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Fire Department Application - Witti - 20-07-2020

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Section 1 - Non-RP Information

Nickname: My nickname is Witti
Username: my username is witti
Old nickname/Other used names ingame: Witti my first and my last name .
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Male
Current G/S: I'm Part of Hell_Solidiers .
Previous G/S (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out):

ICE|Immigration & Customs Enforcement: i left because its a inactive Squad
Underground Empire: because i want to try for cop side
Black~Bullets : Ileft it because i wanted to help BloodZ , but BloodZ dead .
Los_INKAS : i left because i wanted to create my own gang with my friends .
Genration-X : i left because i wanna to be part of FOX operation X .
Medellin Cartel : i left , i can explain the reason in-game .
MIT : I want to join with my friends .

How long have you been a member of your current G/S and what is your current rank? - Like 1week ago , and i'm a member .
Current groups:
Member of -Global Expresse and Trucking Co -
Memeber of -World Farming Supply-
Prevous groups (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out):

Cunning Stunts : I did not post in thing for like 1week .
San Andreas Studio : i can explain the reason in-game

Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s) and why did you received them:
I got ban for multiaccount for like 1 month .
Tell us something about yourself: Hello , My in real life name is Mohamed , but in-game name is Witti , i'm male with 18 years old who lives in Algeria . i love playing football with my friends every morning also i'm sportif one and so respectfull guy also i love playing video games the most one is SAES:RPG i play it like 5 hours in the day .

Section 2 - Questions

Do you understand that you will be given a couple of firefighting lessons/instructions before joining Fire Department? Yes , I know that.
What is your goal within the Fire Department? My goal within The Fire Department is Working on it and helping it to rich like the best media archive also i want to show my self that i'm Hard working and so respectfulll boy .
Are you ready to be active daily and post activities in media archive regularly? Yes , i'm ready for that as i'm always playing like 5-6 hours in the day .

Section 3 - Detailed Profile

What are your strengths? Driving , Roleplaying , Patroling , hanging , shooting , aiming , parachuting .
What are your weaknesses? Some times drop FPS when i'm driving a car .
?Why do you want to join the SAFD I want to Join SAFP because it is realy a huge group , and roleplaying Group as i'm pretty good in roleplaying and also i want to know more about the roleplay also i want to help this group with my activity, loyality and my knowledge of RP .
What specialization would you like to learn within the Fire Department? I want to learn EMT .

Applicant's signature: ~Witti~
Date: 20-07-2020
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Dear @Witti

Thank you for your application, we greatly appreciate your interest in being part of the San Andreas Fire Department. Please continue to post your activity and shifts with current SAFD Firefighters and we will process your application when possible. Keep up the good work.


~[James Aran]~(black)
~[Fire Lieutenant]~(green)

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San Andreas Fire Department
HQ Team
19th August, 2020

Dear applicant, @Witti

Thanks for applying for San Andreas Fire Department, after discussing with the rest of HQ team, we have decided to proceed with you to the next step. Keep doing daily activities, and expect to be tested in the upcoming days. You can also ask for a test in 3 days.

We wish you best of luck!

alt text

Best regards.
Supervisor Shadro
San Andreas Fire Department

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Dear Mr. @wwitti

We apologize for the long wait in your tests, there have been unforeseen circumstances that have hindered our progress and we are sorry.

Please join the SAFD Discord channel and request the Applicant role - this way you can keep informed about ride-along schedules and role-play scenarios hosted by the department. Also, we will see if we can expedite your entrance exam, sorry for the wait.

Invite Code https://discord.gg/33vFJ77

James "Aurora" Aran
~[Fire Lieutenant]~(maroon)

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