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~ The Silence Of Death ~

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^[If you want to see our media archive click on this link ! Click here]

^[enjoy our promo video Credits goes to SAF ! (another one coming soon!)]


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^[Back in 2008 there was a young FBI agent of 18 years old with the codename Turbo. Agent Turbo was a really succesfull agent and got several certifications on his young age. One year later Agent Turbo has received a really important mission. He had to investigate and later even arrest a young guy that was 19 years old and called Jack Greenwood which also used the code name "Bazuka" in phone calls and other things. Bazuka has been known for teaching teens and grown up people that have intrests in killing and learning to shoot. Bazuka believed that teaching them those things may help his clients with making them more calm and makes them lose stress, but instead his clients abused their newly learned knowledge for other things like crimes.]


^[Turbo has gone to the location the FBI gave him to meet Bazuka and imporesate like he's a client. Turbo meeted with Bazuka and Turbo saw the location and he also saw how Bazuka was teaching. Soon enough Bazuka know that Turbo must be someone that inspects him he never teached someone that had those weapon skills before his teachings. Bazuka tried to get Turbo to his side he paid the most atention on Turbo instead of his other students at the time Bazuka was also thinking of taking further steps in the crimes live so he tried to get Turbo at his side. 2 years later agent Turbo was no more agent Turbo. Bazukas plan succeeded and Turbo was on his side together. they tried to make a assassins organisation called "The Silence of Death". Later on Turbo called his cousins and gave them codenames Skrillex and Skyler. The gang was growing really fast the growing rate even improved after they started to deal with arms but one day they where highly wanted and were thinking about getting a leader which wasn't wanted by the police and which could lead if anything happens, and his name would always been kept as secret.]


^[One day Bazuka and Turbo meeted a dutch bussinesman called "Tom Jefferson" a really wise man with an incredibly high IQ level. When Bazuka saw Tom he thought "if this isn't the guy who I will give the leadership of The Silence Of Death then who will it be?". They decided to keep an eye on Tom and become friends with him after 3 months we decided to invite Tom, Tom happily answered " I would love to lead an upcoming organisation with potential. After Tom everything changed. Our organisation was known as the most dangerous crime organisation in the west with breaking several crime records and a really good going arms bussines.]


[6 Months passed and things have become really serious the goverment has started a fight against our organisation with their "full power". And in the end Turbo got arrested on an unexpected raid while Turbo was dealing arms to a starter crime organisation. Turbo has been sentenced for life in prison because he was accused of rape, murder and leading a criminal organisation. Things have been going bad after that. Bazuka has been wanted too. Turbo's leaving ended up to the split of The silence of death. After Turbo left, Tom decided to become a normal bussinesman again while Bazuka decided to become a "biker". A friend of him told him that riding a bike shall focus his mind.]


^[2 years later in 2016 Tom and Bazuka has crossed paths again together they decided to save Turbo from the prison and recreate their organisation ''The Silence Of Death'' Bazuka called his biker friends they agreed and Tom sent his private army to save Turbo while Skrillex and Skyler joined them. Turbo is now in peace and everything was going good , they found the biggest proffesional assassins and the most wanted dealers on SAES , they're ready to be the proffesional assassins on SAES , The Silence Of Death family is back!]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[If you think we are maffia's and only killing people along the streets for fun, then you're wrong The Silence of Death is an organization that kidnap people and kill people not for fun , but for work to earn money because we are professional assassins. We also provide you from drugs, weapons, human transport, kidnapping and last but not least hire a professional assassin if you pay the right price for it. Here are the prices for the things we do Kidnapping, killing cops/criminal, Transport ( weapons/Drugs)]

^[Kidnapping: Cost around 6,000$]
^[Killing a cop: Cost around 7,000$]
^[Killing a criminal: Cost around 10,000$]
^[Human Transport: Cost around 12,500$]
^[Renting a professional assassin: Cost around 25,500$]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[Gang Founders: Tom and Turbo]

^[Gang Leader/Viceleader: @tomplb14 and @Turbo]

^[Gang HQ Team: @King and @Pera98 ]

^[Gang name: The Silence Of Death]

^[Gang Panel: The_Silence_Of_Death]

^[When we created it: 12-9-2017]

^[Our Motto: No Gain, without Pain.]

^[Our Color Code: 463333]

^[RGB Code: 70,51,51]

^[Our Gang level: 0]

^[Our Gang Alliances: N/A]

^[Gang tags: [S~D]Name[Rank]]

^[Our gang value: 50,000,000]

^[Our helpers tag : [195]]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[* Respect everyone on SAES / do not insult someone without any reason.]

^[* Listen to your high ranked members , if you have problem with someone contact our HQ team.]

^[* If you wanna report someone of our GANG , contact our HQ team first, provide us with screens.]

^[* Do not Deatmatch someone without any reason , first try to talk with him ,or report him on forms.]

^[* If you going inactive you should contact any of our HQ+ and explain them why you will be inactive.]

^[* Always Speak english in MainChat if you have the feeling that you need to contact someone of your own country use Party/PM.]

^[* Follow all the server rules and respect them at all time if we see you breaking any of these rules will receive a warn.]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[Level 5 The leader of the Family, [L] :]

^[[S~D]Tom[L] ( @tomplb14 )]

^[Level 4 The Vice leader of the Family, [vL] :]

^[[S~D]Turbo[vL] ( @Turbo )]

^[Level 4 The Sub leader of the Family , [sL]:]


^[Level 3 The Head Quater of the Family, [=HQ=] :]

^[[S~D]King[=HQ=] ( @King )]
^[[S~D]Pera98[=HQ=] ( @Pera98 )]

^[Level 3 The Respected of the Family, [=R=] :]


^[Level 2 The Assassin of the Family, [=A=] :]


^[Level 2 The Soldier of the Family, [=S=] :]


^[Level 1 The Spie of the Family, [=SP=]:]


^[Level 1 The Gunners of the Family, [=G=] :]

^[[S~D]Striker[=G=] ( @Striker06HUN )]
^[[S~D]Lattie[=G=] ( @McJoni )]

^[Level 0 The Recruit of the Family, [*] :]

^[[S~D]Vice ( @Vice )]
^[[S~D]Omega ( @sajjad )]
^[[S~D]Milan ( @Milan ) ]
^[[S~D]Hakar ( @Hakar2001 )]
^[[S~D]Mystic ( @Mystic5knp )]
^[[S~D]Doomer ( @Doomer022 )]

^[~[The people who gives us support and help us at all time [VIP]:]~(orange)]

^[* @Mrwan ]
^[* @Adistar ]
^[* @Duracell ]


^[Total member count: 15]

^[~[Active members:]~(lime,lime,lime,lime,lime) 15]

^[~[Inactive members:]~(red,red) 0]


^[Level 5 The leader of the Family, [L] :]
^[He's the boss in the family, every gang member needs to listen to him, everyone need to respect him. The boss gives the most important orders about kidnapping or assassinating someone.]

^[Level 4 The Vice leader of the Family, [vL] :]
^[He's the second highest ranked leader of the family, everyone need to listen to him after the boss, he can lead everything when the boss is not there, you also need to respect him and he is kinda the right hand of the leader if anyone is breaking the rules you should contact him he will handle with it and should take care with it.]

^[Level 4 The Sub Leader of the family , [sL] :]
^[The Sub Leader of the family, he is one of the three most important leaders in the family. He will make sure that our business goes well. He's allowed to give orders to the whole family]

^[Level 3 The Head Quater of the Family, [=HQ=] :]
^[They are the ones that will be scouting the new family members. They are highly respected in this family everyone below them should listen carefully and follow the orders. They have the permission to invite new members after discussing with the leaders.]

^[Level 3 The Respected of the Family, [=R=] :]
^[He is the trainer of the Family, He trains all the players inside the gang he also can train with the applicants and he will prepare them for the real test also he can test the applicants after discussing with the HQ team.]

^[Level 2 The Assassin of the Family, [=A=] :]
^[They are one of the most important people in the family, without them we're nothing. They have a leading part in the kidnap missions. They are responsable for all the missions.]

^[Level 2 The Soldier of the Family, [=S=] :]
^[These guys are defending our high ranked members and protect them at all cost. They are almost ready to be an professional Assassin.]

^[Level 1 The Spie of the Family, [=SP=]:]
^[They are the spies of the family, they will give us intell about our target. Their identity will be unknown so they can operate under the radar.]

^[Level 1 The Gunners of the Family, [=G=]:]
^[These guys are highly trained fighters and they will handle the kidnap missions, with the best quality weapons. They'll clean up our mess without leaving evidence behind.]

^[Level 0 The Recruit of the Family, [*]:]
^[They are our newest members and have to show us that they are worth joining our family. obviously they need to follow orders of higher ranked members and after 1 week we will decided if they can be a full member of The Silence of Death.]


^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[Our Gang base:]
^[alt text]

^[Our Drugs / weapons warehouse:]
^[alt text]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[* You need to know english so we can understand and communicate with you]
^[* You should know the rules inside SAES (f1)]
^[* if you meet this conditions you might join in our organization wish you goodluck!]

^[Copy and paste it from here and fill it in]

^[~[[Personal Information]]~(sienna)]






^[Tell us something about yourself:]

^[~[[Ingame Information]]~(sienna)]

^[Rate your english skills (1/10):]

^[Rate your teamwork skills (1/10):]

^[Rate your roleplay skills (1/10):]

^[Why should we choose you?:]

^[Why do you want to join us?:]

^[~[[SAES Career]]~(sienna)]

^[How long did you play MTA?:]

^[How long do you play SAES?:]

^[What other g/s/c did you joined?:]

^[Do you've ever been kicked or banned (if yes why)?:]

^[Did you read the rules on F1?:]

^[Post a picture of an assassin in a spoiler to be answered:]

^[alt text]

^[~[Accepted:]~(lime) You've showen us that you put a lot of effort in your application and hanged arround with our members you should contact a HQ+ ingame for a test ( Do not spam for a test if the HQ isn't able to test you be patience )]

^[alt text]

^[~[Pending:]~(sienna) You could do better but we give you a chance to hang with us and show us more effort that you wanna join. If the 1 week passed away the HQ team will decide what we should do with you ( be patience )]

^[alt text]

^[~[Denied:]~(red) Bad application you should put more effort in making an application. Not any of our members saw you hanging arround with us. You can apply again with the date we give you in your apply]

^[alt text]

^[This topic is still under maintenance]
^[alt text]
^[[Join our discord server by clicking on the link below!]]

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