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[FEATURE] Warehouse Worker Job



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Hello guys,

as some of you know, I'm working in Freight Company and I've seen how the things in Warehouse works.

So here is my suggestion/idea:

Loading Trucks as Warehouse Worker Job, it gonna be more for Official groups since there is team work between Trucker and Warehouse worker like in GXT.
So the Trucker has Job to take empty Trailer and move it to the Warehouse, he has to park it on the Ramp (like on the Pictures) and the Warehouse Worker can load the Truck.
The Forklift works, you can take those boxes and load them on the DFT.

So payment?
The Trucker will be paid depends on how many boxes he delivered, like 3k per Box, max. 15 Boxes to another Warehouse? So it gonna be like 45k per Tour.

The Warehouse Worker will be paid depends how many boxes he loaded + if the Trucker delivered them.

So more of you will spawn as Warehouse Worker and earn some money, to earn money you have to call your Friend so he can load your Truck.

Truck: DFT like 15 boxes, Roadtrain with empty Trailer (if possible) like 25 boxes.

I don't think it's hard to script it, am I wrong?
Since we have the Forklift who can lift up the boxes + the same script as the Farmer but here you can load the boxes.

I hope you like it and it gets approved !
I'll leave some pictures from the Forklift and the DFT which I tested !
Pics: https://imgur.com/a/Lig2xQA

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