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A Romanian group with a logo of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria? Also Roma is not Romanian. Really bad back story, the name of your gang is even written wrong in it. Be original and don't copy stuff you don't understand from the Internet.

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1.Logo & Banners Update
2.Members ID Changed
@PaBLo ID#001
@FireSnow ID#002 Nice Work
@IsLeMou223 ID#003
@WiTTi01 ID#004 Level Up You Are Level 4 Try To Be A Good Manger
@Jiirak ID#005
@Faysal ID#006
@Picanto ID#007 Nice Work Keep It Up And You Will

@barboy Kicked
@Lion ID#008 Level Up You Are Now Level 1
@Casper ID#009 Warn try To Join Our Activity
@The-Best1 ID#010 Level Up You Are Now Level 1
@Sweets ID#011 Try To Join Our Activity
3.Apllication Added
alt text

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alt text
English Skill's:8.
Shooting Skill's:8.
Languages you can speak:Arabic,Frensh,English.
How long have you been playing on SAES? :About 1 year old.
Do you have past experience with other gangs/squads/companies? (name them) :
Are You In Any G/S/C now?
You know any members of TheH? If yes , who ?All Members Are my Friend.
Why you want be TheH member ?I Want Help My Country Player hhh And I Want Rais it Up.

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