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SAES Tutorials - All in one V2


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This topic includes all of SAES:RPG's Tutorials. Originally posted by @Sam_ on the archive, however, since not a lot of you & newbies don't come there I'll post it here.

Tutorials will be added by time, if you have a handy tutorial which is not listed below, please send me a direct message (DIscord ID : Lincoln#1873) or post it below and I'll add it on the main. Have fun! (Updated version, old one can be deleted.)

Tutorial #1 General In-game guide

Author : @ILLUSION

Tutorial #2 General Knowlegde about the forums

Author : @Barry-Allen

Tutorial #3 Getting a property/bussiness in-game

Author : @ElRastaMan17

Tutorial #4 Usage of Bug Tracker

Author : @Kain

Tutorial #5 In-game reports explained.

Author: @ESO

Tutorial #6 Vehicle Information

Author : @Jim

Tutorial #7 Creating your own RVB map

Author: @Brophy

Tutorial #8 How to script on mta.

Author : @Filex

Tutorial #9 In-game Commands

Author : @Gengar @XgangsterX

All Credits goes to the Authors, more will be added soon

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