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Gladiators MC


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Agent of The Strike Team Genetrix wanted a booking cause of he doesn't like current management system. They never think about closing The Strike Team cause of they were such as a family
in The Strike Team. Genetrix told us his ideas in the important booking in office of The Strike Team. Nobody finds or does anything to do about the current system. After a day NRG called
Genetrix for breakfast. They were watching news on the television. They saw a motorcycle convoy at news. The convoy was with Freeways and Wayfarers. NRG and Genetrix suddenly stands up
and they wanted to join to the convoy cause of they doesn't like current system of management. Genetrix and NRG hires a freeway and goes to the way for joining to motorcycle convoy.
NRG and Genetrix met with some people in the convoy.They goy tired and wanted to wait in a cafe. 2-3 people got into the cafe when Genetrix and NRG drinks coffe. They were in a motorcycle
club. The convoy ends.
Genetrix started following
motorcycle clubs and motorcycles in social medias. Genetrix was always watching motorcycle videos. In day of work, NRG saw Genetrix alone and NRG wanted to start chat with Genetrix and
NRG sit down next to him. Genetrix started checking prices of freeway. Genetrix found a campaign with 2 freeways. Genetrix told NRG to buy them. NRG agreed with Genetrix and they bought
2 of freeways. These motorcycles are red. Genetrix and NRG were stopped working for The Strike Team cause of love of motorcycle. Genetrix wanted to talk with NRG about current
management system. The management system was going worse. NRG was watching a film as "Gladiators." Genetrix wanted to tour with freeways and NRG accepted Genetrix's request and started
touring with freeways. NRG forget his phone at office of The Strike Team. NRG and Genetrix parked freeways in front of a bar and started talking. Genetrix told NRG about creating a
motorcycle club, NRG said Genetrix already he was thinking about it. And they wanted to make this in real life. They both weren't aware about they are creating a motorcycle club which is
most dangerous and serious. They starts thinking about a name for motorcycle club but they didn't find anything. After drinking something in bar they went back to the office of The Strike
Team. NRG goes to his table for taking his phone. NRG saw name of film after picking his phone... "Gladiators!.." NRG got an idea about using "Gladiators" as name of new motorcycle club.
Genetrix agreed with NRG about this name.
Genetrix and NRG was always driving motorcycle, doing tours,joining convoys and everything like that. Agent of The Strike Team John saw NRG is
driving freeway always with Genetrix.John told NRG and Genetrix he wants to drive with NRG and Genetrix. After a tour NRG,Genetrix and John started searching for a new freeway to john.
Nobody finds a red freeway but NRG found a green freeway. John bought green freeway and started driving his one with Genetrix and NRG.
Freeway's check-up time came and John
Genetrix and NRG goes to mechanic with freeways. Mechanics gave John,Genetrix and NRG 3 days for checking-up. NRG requested 3 more motorcycles as transient. Mechanics gave them wayfarers
John starts driving with Wayfarer and liked wayfarer so much.
John wanted to buy one for him. John saw a campaign as "Buy 3,Pay 2." John showed this campaign to NRG and Genetrix. NRG,
Genetrix and John bought wayfarer too. They requested red wayfarers and got as red. They bought a garage for Freeways and Wayfarers. John's freeway was annoying Genetrix
and NRG cause of only it was green. Genetrix and NRG told him to paint it to red like these one. John agreed and they went to Pay'n'Spray. Pay'n'Spray workers gives so expensive
price and NRG argues with the workers. They planned a robbery to Pay'n'Spray. They were thinking about stealing every colors and selling it. At 03.30AM they goes to the Pay'n'Spray.
NRG,John and Genetrix starts the robbing job with this robbery. They selled every colors and started laying the foundations of illegal life. They started robbing everywhere and after
some time they used The Strike Team's guns for robbing easier. Continueing this robbing jobs were making The Strike Team worse than first times of The Strike Team cause of they were
stealing guns/money in The Strike Team's safe and they were deleting every notices in The Strike Team. John,NRG and Genetrix wanted to stop robbing job. They started selling guns with
illegal ways. The Strike Team is closed because of agents has not guns to use. Gladiators MC is started happening in real life. Everyone swears for being loyal to Gladiators MC makes
tatoo to these backs. Genetrix,John and NRG wanted to start robbing again with last guns cause of they spent money from guns. So they started robbing and selling guns on illegal ways.
These 3 friends started living at garage of Gladiators MC because of The Strike Team is closed. They sold these homes, they bought guns and created offical Gladiators MC.
There are lots of red motorcycles and cars. But it is impossible to get into the deep of garage. As far as people say there is a downstairs and there is a planning room no one should hear.

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Blackmailed: We generally do it as a monetization management by blackmailing them with images and files. That includes extortion, kidnapping and ransom demands. We are generally blackmailing politicians ,cops ,the rich and other gangs. So we make big bucks. But it's not all about money, sometimes we want a favor from people we blackmail. It's a very important and lucrative job for the club. In general, we demand money from people we blackmail. We want 100,000 grand for the footage. We want 75,000 grand for files and documents. Since kidnapping and ransom demands are part of this, we often kidnap relatives of rich people or politicians and ask for large sums of money.

Weapon Trafficking: We make our own weapons and bullets in the area we're in. We make 75% profit from the guns and bullets we sell. We also get a share from arms dealers in our area. If they want to sell weapons on our territory, they have to give us half of what they make, otherwise they can't. Apart from that, we have connections in Cuba as a club. We Rob gun ships coming from Cuba and steal weapons. Since the weapons from Cuba are sold to the military, they are really high quality and technological. So we steal guns from the military and sell them to gangs. We make almost 200% profit this way.

Hijack: We're robbing motorcycle trucks and gas trucks. We change the serial numbers of the bikes we stole and sell them. So we take out the parts of the motorcycle and use it as a spare part in our own garage. We make 45% profit from the engines we sell. We make 70% profit from spare parts. We keep the gas we stole. And we use it for our own vehicles when we need it.

Corrupting Dealers: We get a pay from the dealers in our territory. We have a 50% share of arms dealers in our territory. We get a 60% share from drug dealers. In addition, as we are responsible for the safety of the bars in the territory we also receive 25% share from bars and strip clubs. Other than that, they have to pay a certain amount for gun or drug dealers to use our route. They have to give us 5% of the money they make from the goods they carry per pass.

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Date of creation: 10.11.2019

Founders: Genetrix - NRG - John

HQ Team: Genetrix - NRG - Nexroth

Clublevel: 0

Clubvalue: $ 50,000,000

Club tags: [GMC] and prospects use [P] after their tag.

Color Code: #FF0000
Name Color Code: #FF0000
Vehicle Color Code: #FF0000

Our Motto: No matter what your race is, the blood is red.

Our Allience: N/A

Our Enemies: N/A

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Vice President

Sergeant at Arms


Tail Gunner




Road Captain




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Founders (They created Gladiators MC)

President (President of the Gladiators Motorcycle Club. He represents the club at external links and meetings with other clubs.)

Vice President (When the president isn't, he runs the club instead of the president. He takes care of the things the president has to do.)

Sergeant at Arms (He is responsible for the safety of members in the club. It protects the members of the club, primarily the President. It provides discipline in the club.)

Veteran (They are loyal and trusted members. He has been part of the club for a long time.)

Tail Gunner (It intervenes in the event of a possible conflict during road trips. He doesn't ride motorcycles on road trips. He sitting behind the president and protects him.)

Secretary (He deals with the club's External links. Other than that, he does club business.) (Forum DC etc.)

Security (When the club goes outside, he and the sergeant secure the club.)

Treasurer (He handles the financial affairs of the club. He takes care of it when there's something to buy or sell. It finances the club by calculating income and expense.)

Road Captain (He leads the road trip. When there is a road trip, it makes control of the road route and road condition. It checks if motorcycles are ready for road trips.)

Members (They are full patched members of the club.They have a say in the vote. They shown their loyalty and respect to club.)

Prospect (They're not full patched members. They do Club jobs and the jobs the members give them. They know a lot about the club. If they can show their loyalty and respect to members, they become full patched members.)

VIP (They are honorary player for club.)

Supporters (They love and support the club. They have a chance to get into the club. If they apply and their application is accepted, they are eligible to be prospect.)

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  • Read and understand every rules on f1

  • Use other vehicles without our vehicles as biker (Freeway,wayfarer,sabre,picador,burrito)

  • Do not argue with members of GladiatorsMC, if you have any problem ask for HQ Team, if you have argued with HQ, write to top brass team (founders etc.)

  • Do not speak non english on gangchat and discord channels.

  • Obey all of rules

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Ways of a Motorcycle Club member can leave from the organization.

There are multiple scenarios in which a motorcycle club member can leave from the club. They include the following.

Bad Out: Voted out of your club and your patch stripped off.He can't be with our club again. He can't ride a motorcycle in our territory. If he drives motorcycle we will be punished him.

Out in Good Standing: Members who remains in good standing he want to stripped patches without any penalty. There needs to be a valid reason for him to come out in good standing, and the other members has to accept this reason .Members who remains in good standing have a chance to get back into our club.

Patch in the Box: It is for members who are not active within the club or who do not have time to spend with the club. They don't lose their patch but their vests are taken away. They cannot participate in rides and vote during this time. When they come back, they pick up their vests.

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Application Informations (I)
Languages you can speak:

Ingame Informations (II)
How long have you been playin on SAES:
Previous Gang(s)/Squad(s):
Why did you leave/kicked explain the reasons:
What stands for DM and give an example:
What stands for Avoid Arrest and give an example:
Did you read Ingame Rules F1>Rules?:

Personality Information (lll)
Why you are interested in Gladiators MC?:
Why should we accept you?:
What's your favorite motorcycle?:


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Personal Informations (I):
Name: Houssem
Acc-name: houssem
Age: 17
Nationality: algerien
Languages knowledge: Good English,arabica and abit of france.

Ingame Informations (II):
Previous Gang(s)/Squad(s): TST, , ICE, BF,HHMC.CDS.
Why did you leave/kicked: N/A
Why you are interested in Gladiators MC?: Because it drew Ndri and there are members inside wonderful
Did you read ingame rules on f1>Rules? Yes, i have read the rules

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