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[PC] Pro Cop - Information Topic


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[PC] Pro Cop - Information Topic



Discord: https://discord.gg/bJf4tb6

Table of Contents

  • What is Pro Cop (PC)?
  • How do I join Pro Cops?
  • Pro Cop Tests
  • PC Spawns & Tutorials
  • Pro Cop Rules


Are you certain that you wish to start a career within the law enforcement?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is being a police officer more exciting than being chased by the police?
  • Would you rather avoid spending long times in jail?
  • Are you tired of being a newbie trainee, not respected by anyone?
  • Are you ready to advance to the next level of professionalism, commitment, order and teamwork?
  • If the answer is yes, then the Los Santos Police Department is the right place for you!


What is Pro Cop (PC)?

PC is a group for graduated police officers. They're granted access to equipment available only to SAPD personnel, ranging from dispatch communications and traffic regulation tools, to K-9 police dog units. Given that they have access to irregular equipment, all PC members are held at a high standard with strict rules in place. Being a PC member means being a capable police player and roleplayer, as well as well versed in server/PC rules.

Full-time gang members are not allowed to be in the Pro Cop group.
Exceptions are made to SAES clan admins. They are like all other required to follow the PC rules.



How do I join Pro Cops?

All persons who wish to join the police force may do so by completing the four weeks education course in San Andread Police Academy (SAPA), or by becoming an active squad member that has spent at least four previous weeks within an official squad. Unlike squads, SAPA offers full-time training to its cadets, designed with PC test/application as a final goal. Newer players are advised to start in SAPA rather than a squad, to be fully prepared for the PC test/application.

PC group membership is obtained through a forum application. For application to be valid, aforementioned steps must be made.

Join SAPA here:


Currently unavailable. SAPA does not exist.

Browse Squads here:

Join PC here:





Pro Cop Tests


Pro Cop test consist of 7 parts that will be thoroughly explained in game.
If your test seems to have contained anything not mentioned in this topic or was done wrong, please contact the SAPD HQ immediately.


  1. The Basics
  2. Emergency Response
  3. Vehicle Pursuit
  4. RP Driving
  5. Radio Communication Test
  6. DUI Check
  7. Rules- & Binds check



PC Spawns & Tutorials


Los Santos/Las Venturas/San Fierro


Police Officer: Spawns with: Nightstick, Taser (200x), Shotgun (50x) and a spraycan (1000x)
Description: The average Joe cop, as a police officer of San Andreas you use your nightstick and tazer to apprehend suspects, both are only useful at close range, at long range you can slow a suspect for 4 seconds every time you hit him with your rubber bullet shotgun, you can use pepper-spray hand to hand to make a suspect cough while you arrest him with your nightstick, it is not advised for a police officer to use lethal force, and it is advised to Roleplay before arresting. Arresting before offering Roleplay is against the Pro Cop rules. (Exceptions are; Being shot at, Bank Robberies and Store Robberies.)

Police Dog; Does not spawn with any weapons nor is allowed to carry any.
Description: A police dog is meant to act out their role and be a dog. Their bites deal high damage and slow wanted players down.
Note: Police Dogs are not allowed to roam without a handler on their own and they aren't allowed to use the radio. Dog can ride on the back seat of a 4-door vehicle.

Traffic Officer; Spawns with: Camera (500x), Taser (200x), Shotgun (50x) and a Nightstick
Description: Same job as a regular Police Officer different skin and vehicle. Traffic Officer should not drive normal police vehicles they're RPly limited to the HPV1000.

Note: The Camera used by Traffic Officer as a speed camera is currently bugged and not working.


Tierra Robada/Bone County/Red County/Flint County/Whetstone


Police Officer/Sheriff: Spawns with: Nightstick, Taser (200x), Shotgun (50x) and a spraycan (1000x)
Description: The average Joe cop, as a police officer of San Andreas you use your nightstick and tazer to apprehend suspects, both are only useful at close range, at long range you can slow a suspect for 4 seconds everytime you hit him with your rubber bullet shotgun, you can use pepper-spray hand to hand to make a suspect cough while you arrest him with your nightstick, it is not advised for a police officer to use lethal force, and it is encouraged to Roleplay before arresting.


Los Santos Detective


Detective; Spawns with: Camera (500x). Access to all normal police vehicles.
Description: You spawn as a detective in Los Santos. When you enter a vehicle a message will appear in the top bar (Where Admin messages, Jailbreaks and such appear.) you are told about a crime that's committed and where. You must get to the crime which location is marked on the map with a blue siren. Once arrived on scene photograph the body several times and search around for evidence. The evidence will be floating objects much like the pick ups in singleplayer-mode.


San Fierro Dispatcher


Dispatcher; Spawns (with) access to all police vehicles but shouldn't be driving any. Doesn't spawn with any equipment and shall only work from inside the PD Interiors.
(1) Map Control: You can move on the map via W,A,S,D, -, + at the keyboard or you can use the button on the top right. Both have the same functions. Please note that if you write a text into the chatbox the map moves around as you steer with W,A,S,D. This is under investigation and will be changed in further versions.
(2) Responding_Popup This popup gets created when you choose a mission from the right side and rightclick on the mission. It shows the units which already responded to your mission. (Popup closes after 1.5 sec)
(3) Mission and Wantedlist: On the missionlists you can see the currently missions. All mission at this list are synced and every dispatcher can see them. The wantedlist lists all criminals with OVER 10 stars.
(3.1) Toggle Mission/Criminal: Select a mission or criminal and click the button referred too and it will toggle between the Mission or Criminal.
(3.2) Refresh All lists button: Refreshes all gridlists (Wanted, Police, Ambulance, Firefighter). The missions get refreshed serverside.
(4) Units: Here you can see the current units on the whole map. Its divided into "Police", "Ambulance", "Firefighter". Every unit has a location behind the name to check which unit is in a specific area. If you need a refresh of the list just click the "Refresh all lists"-Button (3.2)
(4.1) Send nearby units to mission / criminal button: This button has 2 options. Mark a mission of the missionlist and click on this button - all available units within 3000 meters will get a messagewindow, where they can choose to accept your recall or to reject it. If you click this button for a second time your message will only reach the units which are not already in a mission. So you cant spam those units with missions. Or mark a criminal from the criminallist and click on this button - the system will automatically create a new mission and sends all police units within 3000 meters to this position.
(4.2) Cancel Mission: By selection a mission and pressing this button you will cancel the mission meaning it will not show up within the mission list. Remember that the screens are synced with all the dispatchers. If you'd like to delete all the missions type the command ''resetMissions''.



Pro Cop Tutorials


Tutorial #1 Dispatcher:

The Role of a Dispatcher is fairly simple. In general you coordinate the emergency services of your assigned district. You're always required to stay in role when spawned Dispatcher. There is a maximum of 2 Dispacther per City. Dispatcher share the Counties meaning a maximum of 6 Dispatcher can be spawned.


Dispatcher Rules:

  1. Stay in your role.
  2. Use the radio for RP Purposes only.
  3. A dispatcher can only stay inside a PD.
  4. Don't spam missions
  5. Incase of multiple Dispatcher being spawned you're not allowed to use the reset missions command without discussing it with your fellow Dispatchers.

How does the Dispatcher Panel work?
See ''Dispatcher'' in the Spawn Description section.

Dispatcher: How To?
Rename yourself to Dispatch|A (A if you're the first Dispatcher to spawn and B if you're the second and so on.)
Start up the Dispatcher script (/coord).

If you're playing as a Dispatcher don't just type; ''Get him!''. Make sure your well informed and learn how to talk in radio. Don't ignore people when they're talking to you and make sure you have binds like these (Required)

Dispatch to last, copy that.
Dispatch to last, negative
Dispatch to last, an ambulance is en route to your location
Dispatch to last, additional units have been sent to your location standy.
Dispatch to ground units, be advised there's a speeding vehicle traveling from (place a) to (place b)

Tutorial #2 Police Dog:



  1. Only spawn when you have another police member as your dog handler. Make sure that they're aware of rules.
  2. Act your role. This is a server rule too. It means;
  3. Dogs may not arrest.
  4. Dogs must stay with their handler at all times.
  5. Dogs must listen to their handler and may not act on their own.
  6. Dogs may only talk through private chats. They are not allowed to talk like humans in Local Chat.


Tutorial #3 Binds:


Creating Binds:
Type /bpanel ingame and it will open up a panel then click help and read the instructions.

[Police Officers must have binds!]

Before initiating chase with purpose of arrest, PC officers are required to use two Local Chat binds stating warnings. The suspect must be informed that they are to stop and surrender (/sur). The suspect must be given enough time to surrender before an arrest is made.

Local Chat: Stop! This is the police! Pull over and show me your hands! (/sur)
Local Chat: This is your final warning! You're under arrest!

You're allowed to create your own binds, so long that they're respective and follow the base guidelines.
SR/JB/VIP/Turf and similar events are an exception to this rule, where arresting is permitted without use of binds.

Tutorial #4 Roleplay Commands:



Tutorial #5 Radio Codes


10-2: Arrived on scene.
10-3: Negative / No.
10-4: Acknowledgement / Affirmative / Yes.
10-6: Stand-by.
10-7: Unavailable for calls.
10-8: Available for calls.
10-12: Backup Required. (Specify situation and location)
10-20: Requesting Location.
10-30: Starting Patrol/Resuming patrol.

10-55: Traffic Stop or simply announce "Traffic".
10-57 Victor: Vehicle pursuit.
10-57 Foxtrot: Foot pursuit.
10-66: Felony Stop.

Police_Officer [Radio]: Unit #12 is 10-30 in Los Santos, 10-8, over.
Detective_Billy [Radio]: 10-4 to last, 10-12 suspected store robbery in LS Mulholland. 
(/911 "S")



Pro Cop Rules


  1. Don't break the server rules
  2. Don't break the PC rules
    [Act your role!]
    [Don't abuse your equipment.]
    [Don't hurt other people without lawful reason.]
    [Follow the Dispatcher and Police Dog Rules!]
    [Do not modify SAPD vehicles in any way. Doing so with lead to immediate removal from the PC.]
  3. Don't attempt to arrest players with wanted level 3 or lower.
    [You can attempt to Roleplay with these people but you're not allowed to arrest them when they refuse.]
    [Don't arrest people that are spawned cop. ]
    [If there isn't any way to arrest a wanted person, you're allowed to kill them.]
    [If you see a criminal actively acting violently, you may arrest them regardless of their wanted level.]
  4. When initiating a pursuit always offer a chance to surrender (/sur for 75% off jail time)
    [A Pro Cop must give out two warnings by binds. The second time notifying the criminal it is their last chance.]
    [Make your intentions clear, use roleplay binds only for roleplay chases. Standard binds for standard chases.]
  5. Give suspects the time they need to respond to your instructions.
    [Do not spam your PC binds.]
    [Give the suspects the sufficient time to react to your binds]
    [Keep in mind that they can not read the chat at all times while being chased! They need some time to read it, then some more time to decide if they want to cooperate or not. Give them this time whenever possible!]
  6. Be respectful.
    [Respect the rank hierarchy (PCD and SAPD HQ). They're assigned to their job for a reason.]
    [Don't act stupid. You're representing the SAPD.]
  7. Pro Cop Probation Tag & Name.
    [When you join Pro Cops, you will have a probation of 2 weeks. Put Name|PC*, or SQUAD|Name|PC*]
    [When playing as a Pro Cop you're required to be easily identified by either your roleplay name or your regular nickname on the server.]
  8. Don't spawn as PC if...
    [If you got more than 3 wanted-stars, don't spawn as PC. Use another class instead and get your stars lost.]
    [If you have received a wanted level, you'll have to get rid of it. You may talk to NPC in SFPD to remove your wanted level.]
  9. Sign in at the PC-Forum, once you've been invited.
    [Failure to sign in can result to you being removed and means if you ever get removed to Pro Cop by mistake there is no legal way prove you've been in Pro Cop before. So if the PCD Detectives find out you're PC and haven't signed in you might be removed. ]
    [You are not allowed to edit your PC sign in after you've signed in. If you do this will be considered fraud. You're not allowed to edit information you've provided the first time.]
  10. Respect the SAPD HQ, PC Staff and their decisions.




Chief of Police - @DROT
Deputy Chief of Police - @Kain
TSG Commander - @Magnus


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Frequently Asked Questions



  • If you are an ex-PC, how can you get your PC diploma back?
    The only way to get it back is by simply applying again after being in a squad for 4 weeks or repeating the SAPA education. You shouldn't have left for a gang in the first place.

  • If you get kicked because of your inactivity, can you re-gain your PC membership back or not?
    For now, no one gets kicked from PC because of inactivity. If you have solid proofs to prove that you were a PC member, you can always share them with SAPD HQs or PCD.

  • I am on the criminal side now, will they kick me from PC?
    All PC members have to inform a SAPD HQ or PCD if they want to join a gang or otherwise become full-time criminals. Do not ask an admin to remove you from PC spawn. Repercussions of failing to notify anyone could include permanent ban from affiliation to SAPD in any way.

  • What are SAPD HQ and PCD?
    SAPD HQ is the HQ part of the PC group. PCD is the unit that supervises all PC units. They will monitor and potentially warn, kick and/or suspend people from PC whenever caught breaking the rules.

    More on PCD here:

  • Are PCD members also PC testers?
    PCD and PC Testers are very different things. PCD members take care of reports about Procops and also answer the questions about PC. Testers take care of PC applications and PC tests. Although this is not to say that PCD members can't be or aren't PC Testers at the same time.

  • How can you get a PC invite panel?
    PC inviting rights are as of November 2019 reserved by SAPD HQ, invitation depends on the outcome of PC Testers discussion.

  • For SAPA Cadets; Can PC Testers train or test me for SAPA trainings/tests?
    PC Tester can not host SAPA trainings/tests. They're tasked with PC related matters alone.

  • Who is in charge of my PC application?
    PC applications are reviewed & approved/denied by PC Testers.

  • When is the deadline for the final answer of my application for PC?
    PC testers have an approximate deadline of one week (7 days from when you posted the application.).
    Note that waiting period may vary at times.
    Please remember that PC applications/tests have nothing to do with PCD.

  • How can I officially become a PCD member / how often do you recruit?
    PCD accustomed recruitment is via application which opens only when we are in need of new PCD detectives.

  • How can I get my PC test?
    Following accepted application status, you will be told who to contact for a test.



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