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Unfortunately sad news..


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Good afternoon gents, I don't want to PM each ones and explain what is going on, I had some real life issues recently the past week and this one, which led myself to earn this virus called COVID-19. I have done the test few days ago, and unfortunately I'm positive, which gonna led myself to be transpored tomorrow early in hospital. Actually, my grandpa is in hospital for more than 2 weeks already, his lungs were on, but for now he seems to be stable. Making this post to let you guys know that I'll be away for unknown period. My uncle will maybe log in to my account just because of my current properties and so on, if that's going to be more than 1 month. I'm still unsure how long it will take, but I'll stay in contact with you guys. Won't write a long story, in short wish everyone best of luck, take care bois and watch out for yourself and yours family, health on the first place!
Will tag on my fellow groups I'm apart;
@Desert-Eagles - @All-Load-Trucking @San-Andreas-Fire-Department @San-Andreas-Interceptors @Cuban-Cars @ZIP-Planning-and-Construction @Lightning-World-Sports

And my following squad - @Bozi will be temporarily Chief until I'm back, so for more infos contact him!


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