[TUTORIAL] How to get a good Property/Business

  • This topic will be used to give some tips to new players on how to find a good property or business.

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    1. Property/Businesses location
    A good property location can be an easy way for you to spawn near important points on the map such as:

    • Near any bank: This will help you arrive faster to a bank robbery on the city/county that you own the property. Will help you on stopping bank robberies if you play as a cop and will also help you to arrive at the time of earning money as a criminal on the bank robbery;

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    • Close to Jail: This can be useful for you to spawn as a cop or criminal near the jail to participate in a jailbreak. Cops have the police warden trainee spawn but if in the future you get in a gang or squad you will be able to spawn there as well, giving you an easier and faster way of getting there;

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    • Near Store Robberies: This spot will help you on both sides as well. As Cop you will be able to keep spawning on the property to try to clear the store robbery from criminals. As Criminal, you will be able to get there faster after dying or even when the Store Robbery starts.

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    You won't be able to find properties around these 3 places easy and they will not be cheap as well.

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    2. Important points around your property/business
    You must pay attention to any useful spot around your property:

    • Disks will always be good due to not all properties will have car spawn. (Remember that a business doesn't have car spawn) Having a disk near in this case will help you spawn a car faster. This is the most important one!

    • Las Venturas Cross: This one is also important in my opinion. Having a property close to this place will let you arrive fast at any spot on the map due to the highway. (This property can be cheaper because of not being as useful as the above)

    alt text

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    3. Always pay attention to the income and outcome of your business!
    This point applies to businesses

    • Income can be a good way of you getting some money every day. The money you will get at the end of each day is calculated by doing income-outcome value for each property/business you have;

    alt text

    • A business with a high income can be sold for a good price in auctions on even ingame in case you find someone that wants to buy it. (In my opinion, a business with more than 6.000/7.000$ of income will already be a good business to sell on an adjusted price)

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    4. How to hunt good properties and businesses?
    Well this will be a lot easier than you think

    • SAES has a command called /seen. This will let you know when was the last time that a player was online. You will have to type on chat /seen <nickname> and this bar will show: alt text

    • A player is considered inactive when he hasn't logged in for a full month. This inactive status does not include any SAES clan members. You can check a full list here: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/6786/saes-clan-members

    • With the points above, you will be able to see every owner of properties last login and there is where the hunting starts. Try to find any good property or business you like and you think that will get you money and then just prepare to post an inactive request at 00:00 of the day that the guy turns inactive. Everyone will try to take the best properties there is so try to be fast! Inactive property request format can be found here: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/4936/request-format

    • If you win the inactive property request then you just need to create an auction to earn some money or keep the property for yourself.

    Fast and an easy way of you getting some money!

    alt text

    5. New way of checking properties for sale
    SAES has provided a new way of checking properties that players putted on sale

    • This script has been added recently and will help you checking properties on sale, their prices, owners and location as well. This will be a lot easier to find properties and to try to negociate them by talking with the owner. This panel has been placed on M function>Properties on sale

    alt text

    alt text

    6. How to create an appellative auction topic?
    I'll point some points to help you create a good topic for an auction.

    • Always be specific on the value you want to sell the property. Leave a starting bid and a buyout price.

    • Create an auction according to SAHA rules. You can check the rules here: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/373/usage-of-this-forum

    • Familiarize yourself with the forums tools. That will help you post Screenshots and format your text to create a great auction.

    • Always appoint the good points of buying the property you put in the auction. Use points 1 and 2 to help you on this one.

    alt text

    7. House hoarding.
    This can help you get some properties but also can make you lose them.

    • House hoarding means that if a player logs in once a month to prevent the inactive requests for their properties you can communicate that with SAHA if you feel interested in the property. SAHA will open an investigation to determine if the property can be requested or not.

    • The point above applies to you as well. Logging in once a month to prevent the inactive requests will make you lose the properties you own.

    alt text

    You will also be able to request inactive properties. You can check the conditions of this request on the San Andreas Housing Agency topic.


    I hope that this topic can help players to have a little bit more knowledge about properties and businesses and good spots to have one.

    (Leave any useful comment below and thank you for reading)

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