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Fire Department Application Achelous - 05.02.2020 [UNDER REVIEW]


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Section 1 - Non-RP Information
Nickname: Achelous
Username: Achelous
Old nickname/Other used names ingame: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Current G/S: Medellin Cartel
Previous G/S (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out): FBI, SAFP

  • FBI - I wasn't active at the time and so i got kicked

  • SAFP - Left to help make Medellin Cartel

How long have you been a member of your current G/S and what is your current rank?: since 28th December 2019, level 2
Current groups: IAC, BES
Prevous groups (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out): N/A
Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s) and why did you received them: Once i got kicked because i had an argument with Terry
Tell us something about yourself: Im very loyal if get to know me

Section 2 - Questions
Do you understand that you will be given a couple of firefighting lessons/instructions before joining Fire Department?: Yes
What is your goal within the Fire Department: The good roleplay and to become a really good firefighter.
Are you ready to be active daily and post activities in media archive regularly?: Of course!

Section 3 - Detailed Profile
What are your strengths?:

  • Good Driver

  • Good Shooter

  • Excellent English

What are your weaknesses?:

  • Not the best at flying aircrafts

Why do you want to join the SAFD?: Being a Firefighter isnt easy thats, why you have to work in a team (it's a must). I want to see what it is like to work in a professional environment as SAFD.
What specialization would you like to learn within the Fire Department?: Forestry Fire Prevention Specialist

Applicant's signature: ~[Dani]~(blue,cyan)
Date: 05.02.2020

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San Andreas Fire Department
HQ Team

9th February, 2020

Applicant, @Yuki

Thanks for applying for San Andreas Fire Department, after discussing with the rest of HQ team, we have decided to proceed with you to the next step. Keep doing daily activities, and expect to be tested in the upcoming days.

We wish you best of luck!

alt text

Fire Commissioner,

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alt text
Roleplay type: House Fire Response
Story: 15:30 It was an ordinary day at the office chilling, it has been 9hours since my shift started and there has been nothing, no animal rescue alarms either firealarms. 16:20 The firealarm rings, we all rush to the firetrucks and get to the spot, so its 16:35 now and we all see this building burning there were people gathered outside watching, we told them all to flee and they. The only person inside was a woman in her 30s (everyone else fled). I entered the building but the fire already caused so much damage that some of the wooden frames collapsed and blocked the stairs. So I exit the building and I have to get on the top by a ladder and go through the rooftop entrance, I enter the building and just hear the woman screaming so I already knew where she was. I find her trapped behind collapsed wooden frames so I get to her and get my fireaxe out and start chopping, as I was chopping i hear a crack in the floor and the next moment im already one floor down, trapped up to my neck the fire was still roaring all around me I remember the excruciating pain in my ankles, burned to the bone. And I remember just praying to God: Just let me die bravely. I was trapped inside there was trapped in the fire for almost a half-hour. I had this tremendous sadness that I wasn't going to see my children again, growing up. Fifteen of my colleagues put their own lives at risk to save me. I was rushed the hospital with burns over 30 percent of my body, I was near death for many days. The pain I suffered was incredible, when the doctors attempted to get me back on my feet, I fainted from the pain. After 73 days, I limped out of the hospital to a hero's welcome, returning to work soon afterward. Though I could have retired from the department and gotten a pension, I chose not to.
Location: San Fierro
Participants: @CapitalWE
Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/QvVaWng

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