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Energizer's Application

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  • Section A: Personal Information:

Nickname: Energizer

Account name: goplit

Age: 23 years old

Country of residence Russia

Primary Language: Russian

Since when have you been playing on SAES:RPG: i played between 2018 and november 2019 and gone in the army, returned in november 2020 and since then i have started playing again

Current S/G/C and rank: underground empire

Other RP groups you're in: i am not member of group

Past groups you were involved in (Include reason for departure): i've never been member of groups

Mention (with reason) about any past punishments you have received: i dont remember why, but i had an adminjail before the army, but since my return i have not received any punishment

^[alt text]

  • Section B: General Questionnaire:

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words) this is specially trained organization to provide people with medical assistance, they have no priorities who to help and who not to help, all the people of San Andreas can rely on them and always ask them for help, and they are just great guys

What is the SAM motto? always there when you need us most

Who founded SAM? Joe

Who is the current leader and vice leader? JohnyEnglish and Griffin

For how long have you been playing as a paramedic on the server?: i played as paramedic many times, but only now started to work hard

Mention one rule that applies to the "Paramedic" spawn: paramedic is forbidden to enter SR, it is only allowed to stand near and wait for someone to sit in his car, or leave robbery zone and ask him to be cured

Mention one rule that applies to SAM Paramedic: on turf wars i am forbidden to help gang of which i am member

Can you ensure us certified periodic activity ?: of course i can be active

^[alt text]

  • Section C : Aptitudes:

1. How would you respond to criticism by a superior? i will listen to my superior, and try to correct my mistake, but if the mistake is irreparable, i try not to make mistakes in further work

2. Why exactly are you applying today? because i want to improve my skills as paramedic, i am confident that by myself i will be able to improve my skills, and i will be able to get an unforgettable pleasure from the game as paramedic

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses? i believe that i have no weaknesses, my strengths are that i am trained and motivated, i know how paramedics act in real life, so i can do RP high quality and interesting

4. Why should we accept you to our team? if you accept me, i will be able to help all San Andreas on new level, and as SAM, all San Andreas will receive the best medical care

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alt text
alt text
Roleplay # 1
Participants: @Tema
Description: it was great day, i was patrolling in san andreas, i received call from dispatcher that medical help was required, i rushed to help, arriving at patient's place of residence, i learned that the day before patient was resting in one of clubs in Las Venturas, and eat lot and drank vodka, patient complained of dizziness and vomiting and high body temperature, i diagnosed him as "poisoning", i hospitalized him in hospital, taking him to the hospital, i helped him (washed his stomach and gave pills to relieve symptoms of intoxication), patients well being it got better, i had preventive conversation with him about alcohol addiction and took him to ward where other paramedics would look after him until he finally recovered
Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/nBeMOfo
alt text

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