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And I'm not to be played with, Because it can get dangerous ~Los Lunas

Show Respect if u want to live ~Los Lunas

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Leader / Founder - level 10

Vice Leader & Sub Leader - level 9

Head Quater - level 8

:flag_hr: Lunas|>Hay :red_circle:
Coordinator - level 7

:algeria: Lunas|>Twister:red_circle:
Commissioner - level 6

Trusted Member - level 5

Respected Member - level 4

Highly Responsible Member - level 3

Full Member - level 2

Novice Member - level 1

Probation/Inactive Member - level 0

:flag_th: Lunas|>Wave
:flag_tn: Lunas|>xin190
:flag_ru: Lunas|>LorD?
:flag_ru: Lunas|>Pticoff
:flag_lk: Lunas|>Dinuxplayer
:flag_hu: Lunas|>Lev1
:flag_hu: Lunas|>Matteresh
:flag_rs: Lunas|>Lalastrala
:flag_rs: Lunas|>SToK[1312]
:flag_dz: Lunas|>Witti
:flag_dz: Lunas|>Silentz
:flag_dz: Lunas|>Saoud :red_circle:
:flag_tn: Lunas|>Ahmad
:flag_tn:Lunas|>Submeoff :red_circle:
:flag_tn:Lunas|>Gladio :red_circle:
:flag_tn:Lunas|>Berus)) :red_circle:
:flag_tn:Lunas|>OGGY :red_circle:
:flag_lv:Lunas|>Fizzy :red_circle:
:flag_fi:Lunas|>Jarta :red_circle:
:flag_tn:Lunas|>Fiyasko :red_circle:
:flag_nl:Lunas|>ProstaatKnager :red_circle:
:flag_il:Lunas|>Sila$ :red_circle:

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Leader / Founder
The Founder and Leader, Los Lunas Leader have the ability to take any further decisions at the gang.
Vice Leader & Sub Leader
Another two leaders who are second hand of leader.
Head Quater
Replaces the Leaders when they are not online, also he had abilities to take shared decisions with other Head Quaters.
This rank will be given to the respected members who shows their affort and their loyalty.
Respected Member
Member who deserved respect by loyality.
Gang member who deseved to be promoted to full member.
Novice Member
First rank in the gang, Novice member needs to obey High ranked members orders.