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Re: Underground Empire

Ingame name: 215|Matiasxd name

Ingame username: matias129a

Previous organizations and leaving causes: no
Define Underground Empire: Underground Empire is an organized crime syndicate founded on June 23, 1866 by 3 men - John Dixon , Judah Dawis and Edward McFarlane.They haven't ethnic limit.This mafia is dealing with arms traffcking,drug traffcking,racketeering and extortion. They also have a very corrupt police and politicians.

What binds you with Underground Empire: I have a lot of bindings with Underground Empire. First of all, Underground Empire is one of the most respectful gang in server. I really like their teamwork and mafia style. Their activity is remarkable and the members of it are very mature and friendly. I want I always liked UE and finally, I have a chance to become a part of it

What do you know about organized crime: I don't have a lot of experience in organized crime in the server, but I think that organized crime means to make a good plan to achieve your goal. In my opinion, the most important thing to succeed is the teamwork. Your leaders need to know every step of what you are doing and everything that's said inside the gang, stays inside the gang

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