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S.W.A.T Decade Anniversary (10 Years) Celebrations!


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alt textalt text^[Special Announcement:]
Today is a big day for S.W.A.T, not only for S.W.A.T but for the whole SAES:RPG community itself.

Today, S.W.A.T. managed to reach a decade old! yes yes, a whole 10 years!

As most of you might already know (Or maybe not), We are the first organization to reach this age, hence it is an unseen and unique feat that we are more than happy and proud to be the first organization ever to do so, We are glad that the server itself managing to stay alive for many great years, and yes we all hope that the server will continue down this path.
alt text^[So a little bit of history:]
We were founded around the 5th of May in 2010 in Los Santos on the SAES RPG Server. Our goal was to build up a strong, hard operating troop to bring more peace to the streets of San Andreas Country. Ghost722nd and Volk were the founders and leaders for a long time.

They tried to find nice, friendly and especially skilled recruits. The squad has a long history of cooperation with the Desert Eagles, the military units stationed in San Andreas, as well. Sometimes we carry out roleplays and defend transports or guard VIPs. One of our top priorities, however, is catching highly wanted and dangerous suspects as well as dissolving bank robberies.
So as you can see, Ghost's dream came true and became even bigger and successful over the years.
alt text

^[Celebration invitation:]
This is a once-in-a-decade event, truth be told; what are the chances that SAES will live up to our 20th birthday? With that in mind, we hereby invite all of you to join us on that special day to celebrate ten years of comradery and shared experiences, a day full of special and huge events accompanied by a huge party that will be held at S.W.A.T Base!

As part of S.W.A.T decade (10 Years) celebrations, we have created a wonderful S.W.A.T 2020 Promo video In collaboration with @San-Andreas-Studios

S.W.A.T. 2020 Promotional video:


-Everyone is invited to take part in our events and party on this special day.
alt text

^[Special thanks & Credits:]
So before we continue, I would like to thank all those who took part in managing the squad and developing it in general.

^[Veterans Management team:]

S.W.A.T. Commanders (Leaders):

  • @Ghost722nd - Founder & Leader of SWAT (2010-2012).

  • @Magnus - Leader of SWAT (2012-2017).

  • @Ardron - Leader of SWAT (2017-2018).

  • @Hesha - Leader of SWAT (2018-2019).

S.W.A.T. Vice Commanders (Vice Leaders):

  • SAES>Volk - Founder & Vice Leader of SWAT. (2010)

  • SAES>D-Mon - Vice Leader of SWAT. (2010-2011).

  • SAES>Bambook - Vice Leader of SWAT. (2011- 2012).

  • @Galaxy-realONE - Vice Leader of SWAT. (2012- 2013).

  • SAES>Mrkii - Vice Leader of SWAT. (2013-2014).

  • @Teddy - Vice Leader of SWAT. (2014-2017).

  • @Geri - Vice Leader of SWAT. (2017-2018)

S.W.A.T Honorary & HQ's:

  • @Fyrr @KaKush @RedEye @BMaster @SeBa @DevilJ @Ezio0826 Nathan Apo Mayer, Amit,

The Current Management Team:

  • @DROT Commander (Leader).

  • @Element Vice Commander (Vice Leader).

  • @Kasparov @doom Colonels (HQ's).

^[In the name of @S-W-A-T members and the current management team, We want to thank S.W.A.T Veterans for everything they have done during the years for S.W.A.T and managed to get us for this long-awaited & special day, We promise to continue the same way you have paved over the years and keep S.W.A.T as the most elite/skilled/active/unique squad out there!!]

^[Special thanks to NNB for being with us on this road to 10th birthday, we couldn't do it without you.]
^[alt text]alt text

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What a huge priviledge it is to be part of this family for the past 2 years, to see an organization such as this in a RPG server with such longevity, truly is something amazing and special!

10 years is too much of a life time. 10 years ago i was a scrawny lil kid, hating my high school and eating too many Pringles for lunch, and now im a scrawny big kid with a masters degree and pretty decent life!

Like i said before, even tho i been only part of this story for the last 2 years, feels amazing to mark my name in such a beautiful story. SWAT has helped me thro some dificult times in my personal life and it only happened because we create a friendship that i believe goes beyond this game.

My favourite moment so far has to be when our Commander gave me his trust to become a Colonel, a year ago. Other than that, the "RocKs Roomate" meme that has been goin on in our discord is still one of the funniest things ive seen.

Happy Birthday SWAT and i hope im still well and alive for the 20th celebration!

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Damn time passes so quick when you are having fun and massive changes are always done when it passes, since I joined SAES I knew I will join S.W.A.T. and obviously it was a good choose and certainly I had the best 3 years so far!

Happy Birthday my lovely Squad.

alt text
alt text
alt text

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Happy birthday my lovely squad, as far as I can tell this is the most amazing place I have ever spent my time on and I met a lot of people that are now my friends and I always meet new, now lets hope that SWAT will survive another decade and I will still be in this family.
alt text
alt text

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