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Fire Academy Application - Each - 8/9/2019 [ACCEPTED]

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Section 1 - Non-RP Information

Nickname: Each

Username: each

Old nickname/Other used names ingame: Each

Age: 20

Gender: M

Current G/SRebels

How long have you been a member of your current g/s and what is your rank? Lvl1, probably a month+ ?

Current groups: CS

Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s) and why did you received them: Admin jail due to being a cop during br.

Will you have enough time to learn in the evening (at the course)? Sure.

Tell us something about yourself: I'm Each, been playing SAES for a while but had gone inactive for years and just started playing again in like months. I also make designs on here.

Section 2 - Questions

Do you understand that joining the academy of San Andreas Fire Department doesn't give you any rank or anything that will make you better than other people? Yes.

Do you understand that you will have to be in a fire fighting course for more than a month? Yes.

Do you understand the rules of the academy and the rules of San Andreas Fire Department? Yes.

**Do you understand that you will have to learn and to pass writing tests in order to pass the course?**Yes.

Section 3 - Detailed Profile

What are your strengths? Teamwork, Hard worker, always ready for anything.

What are your weaknesses? Nothing came to my mind for this question lol
Why do you want to join the SAFD? I would love to be a fire fighter as it's really what I like to do. It seems fun, and enjoy some time with friends.

Why do you want to join the academy? I'd like to join the academy to learn more stuff about firefighting and improve myself overall

What specialization would you like to learn within the academy? Everything related to medical and firefighting.

Applicant's signature: alt text
Date: 8/9/2019

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@Bangas said in SAFD:: Media Archive:

Description of roleplay:
Today when my shif was almost over, a very calm day, with noincidents, i must say, the bell started to ring and immediatly our chiefs came to us and started to explain what was going on.
They informed us that a car warehouse located in wheststone was on fire and that we should grab our tools,2 engines and put the hand on the wheel they also told us the procedure and which protocol we should follow wich is never precise because we can reach the warehouse and the whole description made of the senario changed, thats why is very important for a firefighter know how to adapt and overcome in certain circumstacies .
Fortunetly the fire didnt expanded, there was just the cars burning inside the structure wich loocked like prety reliable to get close.
With the 2 engines and 2 firefighers extinguishing fire with extinguisher we take over the place and extinguished all the fire that was there.
We also made a second round in the place to make sure that there was no way to the fire relight, when i found a couple of gas can spread by the room which indicates me that i might be a crime scene.
Finaly as usual we contacted the central updating all the informations and the towing comapny to clean up the local.

Location: WhestStone
Participants: @Freezoom, @each




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@Bangas said in SAFD :: Media Archive:

Roleplay type: Apartments on Fire.

Description of roleplay: Today in the midle of my shift the bell started to ring and we all started to get the basic equipement while our superiors were discussing the details, after a bit of discussion Our superior ramos passed me the information that we should go as fast as possible and try to get people out first and then extinguish the fire as says the protocols he also said that the fire was in a advanced state so get people out of there was really the priority.
Since we were going to an apartment which is an high building we took 2 engines and a leader truck in order to get inside by the windows if necessary. After we get the necessary equipement inside our trucks we put the trucks on the road as fast as possible.
We arrived the local in a few minutes and the fire was already very spread and strong even the fire on that state we tryed to rush the door which was blocked by flames then we grabed the leader truck and tryed to rush the windows that unfortunetly were blocked by flames as well.
The only way out is extinguish evrything as fast as possible and pray to somebody that is inside to not get burn.
After that we extingushed all fire we entered by the front door and started to check every single room, there we found a body that was alive and not totaly burn, we still can save her life possibly.
Mr.Bas called an ambulance but none of the ambulances were operational, after this beeing said there was just a single sulution, take the victim to the hospital with the fire department vehicles, and so we did, after we arrived the hospital we droped the victim and informed the central via radio about what was going on and that the fire was compeltly extinguished and with no chances to burn again.
In the final we returned the base and Mr.Bas gave a few words to our braves helpers.

Location: RedCountry

Participants: Bas,Bangas,Freezoom,Hope,Each and Ramos.
Screenshots: Here.

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San Andreas Fire Department
HQ Team

22nd August, 2019

Applicant, @each

Thanks once again for applying for San Andreas Fire Department, after discussing with the rest of HQ team, we have decided to proceed with you to the next step. You will be in fire academy for some period, during that time you have to prove that you're a really good firefighter. Keep in mind to post below all your activities, so we may see yours work and so on.

Please, when you're joining or making an activities, use '' Cadet. '' tag.

We wish you best of luck!

alt text

Kind regards,
SAFD Assistant Chief,

  • Ramos

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