base while spawned TST with a wanted level of 5 or above, get a bribe or lose it first. If you are caught on patrol with such a wanted level, there'll be consequences. You can only stay at base with a wanted level higher than 5, no matter if you came there through a respawn or initial spawn. Pro tip: call another TST member to come base and bribe you, since you aren't allowed to leave. If you gain a wanted level while already patrolling, get a bribe ASAP and when there's no real perspective to get one soon (no cop around) then respawn out of TST class or to base and stay there.

9: Don't be a loner. If you are patrolling on your own and other TST members offer teamworking/patrolling/grouping together, don't reject this too often. Call others out when you see them do it to create awareness, and don't be all defensive when someone calls you out for breaking this rule/doing it yourself.
Also never refuse a call to come together anywhere like base, especially if a HQ asks everyone available to do so.

10: Stick to the SAES rule of trying to arrest before killing (EXCEPTIONS: SR. BR. JB see 10-B). Only kill when you got low to no chance of survival otherwise or no chance to succeed arresting someone, examples:

you're right behind someone chasing him but on a distance someone is sniping/shooting at you, likely to kill you before you can arrest the guy you're after: you may kill him as you cannot get to him safely either without getting killed running to there, letting you end up with death and zero arrests.
you're after a group of criminals who you can easily arrest most likely, but 1 of them shoots you very accurate at a rapid rate that may lead to your death rather than successful arrests.
Taking this guy out instead of risking more (getting him, turning your back to the others so they can put a bullet in you also) will increase your chances to arrest asmany you can.
10-B: Exceptions of SR, BR and JB for kill instead of arrest first are with tactical purpose. This is allowed per server rules (common sense) if it's done for ending a BR (cleaning out the robbers) or a JB (take control. no chance of surviving run in chamber) SR: sniper unit/you, to disable most of them and police take control of SR, depending per SR (how many etc)
11: Always USE TST TAGS when you spawned in any law force. You're free to use another or no tag when you spawned as crim.

12: Never spawn PC, trainee or similar, especially not to get to a BR or something else quicker from a PD spawn. Always spawn TST when patrolling. Exceptions can be made for RP or RP police classes. If you have a good reason or proper need to spawn PC/Trainee, first ask a HQ for permission.
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First Warning = Level down.

(Level will disappear after 1 week)

Second Warning = Probation again.
(Probation is 1-2 weeks)

Third Warning = Kick and denied 3 months.
(Then you have no chance to come back in 3 months)

Rage/insult in main chat = Probation again 1-2 weeks or Kick.

Advertise in main chat = Warning.

alt text
-Commander / Leader ( level 10)
This is the leader of the squad, he will look at the financial things, will look for
properties and operates everything.

-Vice Leader / Major General (level 9)
This is the leaders right hand.

-Chief of Staff ( Level 8 )
This is the right hand of Sub Leader.The one who helps sub leader to control HQ team and regular members

-HQ Team (Level 7)
They are the veterans of the squad. They are loyal and searching for potential members, They have ability to promote and kick/invite/warn. They will watch the members.

Grade 1-10

G10 (Level 6)
Grade 10 is the highest rank you can get in the regulary rank system
They are also able to test applicants.
-They have ability to invite/warn.

G9 (Level 6)
This is the guy between the members and G10 they are making sure everyone knows what to do and when to do. They are also able to test applicants.
-They have ability to warn.

G8 (Level 5)
They are G9's Assistants and their main job is keeping team in order.
-They have ability to warn.

G7 (Level 4)
Members with this rank should assist G8 & G9 with their job

G6 (Level 3)
This guys' jobs are to line up the players when action is required and control the guys as required.

G5 (Level 3)
G5's Assistants to help keep team in order.

G4 (Level 2)

G3 (Level 2)

G2 (Level 1)
They Finished Probation and should now prove themself.

G1 < Recruit (level 0) - Probation 1 week
G0 < Recruit (level 0) - Probation 2 weeks

This is the probation time, here you will learn all the tactics and rules you need. Probation time is 2 weeks.
After the Recruit, all ranks are promotion only and promotions are up to HQ Team.

This is the Manager / Leader of this group.

Trainer Manager (Locked to Sergeant +)

Trainers (Locked to Sergeant +)

  • As trainer you will be taking care of the new members, at their first days in TST, you will be working with the Trainer Manager when he is doing some trainings within TST.

This is the Manager / Leader of this group.

Scout Manager (Locked to Lieutenant+)

Scouts (Locked to Sergeant+)

  • As Scout you will be on a professional team, getting around to find some good cops who could fit in TST.

alt text

Commanders / Leader
[TST]Danny[L] PC

Major General / Vice Leader
[TST]Danny[F] PC

Chief of Staff

HQ Team
[TST]Flex[HQ] PC





SGT-SSC [Sergeant-Sergeant Second Class-Sergeant First Class]

PVT-PFC-PSC[Private-Private Second Class-Private First Class-Private]



*** = inactive
PC = ProCop**

Scout Team Roster:
Scout Manager: NFun

(Those who have donated to support our Economy so we can raise TST again, and keep hosting events for the community)


alt text
~[Application should be made at our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/CeQTcd5w]~(blue)

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