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Writers Needed - SAES Features Showcase


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What is SAES Features Showcase?

A list of features that SAES server offers to its players, explained to the detail in text and further elaborated with screenshots. Features may range from scripted events (SR, PBR, GBR, VIP, Turf, Racing, JB, etc.) to mere individual job descriptions and instructions on how to perform them, or what abilities/commands each spawn comes with.


We're currently using the archaic F1 menu to offer explanations and information. While it surely serves its purpose, it is often very bland, confusing or simply not showing enough details. It is also impossible to add images to F1 which can often enhance a player's understanding of a function. When a new player joins the server and cluelessly asks what he can do here, he is almost always sent to read F1 which is hardly interesting or motivating, or can hope to find some of tutorials scattered all over the forums. Having access to a detailed list of what you're able to do on this server, well detailed and backed up by images, is more likely to catch interest than a bland bulk of text in F1.

Help how?

Considering the amount of features that need to be covered, help is largely appreciated. Every feature will require a text of its own written either from scratch or built upon from F1 text base. Information should be listed in correct order of actions (you don't explain how to crack a bank safe before ever explaining how to get past the lobby) and needs to cover everything from first to last detail. Personal advices are not encouraged, the point is to explain how things work by default.

Each "tutorial" should be simple, easy to read and not too long while still covering all the information. If you're willing to give it a go and try to write an explanation, join this https://discord.gg/wmjvZU8. If you need additional information, feel free to contact me directly. Eventually all contributed texts will be looked over and polished to fit the general tutorial theme just so that one tutorial doesn't get more love than the other. Details from multiple contributors might be combined into a single more solid explanation, individuality of authors does not matter.

Afterwards through use of adequate images and banners; the entire guide will be made clearer and more representative. Although you're not required to submit images of your own and the focus is entirely on text part, if you believe that you should include them in your work this early anyway, for whichever reason, then go ahead!

~[Additionally, each contribution deemed helpful will be rewarded upon the completion of features showcase.]~(#44c25d)

List of features that need a written explanation:


  • Race

  • JB

  • VIP

  • PBR

  • GBR

  • Turf


  • Dust Arena

  • Motocross Arena

  • Mod Shop

  • Car Shop

  • Cinema

  • Stores (general)


  • Pilot

  • Binman

  • Taxi

  • Transporter

  • Trucker

  • Fireman

  • Medic

  • Criminals (general)

  • Police (general)

  • Gangs (general)

  • Squads (general)

  • Groups (general)

Some features might be explained in as few as a couple of lines while others may require more. You're not expected to submit a fully polished, finished version. Contribute however you can, texts will ultimately be combined and edited. Eventually once finished, the entire topic(s) will be set in a more appropriate and accessible forum area. If you need a starting point for writing, check out the current descriptions in F1.

Finished Tutorial Example:


alt text


Store Robbery (~[SR]~(red)) is an event in which a random Liquor Store gets robbed by criminals. A marker forms around the affected store and in order to rob the store, you have to stay inside the marker and defend your position while the police sends in their units. The progress bar increases/decreases depending on the police/criminal ratio of players inside the marker.

alt text

~[How do I find the store robbery?]~(red,black,black,red,red,red,black)

Simple, store robberies are indicated by the Red Dragon icon on your minimap. Once the robbery begins, you will see a notification which appears on top of your screen. To view this icon/notification, you need to be spawned on criminal or police team.

You will know when a certain Store is being robbed by a formation of a light red marker around it, entering this marker will affect the robbery progress. Defend the Store Robbery from cops or exterminate the criminals robbing it, depending on your spawn! You are not able to use grenades while inside this marker or near it. Being inside the marker increases a criminal's wanted level by 2 stars every few seconds.

alt text

alt text

The progress bar on the left side of your screen lists the current number of Criminals/Cops within the marker, affecting the robbery progress. Either side can storm the store robbery from anywhere, for example the police using helicopters to reach the roof of the store by air or a criminal sneaking into the store interior from the back entrance. Team with more players inside the marker will turn the progress in their favour. Criminal presence increases the progress, police presence decreases it.

~[Finishing a Store Robbery]~(red,black,blue,black,red)

If the criminal team overpowers the police and makes the progress bar reach 100% they will receive a briefcase containing stolen goods. Upon completion of the Store Robbery, criminals steal $20,000 whereas cops are given $17,500. For criminals, there is a second stage of the store robbery where they have to deliver stolen goods from the store to a certain warehouse, depending on the area in which that store is. Upon completing this, criminals get additional $20,000. Meanwhile, cops may respond to said warehouses in order to arrest criminals who attempt deliver goods.

alt text

~[Warehouses and Where to Find Them]~(red,red,red,black,black,black)

Warehouses are dropoff points for goods which you have robbed from a Store Robbery / Public Bank Robbery. They are often guarded by the police. There are 3 warehouses in total, one in each major city, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Their positions are marked on this map;

alt text

The Dropoff marker will be a white small marker, driving/walking into it with stolen goods will pay you off and the robbery is complete. Police members are prone to barricade these areas with vehicles, stingers and barriers. As a criminal, you can stay and defend the area until your teammates deliver goods too, or you might want to leave the area as soon as possible if there is increased police activity. The next SR will be randomly selected and activated approximately 10 minutes later.

alt text

What you are not allowed to do at Store Robberies:

  • Waiting outside a robbery until it reaches 99% and then entering the marker to get less stars.

  • Sniping cops from roofs/buildings which can not be climbed by foot from the ground.

  • Deathmatching other criminals as a criminal, cops attacking unwanted criminals.


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I made a medic tutorial back in the day on the old forum and did an update for it in october 2017 as well (which should still be up to date as of now)

if this is usefull I can go over it once again and update it to current standards

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I'm interested in helping @DROT but I have to deal with a more important matter first..

Hello @Mohamed-Mostafa!

Please read this carefully and reply so you can receive the 520.000.000.000 Nigerian Naira you've inherited because of recent death of the Onyeka Ginikanwa Ebubechukwu Okaka also known as the Prince of Nigeria.

All you have to do to claim your 520.000.000.000 Nigerian Naira is make a wire transfer for 215$, so the Wells Fargo Bank from Arizona can send you the money.

Sadly there is no other way, the fee is needed so we can send you the inheritance, we hope this won't be a problem for you.

Here's all the information you need to make the transfer.

Name: Mrs.Annette Stillmann
Bank name: Citibank , Arizona , USA .
Account number: 6503389009
Routing number: 322271627
Swift code#: WMSBUS66
Address: 1723 Plamdale Bulv
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I'm look forward to your response @Mohamed-Mostafa.
With gratitude

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~[The first guide has been made and can now be seen in a spoiler on the first post!]~(green) Special thanks to @JohnnyEnglish for writing it up. This may serve as an example for incoming tutorials, which will follow similar ordering and structure. With that in mind, more writers are still welcome to participate in this effort as there is a long way to go. Alternatively if you're aware of an existent tutorial which covers one of topics listed on the first post, drop a link below and we may include entirety or parts of it in the overall feature showcase.

@Licano said in Writers Needed - SAES Features Showcase:


While certainly useful, it is not precisely what we're aiming for.

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Jail Breaks


When a criminal gets arrested by a cop considering his number of stars he is normally sent to a jail, the saes jail is located in LS and it's breakable which means people are able to help their friends get out and escape the time they will normaly spend inside and that's what a JB is about.

Location :

The Jail is located in the middle of Los Santos marked as a red square pretty close to the Highway and here is a picture that shows it's position.

^[alt text]

First Step

In order to do a JB you will need to be spawned as a criminal class or any class that is allowed to open the doors inside of the jail that includes Criminals Public Spawns / Official Gangs / Criminal Groups and ofc Police/Squad but as defenders not breakers

^[alt text]

What to do as criminal :

When you arrive to the jail you will have two options the first is to go throught the main entrance or the back entrance (which is faster but more risky) and both end at the main jail corridor :

Main Entrance

^[alt text]

After entering from there you will find a door which takes around 1min to open

^[alt text]

After passing it you will find yourself in a corridor at it's end a left turn and a door which takes you to "visits room" (more related to the rp wise of the mapping) while the left turn allows you to access the main corridor of the jail

^[alt text]

Back Entrance

You will need to jump from the jail's back fence where you will find the back door that takes 30-40sec to open but care as "The Police Warden (Trainees)" spawn just meters from there, after that the door opens the marker will show and it will take you directly to the main corridor

^[alt textalt textalt textalt text]

What after:
Keep going straight until you find the control room in which you will face a door/cell with a pad and another steel door with a pad aswell, you will need to open the first door/cell (which can be open just from the outside and takes 30-50sec ) and then go to the control tab in order to open cells for prisoners down

^[alt textalt textalt textalt text]

After that the cells are open people will run to the steel door which you will need to open right after so that everyone escapes and indeed the jail-timer stops once they pass through ( and the stars turn automatically to 42)

^[alt text]

At the end you need the jail if you can to avoid getting arrested

What to do as cops :

As Cops you have access to the jail from the back with 2 cell doors and the garage door and indeed a faster access to the jail, aswell to two main spawns in the jail which are "Police Warden" for Pro-Cops (a group) and "Police Warden Trainee" for newbies, Inside the jail you can arrest either with the nightstick (classic way) or Kill-Arrest by Killing the Prisoners, and your main goal is to stop the JB

^[alt textalt textalt textalt text]

Squads/Pro-Cops Have an access to control room steel-door but it's not allowed unless to rescue a stuck mate or to follow someone who is avoiding arrest inside

Rules to know :


As Criminal:

  • You are not allowed to use Suicide-Pills to kill yourself inside the jail

  • You are not allowed to camp the jail, get your friends or whoever your jbing for and escape

  • Avoiding Arrest by enterring the cells rooms shouldn"t occur

As Police:

  • You can't camp the jail unless your spawned as Police Warden (Trainee)

  • Opening the jail for criminals in order to escape is hardly prohibited

@DROT post code : https://pastebin.com/x0MK6HdL

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