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Kruger's Application

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  • Section A: Personal Information:

Nickname: [FBI]Kruger

Account name: GoldenKruger

Age: 16

Country of residence Sweden

Primary Language: English and Swedish

Since when have you been playing on SAES:RPG: First time in 2019 but went inactive due to my laptop not functioning and came back in 2020.

Current S/G/C and rank: Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI), Special Agent.

Other RP groups you're in: N/A

Past groups you were involved in (Include reason for departure): N/A

Mention (with reason) about any past punishments you have received: N/A

^[alt text]

  • Section B: General Questionnaire:

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words)

What is the SAM motto? "Always There When You Need Us Most"

Who founded SAM? Daryl is the founder of SAM.

Who is the current leader and vice leader? The current leader of SAM is JohnnyEnglish and the current vice-leader is Griffin.

For how long have you been playing as a paramedic on the server?: Not that long, I play it now and then whenever I'm bored of playing as law enforcement but I intend on playing as a Paramedic more often.

Mention one rule that applies to the "Paramedic" spawn: Paramedics are not allowed to jailbreak people, stay outside, or in the main area to assist people.

Mention one rule that applies to SAM Paramedic: You're not allowed to heal members of your gang during turfs (this rule also applies to a none SAM Paramedic).

Can you ensure us certified periodic activity ?: Yes, I'm on the server daily.

^[alt text]

  • Section C : Aptitudes:

1. How would you respond to criticism by a superior? I would take the criticism from the superior, improve myself, and ask for advice.

2. Why exactly are you applying today? I'm applying for SAM because I intend to play as a Paramedic more often and I feel like by joining SAM I would be able to better myself and learn a lot from you guys. I want to better myself in roleplaying as a Paramedic.

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths: Good driver, shooter, and I listen to orders.

Weaknesses: I'm not that bad of a roleplayer but I feel like that I can better myself.

4. Why should we accept you to our team?

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@DJO I apologize for the inactivity, I've been busy with real life and couldn't work on the activities. I'm also still interested.

I did do a patrol a few days ago but I only took one screenshot which was at the start but I forgot to take one at the end and got off and I wasn't sure if it would be a valid post.

alt text
alt text
Patrol #3
Participants: The one and the only Kruger
Amount of healed or Time of patrol: 30 minutes.


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