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Los Lunas ~ Level 4 Application


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^[alt text]

^[ And I'm not to be played with, Because it can get dangerous ~Los Lunas ]
^[ Show Respect if u want to live ~Los Lunas ]

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^[Press on one of four pictures down to open a gang link]

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Gang Level: 3
Total Members: 46
Panel name: Los_Lunas
Money in bank: ~[$60.000.000+]~(lime)
Current Base Location: Flint County
Gang Tags: **Lunas|>Nick & Lunas|>*Nick
Helper Tags LH|>Nick
Color Code: #855521
Day of Foundation: 15th July 2020

^[alt text]

Los Lunas Warehouse
alt text
Los Lunas Second Warehouse
alt text
Los Lunas Hideout
alt text
Los Lunas Italian Bar for Meeting
alt text
Los Lunas Monley Loundering Store
alt text
Los Lunas Lonley Weed Farm
alt text

^[alt text]

^[~[Alliances, None]~(lime)]
^[~[Friends, None]~(cyan)]
^[~[No Enemies]~(red)]

^[alt text]


^[alt text]

Leader / Founder
The Founder and Leader, Los Lunas Leader have the ability to take any further decisions at the gang.
Vice Leader & Sub Leader
Another two leaders who are second hand of leader.
Head Quater
Replaces the Leaders when they are not online, also he had abilities to take shared decisions with other Head Quaters.
This rank will be given to the respected members who shows their affort and their loyalty.
Respected Member
Member who deserved respect by loyality.
Gang member who deseved to be promoted to full member.
Novice Member
First rank in the gang, Novice member needs to obey High ranked members orders.

^[alt text]

~Los Lunas Main Role:

Our main role is Dealing Drugs and killing enemies.
We have best drug cooks who are doing their job perfectly with experience.
Especially methamphetamine, we are specialists in cooking and trading.
Our drugs are of the highest quality.
We make pure methamphetamine and other types of drugs.
Research from the best chemists proved that our methamphetamine is 97.8% pure.
We also sell extasy, weed, speed, heroin and many other types of drugs.
Our Hitmans do everything with a lot of planning and calculation.
We also do contract-killing people, which means we will take money to kill someone.
If someone messes with us; we will kill him. We also kill Cops, Civilians, and Criminals too, Anyone who gets in our way.
All of Los Lunas Hitmen are professionals.
Every Los Lunas member can handle any type of weapon and they also can kill anyone in cold blood.

Secondary Roles:

Kidnapping a target to make blackmails; we will kill people if their family/boss doesnt give us the money we asked for.
Kidnappers in our gang sometimes just want to know some secret information about other Organizations.
We force the person we kidnapped to say everything we need to know by torturing a target.
We often kiddnap people for hostages in robberies.

We like to make robberies. We most often rob Stores, Banks, Gold and Jewerly stores.
When we spend our money on prostitues, drugs for own use and rare cars, we rob banks because there we can get big amounts of money.
First, we get all the information we need to know about a place we're going to rob.
All information we need is the number of security members, cameras & passwords of bank safe room doors.
We get all information by kidnapping a Boss of bank.

Arms making & dealing:
Our hitmen are professional in making guns, they have blueprints of all gun types.
Our dealers have much experience in selling stuff such as cold weapons (melee), handguns (pistols), automatic rifles and snipers.
We are professionals in trading weapons.
Our weapons are the highest quality weapons and have great prices.

Carjacking & Racing:
We are professionals in stealing and Driving cars.
We steal cars without leaving any clues.
We sell the stolen cars for the normal price.
We steal cars and organize illegal street races.
Everyone who wants to particaple in races must give money.
Our members love fast cars and they are very good in driving.
We always make sure that our drivers win a race.

Hostage Abusing:
Hostages are needed for criminal activites.
Our Hostages are most often the people who we kidnapped.
We kidnap people and then we use them as hostages at criminal activities.
We often sell hostages to other gangs for their criminal activities for money.
Police officers are scared for lives of the hostages so if they try to raid us while we rob a bank we will kill the hostages.
When we want to escape we take the hostages with us so officers will not follow us, in case they do that, we will kill hostages.

Transporting & Bodyguarding:
Our transporters transport our important people.
We have best transporters and body guards.
Our transporters transport only members who are important for business.
Bodyguards are always in a car with important people and they always have handguns with them.
Transporters transport "turfers" ( members who kill enemy dealers at our turfs ) .

^[alt text]

Los Lunas gang is believed to have begun in 1998.
Los Lunas was small gang who started on street by few friends.
Los Lunas is Mafia in United States of America based in New Mexico,
Next to city Albuquerque in town named "Los Lunas".
Los Lunas were trading all types of drugs with Jamaicas gang named Jamaican Posse.
Jamaican Posse gang had problem with other gang in which was a rapper Jam Maser Jay and he was their Coordinator.
Their rival gang and them shot each other over drug turfs and they asked us for help.
"Carl" was a Los Lunas member in early days.
"Carl" is living a in poor family, his father was a criminal but now he is just a drug addict.
Following his father steps he joined new gang witch took name of town "Los Lunas".
He started by stealing cars but when our hitmen saw his talent with guns he became more accepted as a hitman.
They sent him to Jamaica to do a job.
The murder of rapper Jam Master Jaj in Studio on an island in Jamaica by "Carl" ,one of our young hitmen.
Los Lunas Hitman "Carl" shot him in Studio because he was a Jamaican gang member who made our business harder.
Our Hitman landed in Jamaica 11th October 2002 and followed him for 17 days before he made a plan.
He was ready for assassination and he took a break one day and at 30th October 2020 he shot Jam Master Jay and killed him.
"Carl" was one of the most wanted and dangerous criminals in Jamaica.
Many people tried to help cops to get "Carl".
Everyone who did help the cops, "Carl" killed and told them: "And I'm not to be played with, because it can get dangerous" * shot * .
The police department and other Squads of the government tried so hard to arrest him but there was no way.
More Los Lunas members fled to Jamaica during the unpeaceful situation over there.
The gang was joined by hundreds of people who were looking for a better life in New Mexico and Jamaica.
So many years have passed and the gang has grown, getting bigger and stronger than it was before with turfs not only in New Mexico but also on Jamaica.

~First meeting with Jamaican Posse Leader.
On first meeting we traded drugs and weapons,
also we gave them some of our best guns as a gift.
We became friends with Jamaican Posse gang.

Los Lunas gang now counting more then four hundred members in USA and Jamaica.

~ Young hitman named "Carl" became a Director and main Hitman in organisation.

~Allied Gang from Jamaica gave us ulitmatum cause we started to dominate there.
They told us to leave their turfs and stop helping them or they will kill our leader.
Our hitmen assasinated most of Directors and Leader.
Now Los Lunas own their properties, villas and turfs at Jamaica.

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