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^[Groupe d'Intervention De La Gendarmerie Nationale - G.I.G.N]

GIGN (Groupe d'Intervention De La Gendarmerie Nationale), is the elitepolice tactical unitof the FrenchNational Gendarmerie. Its missions includecounter-terrorism,hostage rescue, surveillance of national threats, protection of government officials, and targeting organized crime.

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  • Squad Tags: [GIGN]Name<Rank>

  • Squad Name: Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale

  • Squad Founders: nCov - Lou - Aoxi - Schwaring

  • Squad Level: 0

  • Squad Color Code: #272e79

  • Squad Motto: "A commitment for life"

  • Squad Creation Date: 01/08/2021

  • Squad Branch: San Andreas Police - National Gendarmerie

  • Squad Money: ~[20.000.000]~(lime,lime,lime)

  • Squad Media Archieve topic: Media Archive

  • Squad Discord Server: https://discord.gg/3yFEXk7HjF

  • Recruitment status : ~[OPEN]~(green,green)

alt text

GIGN was established in 1973 following theMunich massacre. Created initially as a relatively small tactical unit specialized in sensitive hostage situations, it has since grown into a larger force of nearly 400 members,with expanded responsibilities and capabilities.GIGN shares jurisdiction of French territory with theNational Policespecial-response units. It became operational in March 1974, under the command of then-lieutenantChristian Prouteauand executed its first mission ten days later. Another unit, named GIGN, was created simultaneously within theMobile Gendarmerieparachute squadron inMont-de-Marsanin southwest France but the two units were merged underProuteau's command in 1976 and adopted the GIGN designation.GIGNs initial complement was 15, later increased to 32 in 1976, 78 by 1986, and 120 by 2005.GIGN moved toVersailles-Satoryin 1982.

In 1984, it became a part of a larger organisation called GSIGN (Groupement de scurit et d'intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale), together with EPIGN (Escadron parachutiste d'intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale), theGendarmerie Parachute Squadron,GSPR(Groupe de scurit de la prsidence de la Rpublique), the Presidential Security group and GISA (Groupe d'instruction et de scurit des activits), a specialized training center.

On 1 September 2007, a major reorganization took place. GSIGN was disbanded and replaced by a new unit also named GIGN. The former GSIGN components (the original GIGN, EPIGN, GSPR and GISA) became "forces" of the new GIGN which now reached a total complement of 380 operators.

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  • Counter-terrorism.

  • Hostage rescue.

  • Arrest of dangerous or deranged armed persons.

  • Resolution of prison riots.

  • Surveillance and observation of criminals and terrorists.

  • Military special operations.

  • Protection of officials.

  • Critical site protection (embassies in war torn countries).

  • Training.

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^[ G.I.G.N - Leader ~[(=10=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ nCov ]

^[ G.I.G.N - Vice Leader <VL> ~[(=9=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ Lou ]

^[ G.I.G.N - Directors <D> ~[(=8=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ Aoxi ]

^[ G.I.G.N - Sub Directors <SD> ~[(=7=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ Schwaring ]

^[ G.I.G.N - Instructor <I> ~[(=6=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Field Operation Manager <FOM> ~[(=5=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ Kanel ]

^[ G.I.G.N - Operation Manager <OM> ~[(=4=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Trusted Operator <TO> ~[(=3=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Operator <O> ~[(=2=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ Anastasia ]

^[ Vargas ]

^[ Kaiser ]

^[ Ryan ]

^[ Merkazo ]

^[ G.I.G.N - Operator in training ~[(=1=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ Uyncis ]




^[ G.I.G.N - Gendarmerie (*) ~[(=0=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - V.I.P ( VIP ) ~[(=0=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]



Total Member: 15

Active Members: 15

alt text

^[ G.I.G.N - Leader ~[(=10=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Vice Leader <VL> ~[(=9=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Directors <D> ~[(=8=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Sub Directors <SD> ~[(=7=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Instructor <I> ~[(=6=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Field Operation Manager <FOM> ~[(=5=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Operation Manager <OM> ~[(=4=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Trusted Operator <TO> ~[(=3=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Operator <O> ~[(=2=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Operator in training ~[(=1=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

^[ G.I.G.N - Gendarmerie (*) ~[(=0=)]~(teal,teal,teal)]

alt text

G.I.G.N Rules

Basic Rules

  • Understand the server rules and obey them in every situation.

  • Always be respectful to SAES community.

  • It is strictly forbidden to toxic to the mainchat or anyone else and you can be kicked if you toxic.

  • Speak English in mainchat.

Squad Rules

  • Don't arrest other officers,bribe them if possible.

  • Don't attempt to arrest criminals with lower than 5 stars when you are patrolling.

  • If you get 3 warnings in a month, you will get kicked.

  • Don't patrol alone if there is other officers available.

  • Be respectful to other members of squad.

  • Pay attention to our HQ team.

Probation Rules

  • Always listen to higher ranks.

  • Don't forget to wear your probation tag.

  • In this period any kind of rulebreak will result as kick.

  • You are not allowed to spawn as criminal without permission from our HQs .

  • You will get blacklisted if you leave during probation.

alt text

What we want from our applicants:

  • Common sense, don't act like a fool.

  • Decent amount of English.

  • Clear feedback from our members.

  • Clear punisment history.

Stage 1 Tell us about yourself
**Username (optional):**
**Country of residence:**
**Native language:**
**Other languages spoken (optional):**
**Rate your English (1-10):**
**Total gameplay: (hours)**
**When did you start playing MTA/SAES:**
**Previous G/S's reason for leaving, if kicked reason for kick:**

Stage 2 Game and Rules Knowledge
**Rate your shooting skills:**
**Rate your driving skills:**
**Defination of roleplay:**
**Defination of deathmatch:**
**Defination of marker arrest:**
**Your punishment history (Adminjails/Bans):**
**Tell us 2 general rules:**
**Tell us 2 bankrobbery rules (as cop):**

Stage 3 Required Informations
**Why do you want to join us?**
**Give us a reason to accept you:**

alt text
~[Accepted]~(lime,lime): You have been accepted by the squad, Descent application, great in-game effort. Welcome!

alt text
~[Pending]~(orange,orange) Apparently you are doing a good job. but try to show yourself more. I invite you to be a little more active and hang out with the GIGN members.

alt text

~[Under-Review]~(gray,gray) You have time to prove that you want to be one of us. please make sure to hang out with the GIGN members in the game.

alt text

~[Denied]~(red,red): Bad application. Re-apply in either 2 weeks or the specific time period given by the HQ

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Stage 1 Tell us about yourself

Username (optional): Rayensolo123
Name: Macgyver
Nationality Tunisien
Country of residence: Tunisia
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Native language: tunisian
Other languages spoken (optional): English /Russ/Frensh
Rate your English (1-10): 7.5/10
Total gameplay: (hours) 495hours
When did you start playing MTA/SAES: two years ago
Previous G/S's reason for leaving, if kicked reason for kick:

Stage 2 Game and Rules Knowledge

Rate your shooting skills: 8.5/10
Rate your driving skills: 9.5/10
Defination of roleplay: To protect San Andreas from rallies that can have a bad impact on humans.
Defination of deathmatch: DMing, damaging / attacking a player with no reason
Defination of marker arrest: When you try to arrest right on the marker
Your punishment history (Adminjails/Bans): Warn
Tell us 2 general rules: Do not Deathmatch/ respect the community admins/staffs
Tell us 2 bankrobbery rules (as cop): do not marker kill/ do not kamikaze a regrouping shamal with unwanted pilot

Stage 3 Required Informations

Why do you want to join us? Because GIGN new gang , good /active and i have my friend in
Give us a reason to accept you: this is a hard question actually, but I'm going to say that I've been teaching people how to be a good cop for over than 2 years and i think it's the time to join a good real squad ( not an academy ) to have fun and to be with my friends.

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alt text
Stage 1 Tell about yourself

Username (optional): Bedrok123
Name: Pticoff
Nationality Russian
Country of stay: Kazakhstan
Floor: Boy
Age: 15
Native language: Russian
Other languages (optional): N/A
Rate your English (1-10): 2/10
General gameplay: (hours) 1800
When did you start playing MTA / SAES: 2 years ago
Reason for leaving the previous G / S, if the reason for dismissal was kicked out: N/A

Stage 2 of the game and knowledge of the rules

Rate your shooting skills: 8/10
Rate your driving skills: 9/10
Definition of role play: 2/10
Definition of deathmatch: 9/10
Marker stop detection: 9/10
Your punishment history (Adminjails / Bans): DM
Tell us 2 general rules: Dont DM, obey admin or staff
Tell us 2 bankruptcy rules (like a cop): Dont Marker arrest, Dont camp at BR's

Information required for stage 3

Why would you like to join us? since you are a beginner group, I want to help you raise the asset or something else
Give us a reason to host you: I am an active player, I do not break the rules, adequate, I never start a conflict for no reason, I drive a car and an airplane well, I can shoot well

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