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The first Clan War!


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Ladies and gentlemen, dear citizens of SAES and apache helicopters!

We are so excited to announce our first clan match between 2 amazing teams which will be 5 versus 5 in the main server arranged by the Host Services. The match details are as following:

  • Date: 22.11.2019

  • Time: 18:00 UK

  • Map: Dust2

  • Commentators: Ardron, Assassin, Nirjhor

  • Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/ardron92

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Teams are formed by skilled people of SAES and we believe the match will be worth watching from the beginning till the end. Both off the teams will have a chance to prepare in the Red vs Blue arena or use Lounge's LS Stadium and train for the upcoming match day.

There is no restriction for teams to play a match between themselves for practice purpose - if they wish so. Thus, you can have a chance to watch their trainings before Friday evening!

And yeah, the ranking system is back and refreshed. Best players of the arena will listed and awarded weekly by the Lounge Employees. Click on this link and have a look at our awesome ranking ladder.

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Rules are simple but long enough, let me remind you them if you have no idea or forgot about them.

The match consists of 2 sides, one is ATTACKING while the other side is DEFENDING.
At the beginning of the match the referee is dropping a coin to decide who will attack first. The attacking team has 5 minutes to clear up the defending side. If any player from the defending team is alive at the end of the 5 minute, the defending team will win the round. Defending team can camp or if they want to surprise the enemy they can attack too, they have the advantage and they can use it however they want.

At the end of the round, the teams exchange places and attackers now defend, defenders now attack. Match consists of 6 rounds and the first team to win 4 rounds wins the match. In 3-3 case, it will be a draw.

In order to check rules please click on this link.

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True, the match will be hosted on our lovely location - Dust2!

Our Mapping team is currently building awesome maps and you will be able to play there in a foreseeable future. We are trying to find best alternative to Dust2 and without a doubt it is one of the hardest jobs a mapping team could have. We wish a tons of luck to both teams in the arena and hope to have a delicious match!

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What the hell are you waiting for? This is the easiest way you can double your money and become rich without even working as a trucker for hours. Simply fill the following form and bet on your choice.

* Ingame nickname:
* Team you bet for (type Draw if so):
* Amount you bet:

Oh, and please check the rules by clicking on this link before you bet. By betting you will also be able to become best gambler of the SAES. Check this link for the ranking ladder.

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:heavy_check_mark: - confirmed

  1. Ment - UWA - 25M

  2. Hari - UWA - 25M

  3. reket - Merkel - 5M

  4. Joge - Draw - 1M

  5. RadioGaga - UWA - 25M

  6. Naker - Merkel - 2M

  7. Kim - Merkel - 2M

  8. Moley - Merkel - 3M

  9. Icecold - UWA - 10M

  10. Dippo - UWA - 5M

  11. Stay - UWA - 2.5M

  12. Killer - Merkel - 10M

  13. Fugitive - UWA - 25M

  14. Jesse - Merkel - 5M

  15. Cocko - UWA - 25M

  16. Mrwan - Merkel - 5M

  17. Nyx - UWA - 25M

  18. powell242 - UWA - 25M

  19. Zan - UWA - 1M

  20. Bartman - Merkel - 15M

  21. Lincoln - Merkel - 10M

  22. Tuemack - UWA - 4M

  23. PUNCH - UWA - 17M

  24. Freezom - UWA - 25M

  25. Teddy - Merkel - 25M

  26. TaJ - Merkel - 500k

  27. AdemBygt - UWA - 12M

  28. Dexter - UWA - 25M

  29. Rick - UWA - 3M

  30. Silent - Merkel - 1M

Confirmed bets on UWA: 216.000.000$
Confirmed bets on MerkelJugend: 41.500.000$
Confirmed bets on Draw: 1.000.000$
Confirmed bets in Total: 258.500.000$

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