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Fire Department Application - Alessio - 19/10/2020

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Section 1 - Non-RP Information
Old nickname/Other used names ingame:ale/alito
Current G/S:Los Inkas
Previous G/S (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out):N/A
How long have you been a member of your current G/S and what is your current rank? Im im in Inkas since april and I am HQ.
Current groups:Rooftop Koreans
Prevous groups (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out):N/A
Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s) and why did you received them: 2 mutes, one was for helping a new guy and I talked portugues and the other was yesterday cause of talking spanish at main chat.
Tell us something about yourself: Im a good guy, I always try to help people,I play rugby and I am from Argentina.

Section 2 - Questions
Do you understand that you will be given a couple of firefighting lessons/instructions before joining Fire Department?Yes
What is your goal within the Fire Department?I would like to be respect by others.
Are you ready to be active daily and post activities in media archive regularly?Yes I do.

Section 3 - Detailed Profile
What are your strengths? Im respectful, driving,flying,shooting,etc.
What are your weaknesses?Sometimes my internet goes bad so I cant play.
Why do you want to join the SAFD?I think all persons have to have a second oportunity.
What specialization would you like to learn within the Fire Department?I would like to be a driver.

Applicant's signature:Alessio

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Dear Mr. @Alessio

Thank you for your application to the SAFD. We highly appreciate your interest in such a risky and dangerous job.

Please join the SAFD Discord channel and request the Applicant role - this way you can keep informed about ride-along schedules and role-play scenarios hosted by the department.

Invite Code: https://discord.gg/33vFJ77

With Regards,

~[SAFD Supervisor]~(red)

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San Andreas Fire Department
HQ Team
31st October 2020

Dear applicant @Alessio ,

Thanks for applying for the San Andreas Fire Department, after discussing with the rest of the HQ team, we have decided to proceed with you to the next step.
Keep doing daily activities, and expect to be tested in the upcoming days.

We wish you the best of luck!

alt text

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Dear Applicant @Alessio,
As you are under review from the SAFD HQ team, we expect you to be more active than you currently are.
If you are having issues connecting to the server or any other technical related issues, please inform SAFD HQ.

With Regards,
~[Supervisor Ali]~(red)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Dear Applicant @Alessio

We have noticed that you have not posted in 2 weeks
This will be the last statement issued to you. You need to boost your firefighting activity to join the SAFD.
~[Failure to boost your activity within the coming days will lead to you being rejected from the SAFD.]~(red)

With Regards,
Supervisor Ali

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