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Linkan's Application


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Section A: Personal Information:

Nickname: Linkan

Account name: linus111560

Age: 23

Country of residence Sweden

Primary Language: Swedish

Since when have you been playing on SAES:RPG: early 2011

Current S/G/C and rank: Arms Assassins , Member

Other RP groups you're in: Cuban Cars

Past groups you were involved in (Include reason for departure):
Centrino (Leadership passed it to Vinny cant remember what happend but it died later on)
Cunning Stunts (cant remember what happend there. But probably kicked cuz inactivity)

Mention (with reason) about any past punishments you have received: Quite a few yes but old ones.. A HQ can pm me on discord or on forums if information is needed

^[alt text]

  • Section B: General Questionnaire:

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words) SAM more called San Andreas Medics are emergency team which are based on Medication to help players in life situations where they need medical help or suffering from brain damages or any other critical situation you could imagine. Where they work to always heal a player in need and never leave a player behind in near death situations. After all SAM is her to help anyone in need!

What is the SAM motto? Always there when you need us the most!

Who founded SAM? Joe/Daryl did

Who is the current leader and vice leader? JohnnyEnglish and Griffin

For how long have you been playing as a paramedic on the server?: quite often since i joined saes. Spawns it frequently sometimes to just chill.

Mention one rule that applies to the "Paramedic" spawn: Your not allowed to go into Store Robs to heal/revive players

Mention one rule that applies to SAM Paramedic: Do not help crims to escape from the police. Do also not help cops to arrest. Wait with your ambulance untill the victim gets in.

Can you ensure us certified periodic activity ?: Yes i can!

^[alt text]

  • Section C : Aptitudes:

1. How would you respond to criticism by a superior? criticisim is good, Without it you wont get better on anything. Take it as a man and grow with it. So yes i can take that if i do something wrong.

2. Why exactly are you applying today? Well. i've always been abit interested into joining SAM. I tried my luck a couple of years back but didnt go so well. And i though its time to try my luck again. And restart fresh and have something todo when i usually have nothing todo ingame so i instead can take a ambulance and just patrol around instead.

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strenghts i would say im quite too friendly in most situations, im also a very good listener and to ignore kids who cant act friendly. My weakness has to be my driving atm, its quite shit haha.

4. Why should we accept you to our team? im a nice dude who always wants to have a fun time around and just chill. Im quite active and love to just drive around with some friends and have an amazing chat. I would bring alot of activities and i guess quite alot of fun times during activities. I've also been around here for quite many years so im also experienced enough to be apart this team and wont fuck around with you all and break rules as i follow the rules quite strict.

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