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@ahmedlord said in AsD:

In Game Name: AsD
Username: ahmedlord25
Age: 12
Nationality: Tunisian
Languages: Arabic,English and french
Total Server Playtime: 753Hours
Previous Gangs/Squads/Companies: ICE CDC X
Current/Previous Groups:*Donator
Have you ever been banned, if yes, why: No


For you, what is C.I.A.: C.I.A is one of the principal intelligence-gathering agencies of the Government of San Andreas
What unit would you like to join in the future, and why: i don't want to join any unit in the future i want to be a good part in C.I.A
What is our main role:C.I.A main role is gathering information about foreign governments, foreign activities, corporations, individuals; and
What can you bring to the squad:
Describe a short situation (a few paragraphs), on how you would act during a spying mission:


Any other information you wish to specify: me i like the Active squad i left from NSWC because he don't have a active member and if you see C.I.A have a nice and a good and fun member i want to go up with him.
Anyone recommended you to apply, if yes, who:No one recommend me but me all the Time if me play i am hanging with C.I.A members.
Why did you choose C.I.A.: me choosing C.I.A because i see it a good squad and i like her member and C.I.A have a nice plan in game.

Hello , sir. The squad you are applying for is closed since 2019. The current alive squads are:

~[Emergency Task Force ( ETF )]~(gray) - Click here
~[Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI )]~(#456473) - Click here
~[FOX Operations X ( FOX )]~(#000a1a) - Click here
~[Immigration & Customs Enforcements ( ICE )]~(#277ecd) - Click here
~[San Andreas Federal Police ( SAFP )]~(#195080) - Click here
~[Special Weapons and Tactics ( S.W.A.T )]~(#140666) - Click here
~[Texas Rangers ( TRF )]~(#a6a1fd) - Click here
~[The Royals ( Royal )]~(orange) - Click here

You can also join the police academy in order to learn the basic things:

~[San Andreas Police Academy ( SAPA )]~(cyan) - Click here

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